Bridging the Gap – How the Honoring Elders Project Brings Generations Together with Storytelling

Honoring Elders Project Green Bay

It’s easy to point a critical finger at society and talk about “how things once were” (I’m only 30 and even I have said that).

Most of these arguments about the decline of our character do have some validity to them, but the discussion usually stops there. We seldom dig deeper into the lives and stories of people who lived during “the good old days.”

Kara Counard decided to create a new ending to this conversation. She uses her skills as a professional photographer to give back to the Green Bay community by pairing together elementary aged kids and the elderly through ‘storytelling photography’ with the Honoring Elders Project.

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15 Northeast Wisconsin Breweries Making Great Craft Beer

Northeast Wisconsin-Breweries making great craft beer

Wisconsin and beer have quite the history together.

From the German immigrants who came with all-malt lagers, to the giants of brewing that gave Milwaukee the nickname Brew City – making beer and drinking beer is part of the Wisconsin culture. We even named our pro-baseball team after the tradition.

But what about Wisconsin’s craft beer scene?

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Bingo Night! Filmmakers and Stars Return for the Wisconsin Film Festival

Bingo Night comes to WI Film Festival

Two friends who started a filmmaking partnership while attending UW Madison are bringing their first big independent project back home.

Bingo Night! is a comedic crime-drama about a trio of grandmas who take matters into their own hands when they decide to take the local bingo hall for all it’s worth. (See the trailer after the jump)

When WhooNEW first wrote about the film last September, Jordan Liebowitz and Ryan Heraly still needed to finish the project and had turned to Kickstarter to raise financial support. The campaign was a success, and now the pair is bringing Bingo Night! back to where it all began.

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