Hinterland’s White Cap, On Tap and in a Six-Pack

Hinterland White Cap Six-Pack

Hinterland Brewery’s latest creation, White Cap, comes in a six-pack. (WhooNEW/Zak Bruss)

If you’re looking for six good reasons to drink a frosty brew, look no further than the beer cooler at your neighborhood grocery store.  There you’ll find Hinterland’s latest creation, White Cap.  It’s the first time since the 1990s the Green Bay brewery is offering a six-pack.

I recently visited Hinterland at 313 Dousman Street to give White Cap, a white India Pale Ale, a taste.  This beer has a vibrant golden glow and frothy head.  Upon first taste, I pulled notes of citrus as well as a delightful bitterness.

Hinterland White Cap Pint

A pint of White Cap at Hinterland. (WhooNEW/Zak Bruss)

Beer guru and Hinterland marketing director Beth Barnstorff describes the taste as “kind of unbalanced” and “hop-forward.”  It’s a wheat-based beer that doesn’t hold back on the hoppy goodness you’d expect from an IPA.

Barnstorff says that’s the result of the hop selection.

“There are a couple different hops, specifically the simcoe hops, which is one of those really sought after hops.  It’s really great that we could bring it in as far as what we can do with it.”

White Cap exemplifies the creativity you would expect from the brewers at Hinterland.  Barnstorff says this beer in particular was created as a result of a lot of experimentation by owner/brewer Bill Tressler.

“Our owner came up with the white IPA as something different, and it kind of evolved into what it is today.”

While you can find White Cap in a six-pack, I highly recommend you stop down at Hinterland to give this limited release a try on tap.

The brewery and restaurant is open Monday through Saturday.  Recently, Hinterland expanded its brewery tours to 3 and 4 o’clock on Saturdays.

Exterior of Hinterland Brewery

Hinterland Brewery is located at 313 Dousman Street in Green Bay. (WhooNEW/Zak Bruss)

“For ten dollars, you get the tour, two beers, and you get a pint glass,” said Barnstorff.

During your visit, don’t forget to give the food a try.  The menu has a variety of enticing options to compliment your beer selection.

And while White Cap is the newest beer on tap, Hinterland offers a variety of beer to fit your mood or your taste.

“As far as other brews that we do, it’s all experimentation.  Our brewers are really great about coming up with what’s new.  They try and be innovative,” said Barnstorff.

It’s that pioneering edge in every Hinterland pint and bottle which led to the creation of White Cap, a crisp and refreshing take on the white IPA.  But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself!

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