5 Perfect Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Get in Green Bay & Appleton

Five Last Minute Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Since we live such busy lives, shopping for a gift at the last minute is just the way it goes sometimes… But – even at the last minute – it’s hard for us to just settle on a gift card. Because that hardly shows any creativity or sentimental value, right?

So, here’s the perfect solution…

Five creative, unique, sentimental and just plain good last minute Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will love!

titletown-growler-Father's Day Gift Idea1. Local Beer

If your dad enjoys the taste of a refreshing quality micro-brew handcrafted in his hometown – then local beer might make the perfect gift for him. It’s probably not often that your dad spoils himself with a specialty brew. So go ahead and spoil him a little with:

  • A Growler from Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay (The Dark Helmet is amazing – if he’s a dark beer lover)
  • A mix and match six pack or growler from the Stone Cellar Brewpub in Appleton (The Vanilla Stout is very tasty)

specialty-meat - Father's Day Gift Idea2. Griller’s Gift Pack

If your dad’s like the father of my children, his grill is his kitchen – and he loves to cook. If you know your dad enjoys the art of grilling too, you could put together a griller’s gift pack with some marinade and complete it with:

  • Some fresh sausage, venison or other signature cuts from Maplewood Meats in Green Bay (throw in some jerky while you’re at it!)
  • Fresh cut Ribeye (50 cents off per LB today) or New York Strip (50 cents off per LB on Saturday) from Cedar Creek Marketplace in Appleton

Box of premium cigars - Father's Day Gift Idea3. The Stogie Stash

If your dad’s a cigar aficionado or simply the sort of guy that likes to light one up every now and again, let him celebrate Father’s Day with the gift of a stogie stash complete with:


 Hats with character - Father's Day Gift Idea4. The Gentleman’s Gift

My husband has always liked stopping in at a premier hat shop to try on a few. If your dad’s a hat guy, why not get him a gift he can wear with pride – or just for fun. Complement his personality and show him he’s got style with:

  • A new top hat, newsboy, beret or other premium hat from Hat-Cetera in downtown Green Bay


Father's Day Tree5. The Father’s Day Tree

My boys got their daddy a dogwood tree last Father’s Day. It was a hit! They were proud to plant the tree with daddy and daddy is excited to watch it grow up every year. It’s the kind of gift that makes a perfect Father’s Day memory with good sentimental value. Stop and check out the:

There you have it, WhooNEW’s five ideas for your dad this Father’s Day. Do any of these ideas fit his character?

Share your creative ideas in the comments below!


  1. Steve Rodgers says

    These are really cool ideas. My kids and I always do something really nice for my dad for Fathers Day. This year we got him about 15
    New York mugs which he collects. He must have over 50 now! Thanks for the post! You’ve given me some great ideas for next year.

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