Green Bay Singer-Songwriter Kurt Gunn Isn’t Giving Up on Original Music

Kurt Gunn Green Bay musician

Can I let you in on a little secret? If you haven’t seen Kurt Gunn perform (and you probably haven’t) you’re missing out.

Although he’s a respected veteran of the local music scene, for this performer, many nights the crowd is thin. Well, ‘crowd’ might not be the right word.

Chuckling, Kurt tells me “When I started I wanted global domination, like every 18-year-old. Then it just whittled away to I’d just like to be known in Wisconsin…then I’d just like to be known in Green Bay…and now it’s gotten to the point where everyone on my street thinks I’m a big deal. That’s kind of where I’m at.”

He’s been writing original music for years and has hundreds of his own songs, but it can be hard to stand out in Green Bay’s music scene when you rarely play covers, and you can only gig a few times a month – mostly on weeknights.

Add a family and a full-time job as a firefighter and getting yourself on people’s radar is a challenge. But that’s not stopping him…

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Stories From Wisconsin’s Christmases Past


Have you ever wondered what Christmas used to be like? Or – how people in Wisconsin celebrated decades before us?

I wondered what they ate for dinner, how they decorated – and what the “spirit of the holiday” was like back then.

Here’s what I discovered when I dug into Wisconsin’s Christmases past…

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25 Brilliant Gift Ideas From Northeast Wisconsin


Finding the perfect gift for the people you care about can be fun.

But sometimes it’s a challenge.

The stress, pressure and hustle and bustle of the holidays doesn’t help – especially if you wait until the last minute to finish your list. That’s when gift giving can turn into a real pain in the you-know-what.

I resorted to the mall last Christmas to find a few last minute gifts. That turned out to be the worst idea I ever had!

There was nowhere to park, the stores were all in shambles and there were people everywhere! I ended up leaving the mall with nothing but tears of frustration freezing down my face.

Isn’t it better when you give someone something that is unique, has a purpose or a special meaning behind it?

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