5 Reasons Door County is the Perfect Place for Artists & Art Lovers


Door County is probably the most artistic place in the entire state of Wisconsin. And that should come as no surprise.

The Door Peninsula is a unique location that attracts artistic people and breeds creativity. But why?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this special slice of our state a haven for artists and a little bit of heaven for people who love amazing artwork.

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The Eaux Claires Festival Experience – Why You Can Expect Much More than Music


Start looking into plans for the first-ever Eaux Claires Festival and you’ll soon get the feeling that something special is coming to Western Wisconsin this summer.

Bon Iver front-man and Wisconsin native, Justin Vernon, has teamed up with Aaron Dessner of The National to bring in a wide range of musical acts. That includes everyone from Spoon and the Indigo Girls to the Japanese band Melt-Banana and the Wisconsin band Field Report.

However, the aim of Eaux Claires goes beyond musical variety. The goal is to make it all about experiencing art in new ways.

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Blood, Sweat and Beer – Craft Brew Movie Comes to Hinterland in Green Bay

Brandon looking at beer

Not long ago, your choices for decent beer weren’t much better than your options for the next president of the United States. They were all pretty much the same. They all lacked flavor, and they all kind of sucked.

Thankfully, the brewing landscape in America has changed for the better in the past couple of decades. What you might call the “Craft Beer Revolution” has included many Wisconsin breweries – from Leinenkugel’s and New Glarus to local startups like Stillmank and Badger State Brewing.

However, going from home brews to beer-making expertise isn’t always easy. A new documentary film explores the challenges and triumphs of craft brewing, and it’s coming to one of Green Bay’s most-popular brewpubs at the end of this month.

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