MAD HAUS of Resale – A Fusion of Fashion and Art

MAD Haus exterior

MAD HAUS of Resale in Bellevue, Wisconsin

Think twice before shelling out $100 for a pair of jeans or a dress at the mall. MAD HAUS of Resale is an exciting new Green Bay area business that can save you some money by offering you reasonably priced clothes – and artwork – in a beautiful and friendly environment.

MAD HAUS owner Allison Rueckl has always been an entrepreneur. Her first small business endeavor was selling sour Warheads for ten cents a piece on the bus in second grade. “We got them in bulk at Sam’s Club and they were probably like a cent a piece,” she says, laughing.

Her most recent venture is her resale shop, MAD HAUS, which opened in November, 2012. The name comes from her LLC, Moxie Art Designs. The philosophy behind her business is simple: “Why pay full price for something when you don’t have to?”

MAD HAUS wide oneWhen you initially walk into MAD HAUS, you are greeted with a plethora of colors and fabrics. Allison has ten different colors of paint on the wall, all of which were up-cycled from the ReStore and integrated into the design of the store.  “I wanted to bring in color,” she says. “Color is the spice of life.”

MAD HAUS rack of clothesAllison describes herself as a “serial thrifter,” and when you look closely at the decor of her store, you can see those touches. A gorgeous antique chair hovers in one corner, and shoes are displayed on vintage cupboards and shelving.

But enough about the decor – let’s talk about the clothes.

When you hear the word “resale,” you might think of places like the Salvation Army or Goodwill where you find a few good things surrounded by a lot of junk. Allison’s shop is nothing like that. Her role as shop-owner is to sort the trash from the treasure, making the buyer’s life easier: “I pick out the best of the best so you have less to dig through.”

It’s that dedication and eye for style, whether it be vintage, high-fashion, or everyday, that makes her selection of clothes unique. At MAD HAUS, you will find clothes of all sizes, from XS to 3X, of every style.

MAD HAUS owner Allison Rueckl discusses her passion for fashion and art.

MAD HAUS owner Allison Rueckl discusses her passion for fashion and art.

“I refused to pigeonhole myself,” Allison says. “I didn’t want to be for teens, or twenty-somethings or thirty-somethings. I didn’t want to be for old ladies, or just men or just women. I want to have something for everybody.”

The combination that sets MAD HAUS apart from other resale shops is the selection along with the pricing. That, too, is part of Allison’s philosophy. She wants to bring back the thrill of shopping.

“I want you to love the high of finding a good deal on something,” she says, “like that awesome jacket that fits you just perfect like it was made for you and you get to pay ten bucks for it instead of $150.”

And part of what keeps prices low is that Allison doesn’t change her price point whether the item for sale is brand-name or just a good find.

The motto printed on her business card is “Just say no to brand-name snobbery.”

So although Allison does sell brand-name items when they come into the shop, she refuses to charge more for them.  “I keep my price point the same whether it’s from the Gap or from an unheard of brand,” she says. “If it’s a nice blazer, it’s a nice blazer.”

And when we say that prices at MAD HAUS are low, we truly do mean low. Here’s what $33 bought your writer:

          1. A gorgeous red vintage handbag
          2. A vintage skirt
          3. A dressy tank (The Limited)
          4. A men’s button-up shirt (for the hubby)

That’s all together, folks. At the mall, $33 might buy you one shirt, or one pair of shoes, or one pair of tights, or one pretzel. (Okay, that last is an exaggeration, but isn’t that what it feels like?) We estimate that those same purchases at the mall would easily cost over $100.

If you’re interested in selling your clothes to MAD HAUS, you should bring clean, well-pressed items. As far as condition goes, Allison says, “If you would buy it, I will most likely buy it.” She will outright buy what she wants from you rather than offer it on consignment.

And if you would like to shop as well as sell, she also offers a 50% in-store credit option. So if she values your clothes at $50, you could have $75 in-store credit.

MAD HAUS wide two But MAD HAUS is about more than just clothes. Allison also offers her wall space free to local artists. Being an artist herself, she understands the importance of supporting the local arts community.

Artwork by local artists (including Allison) hangs all throughout MAD HAUS, and the back area has a gallery-like feel. The track-lighting Allison installed underscores the artwork beautifully. And she says the pieces don’t go for gallery prices: “Our art is pretty well priced too, just like our clothes.”

So if you find yourself singing the economy blues, consider a trip to MAD HAUS.  Because as Allison says, “Resale shopping is smart. It’s cost-effective, especially in this economy. And it’s actually become trendy.”

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  1. I love this store!!

  2. Bill Gyzen says

    I really like the Mad Haus. I purchased that jacket Allison was talking about that fit like a glove! This is an exciting and fun place to shop. Good luck Allison.

  3. I can’t wait to check out this store, sounds like my kind of place!

  4. Quickly stopped in to check it out and was impressed with all the nice clothes. Allison and I chatted the entire time I was there. I didn’t know she was the owner! She has a fantastic and friendly personality. I was running late but was able to pick out the cutest pair of earrings that I know would have costed me so much more at any other store. Will be going back for my summer wardrobe

  5. mary poulter says

    Sounds great… where is it?

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