Badger State Beaters | 199ride’s Seven Typical Wisconsin Cars and Trucks

wisconsin license plate

The people at 199ride know a thing or two about the kinds of cars and trucks Wisconsinites drive. They put people from cities like Green Bay, Appleton, La Crosse, Antigo, and Wausau in nicer, newer vehicles every day.

That means 199ride has also seen its fair share of high-mileage trade-ins. You’ve no doubt noticed one or more of these cars and trucks chugging along Interstate 43 or heading north on State Highway 51 … but do you see yourself as any of these types of Wisconsin drivers?

Here’s what 199ride says are some classic examples of Badger State beaters.

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Join a Wisconsin Artist’s Ultimate Anti-Black Friday Movement

Flood the Streets with Art

People tend to fall into one of two camps around Thanksgiving time.

There are folks who hit the stores over the weekend to do some intense holiday shopping, and then there are people who complain about those people.

It might feel like you’re taking a stand when you scoff at frenzied shoppers crowding the malls on Black Friday. It might seem like you’re taking the higher ground when you shake your head coworkers scouring the internet for deals on Cyber Monday.

But gripes don’t change things…actions do.

That’s why Fox Valley artist, Scott Wong, is continuing a worldwide event he launched called Flood the Streets with Art!, which encourages people everywhere to create rather than consume this weekend.

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19 Holiday Events in Northeast Wisconsin to Help You Celebrate Christmas in 2015


As the holidays roll around, we become so busy decorating our homes, sending cards and buying gifts that we forget to take time to celebrate Christmas! And I mean doing enjoyable things that give us that warm fuzzy feeling.

This year, let’s mark our calendars to make sure we venture out and do things we might not normally get to do. Here’s a helpful list of 19 2015 holiday events coming up in Northeast Wisconsin. What sounds fun to you?

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