A Wisconsin Pirate? Discover the Legendary Exploits of Captain “Roaring Dan” Seavey


When you think of pirate adventures – you probably don’t think of the Great Lakes.

But I’m sitting here – on International Talk Like a Pirate Day – writing a story about a man who was a buccaneer on Lake Michigan. He was accused of causing shipwrecks, kidnapping, operating a prostitution ring, booze-running, hijacking ships and even (gasp) selling stolen venison.

This man called Wisconsin home for most of his life. And he is the only person on record to be formally charged with the crime of piracy on the Great Lakes. This is his story…

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7 Inspirational Quotations from Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi Quotations

After a disappointing Week 1 of the Green Bay Packers’ 2014 season, fans of the Green and Gold could probably use a little inspiration.

Who better to turn to than the man who took the team we love to five NFL Championship victories – including wins in the first two Super Bowls.

Vince Lombardi’s football knowledge and coaching skills are legendary. But the wisdom he imparted to his players can be priceless advice to you too.

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Up for Auction – Artists of All Kinds Create Street Art for Sturgeon Bay’s Harvest Festival

Sturgeon Bay Street Art

The creativity and passion of both experienced and aspiring artists will be up for auction in Sturgeon Bay this month.

If you visited the Door County city over the summer, you likely noticed some eye-catching street art on display – clever and colorful sturgeon sculptures. People from around Northeast Wisconsin used their artistic talents to design pieces that will help raise funds to promote and beautify the community.

These original works of art will be looking for permanent homes during Sturgeon Bay’s upcoming Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 20th.
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