6 Vintage Postcards of Downtown Green Bay

WhooNEW Friday Find Downtown GB PostcardsDowntown Green Bay’s cityscape is once again evolving. With the addition of Schreiber Foods’ new corporate headquarters and plans to expand the KI Convention Center, as well as the possible addition of a 14 to 16-story hotel along the riverfront, it’s safe to say Green Bay is a city in motion. But as we look forward to the changes in the downtown district, let’s reflect upon the city’s rich past and examine some of its architectural highlights. WhooNEW rounded up six vintage postcards to give you a picture of what Titletown looked like in the past.

1. Washington Street
Washington Street2. Minahan Building
Minahan Building3. Hotel Northland
Hotel Northland4. Court House
Court House5. Walnut Street Bridge
Walnut Street Bridge
6. The Harbor
The Harbor
As you can see there’ve been a lot of changes over the years. I feel the best way to keep track of downtown Green Bay’s changing face is by visiting one of the many wonderful businesses, restaurants, and bars located there. If you’re looking for some new places to check out in the area, keep checking back on WhooNEW. We’re always writing about your local community. You can also find some great resources online at Downtown Green Bay, Inc. and on the city’s Economic Development page.

What do you think about the upcoming changes for our downtown? Let us know in the comments!


  1. great post! I love to see all the vintage postcards

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