Six Reasons to Make Bay Beach Amusement Park Your Next Date Night Destination

Ferris WheelIf you’re a Brown County native, chances are you’ve been to Bay Beach Amusement Park at some point in your life. Maybe you were that little tyke who cried on the airplane ride and ruined the photo opp. Or maybe you were part of one of the marauding packs of teenagers, eating greasy fries and going on those rides that spin you over and over until you were positively green.

As fond as those memories may be, if you haven’t been to Bay Beach recently, you’re missing out. And I don’t mean just taking your kids to see who’s the adventurous one and who’s the crier. Sure, that can be fun, but so can spending some quality one-on-one time with your significant other. Here are six reasons to grab his/her hand and head over to Bay Beach for a summer Date Night real soon.

1.  You can steal a few kisses on the Ferris Wheel.


Can you see the couple smooching at the top?

The Ferris Wheel is probably the most romantic ride at any amusement park (well, except maybe the Tunnel of Love, but that might go in a slightly different category than “romantic”).  What can be better than enjoying the view together on a hot, summer evening, and anticipating that moment when you’ll be on top (get your mind out of the gutter. I meant the top of the ride). When you’re at the highest point, make sure to get a kiss – or two or three – in. Just keep the car-rocking to a minimal – otherwise those people on the ground might get suspicious.

2.  You can take out some aggression (and gain a few laughs) on the Bumper Cars.


Zak Bruss is taking out his aggression on me.

We’re all adults here, so we can admit that sometimes, relationships can get a little tense. So instead of slamming doors or stomping around the house to show your frustration, get a few bumps in on the Bumper Cars instead. Make your date your main target. If you’re as good as my husband, you’ll be able to lap your date and then ferociously bump them – twice. You’ll be sure to turn those frustrations into laughs in no time. And as a bonus, you’ll get to bump into a couple kids, too.

3.  You’ll get to ride Elvis’ favorite roller coaster, the Zippin Pippin.


You can ride the Zippin Pippin for just one dollar.

Who’s more romantic than the King?  I mean, the guy sang songs called “A Big Hunk o’ Love”, “Love Me Tender”, and “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear.” Clearly, he knew what he was talking about. So if he loved the Zippin Pippin, chances are that you might, too. And apparently, some couples have felt the same love for the roller coaster and reportedly exchanged wedding vows on the original coaster in Memphis, TN. Green Bay’s Zippin Pippin is a replica of the one Elvis rode on, but I’ve seen entire wedding parties ride it. Now there’s a great photo idea. Anyhow, this forty mph ride with a seventy-foot drop is sure to please. Think about it like a scary movie – anything that gets your heart pumping is good for romance. So whether you put your arms up (like me), or hold tight to the car (like my husband – I mean, Teddy Bear), don’t miss the Zippin Pippin.

4.  You can remember what it felt like to be totally and completely nauseous.


This was taken in the moments before the Scat started. I had no idea what I was in for.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I definitely can’t go on as many spinny rides as I could when I was a teen. Back in the day, I would go to the fair or carnival and go on ride after ride. I’d eat whatever I wanted, and sure, maybe I’d feel a little sick after the first ride, but I’d keep going until I felt seriously ill. That was all part of the fun! So as an adult, I’ve learned a few things about amusement parks. Specifically, that my tolerance is not what it used to be. After just one twirl on the Scat, I was taken straight back to my teenage-hood nausea. And guess what – my husband was, too.  That’s a bonding moment right there – when you can’t stop laughing and you feel like you might hurl. And the next bonding moment is when you decide that you might like to try something tamer next, like the Swings or the Giant Slide.

5.  There’s ice cream.

Ice cream makes everything better.

Ice cream makes everything better.

For my husband and I, any summer Date Night is not complete without ice cream. Sometimes, we just have the ice cream and skip the rest of the date. So pretty much any place that we can go that serves ice cream is good in our book. At Bay Beach, you can get a soft-serve ice cream cone in vanilla, chocolate, or for the really adventurous, twist. The ice cream is sure to be a perfect complement to your romantic evening. Just make sure to partake in the ice cream after those crazy rides. The stomach is not a thing to take lightly, kids.

6. It’s cheap.


Each ticket costs 25 cents, and most rides are just one or two tickets.

Who doesn’t love a cheap date? I know I do! Sometimes you can have more fun on a budget than at all of those fancy dinners combined. Depending on how many rides you go on and how much ice cream you consume, I estimate that you’ll spend between ten and twenty dollars on a Bay Beach Date Night. Most of the rides are twenty-five or fifty cents a piece, and the famous Zippin Pippin is only a dollar. If you’re looking for dinner on top of fun, consider packing a picnic. There are plenty of grassy areas and picnic tables for you to spread out your smorgasbord. You might even catch the sunset.

Bay Beach will be open from 10 am to 9 pm on May 27, June 1, and June 2. The rest of the week, they’re open from 10 til 6. On June 7, they start their summer hours, and they’ll be open until 9 for your Date Night pleasure.

What about you? What rides do you like to go on with your date?


  1. You may look silly, but a spin on the carousel is always a must!

  2. Dwayne S. says

    Where are the trains? They were there when I lived in green Bay in 1968 and there when I left the area in 1983.

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