Black Rabbit Farm – The Story of Two Young, Wisconsin Farmers Starting from Scratch


When you hear about young people running a farm, it’s usually someone who’s been farming their entire lives. A parent or other relative typically passes on responsibility to the next generation, and they simply continue in their family’s footsteps.

It’s not often you find people who transform their lives in order to start farming from square one.

But that’s exactly what a young couple in Amherst is doing. And you can help them grow as they persue their dream of running an organic, sustainable farm.

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Maybe We Were Wrong – A Closer Look at Why We Call it a Bubbler in Wisconsin


Almost exactly two years ago – we were launching WhooNEW – a website about all the things that make Wisconsin unique.

The very first story that caught on with readers was an article examining the origins of the word “bubbler.” Why did Wisconsinites use the term for drinking fountains? Are there other people in the U.S. or around the world who use the word too?

Our article went viral (well in a regional sort of way), It’s still one of our most popular on a daily basis.

But now…it seems we may have given you some misinformation. It’s time for a closer look.

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Fill the Stage – How Hosting In-Home Concerts Makes You Way Cooler Than Your Neighbors


Want to throw the best party – the kind that makes you the envy of everyone in your neighborhood?

What if you could have some of the most sought-after local musicians perform live in your living room or backyard? That’s exactly the opportunity a new effort called Fill the Stage is offering people in the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin.

These intimate concerts in your home, or house shows, are an excellent way to show your support for local musicians while looking super cool at the same time.

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