What If Zombies Took Over Titletown? [Infographic]


What would it be like if the zombie virus spread throughout Green Bay?

Imagine fighting for your life in a broken down frozen tundra. You are constantly a victim to brain-hungry, hostile zombies.

If you were in one of the few isolated groups of survivors – how would you handle the outbreak? No more phones. No more internet. No shopping. No fast food. Where would you find safety and shelter?

Green Bay isn’t huge – but there are still some good places to hide out if we ever have a zombie apocalypse. And thankfully, living in Wisconsin does have its benefits.

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Haunted Fox Valley – 8 Local Ghost Stories

Fox Valley Ghost stories

Every town has its tales of terror. But there seems to be something especially freaky about Appleton and the Fox Cities.

From historic buildings haunted by their owners, to paranormal gravestones and even our very own “Phantom of the Opera” – you don’t need to go far to find evidence the metaphysical.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories are sure to send a chill down your spine – and maybe even spark so much curiosity that you won’t be able to resist looking into them on your own.

Just be careful. Not all of these ghosts are friendly…

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7 Stories of UFOs, Alien Abductions & Close Encounters in Wisconsin


Imagine if you spotted a UFO or had a run-in with an extraterrestrial. Would you tell anyone what happened, or would you keep your mouth shut so nobody called you crazy in the head?

Steven Spielberg’s 80s film, E.T., was the closest I’ve ever come to an alien encounter. E.T. Phone home…

I bet that gets you thinking about Reece’s Pieces.

But seriously, there are plenty of Wisconsinites who claim to have had very real experiences involving what might be aliens or UFOs. In fact, Wisconsin has the second highest number of UFO sightings in the nation. (Source)

So, do aliens love Wisconsin, or do Wisconsinites perhaps drink a little bit too much?

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