Meet Christopher Gold – Renaissance Man in a Growing Local Music Scene

Christopher Gold Appleton musician

If you frequent the live music scene in the Fox Cities and Green Bay, there’s a good chance you’ve already run into musician Christopher Gold.

You may have caught him performing solo at a coffee shop with his acoustic guitar and harmonica, in front of a rowdy crowd at a packed rock venue, or joining Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons on banjo and mandolin.

“I just love a lot of different kinds of music, I suppose. If I were any good at rapping I would probably do that too,” he laughs.

This month, Gold is releasing a new album of original bluegrass and folk music. It was recorded with newly formed back up band – The New Old Things – a group that’s made up of some of the best up-and-coming local musicians.

Christopher Gold’s talent as an original singer-songwriter and versatility as a musician is obvious. But not too long ago, he was more of a bystander than an integral part of northeast Wisconsin’s crop of entertainers.

So what happened? What brought him to where he is today?

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11 Very Strange – But True Wisconsin State Laws

wierd wisconsin laws

We’ve all heard that “justice is blind.” But sometimes – it can also be pretty ridiculous. Wisconsin laws are no exception.

The most mysterious thing about strange laws like these, is that there had to be a reason why they were put into place once upon a time.

After reading these 11 Wisconsin state laws, you’ll probably find your imagination running a little wild. But at the very least, I hope we get a laugh outta ya.

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Why Every Music-Lover in Wisconsin Needs to Know About The Great Unknown Radio


When we first wrote about 22 bands playing original music in Northeast Wisconsin – we figured we probably forgot a few that should have been on the list.

But the comments we received from fans of dozens of other local bands told us otherwise. Many were missed.

It turns out the talent pool of area musicians is even better than it seemed. Wisconsin bands are literally making enough original music for a ’round-the-clock radio station. We know that for a fact – because such a radio station actually exists…

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Christopher Gold

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