12 Creative Ways to Eat Wisconsin Cranberries [Recipes]


When you think of cranberries, your next thought is probably Thanksgiving and Christmas…or urinary tract infections.

I guess it makes sense that cranberries are a staple of the holiday season, because that’s about the time we harvest them in Wisconsin. But these tart little berries deserve way more credit than a side dish at your next turkey fest.

We should be gobbling up these babies all year round!

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10 Reasons Why Aaron Rodgers Should Host Saturday Night Live

Aaron Rodgers hosts SNL

We know Aaron Rodgers can perform on the football field. But how good would he be at performing in the most famous live show in television history?

He can lead the Green Bay Packers in a comeback victory with less than a minute to play in the 4th quarter. But can he change costumes and get into character over the span of a commercial break?

Plenty of other sports figures have stepped on to the stage of Saturday Night Live’s Studio 8H. Why shouldn’t this future hall of fame quarterback have his shot?

We couldn’t think of any reason why not. But here are 10 reasons why Rodgers would be an all-star host of SNL.

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8 Signs You’ve Survived a Wisconsin Winter


Some of us love it. Some of us loathe it. However you feel about winter in Wisconsin – one thing is true for everyone…

We all have to survive it!

The sub-zero temperatures, dangerous driving conditions and boatloads of snow are just the big-picture problems. If you’ve learned to make it through Wisconsin winters without losing your mind, these eight signs are sure to sound awfully familiar.

You’ve probably survived a Wisconsin winter….

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