7 Super Fun Pools & Splash Pads Throughout Green Bay & The Fox Cities

Fun Swimming Pools and Splash Pads Throughout Green Bay and the Fox Cities

Swimming is a perfect summer activity – especially on days when the weather is so hot you could die!

The next time you decide to suit up and go for a swim, why not explore other fun pools in cities around you, rather than go to the same pool you always have? That way you’ll experience a little something different and exciting. That goes for the kids, especially.

I’ve gathered seven of what we could call some of the most fun pools throughout Green Bay and the Fox Cities. I’ve also added a list of parks with splash pads in the area too!

Take a look…

1. Ashwaubomay Lake – Ashwaubenon

Ashwaubomay Lake

I’m embarrassed to admit that even though I grew up in De Pere, I just discovered the Ashwaubomay man-made lake last summer!

The sandy beach gives you that real lake feel, but with cleaner water and no fish. It’s nice with small kids because they can walk right in to the shallow water, and the bigger kids love the big tube slide with diving board platform.

You can relax and soak up the sun, build sandcastles and there’s even playground equipment on the beach!

If you get hungry from all that swimming, you can grab a snack from the concession stand.

2. Joanne’s Aquatic Center – East Green Bay

Joanne's Aquatic Center

Joanne’s Aquatic Center is pretty sweet too. I took the boys here not too long ago and they loved it. There’s a kiddie slide in the shallow/wading area with several water fountains that splash up, water sprayers with steering wheels and a tot sand play area with a playground the kids will get a kick out of.

They also have a super steep drop slide in the deep part of the pool called the diving well, two other 23 foot high water slides and a diving board.

We got a pizza from the full-service concession. They make Hydrant pizzas there and they’re delicious! We gobbled it right up at one of the picnic tables conveniently located inside the pool area. They also have hot dogs and nachos along with all sorts of candy and ice cream!

A nice part about Joanne’s, is all the lounge chairs. If you have older kids, you can let them play and swim while you lay out in the sun. If you have small kids, ride with them down the water slides! Either way, this pool is definitely worth a visit.

3. Resch Aquatic Center – West Green Bay


The Resch Aquatic Center at Fisk Park in Green Bay is very similar to Joanne’s Aquatic Center. In fact, they are part of the same “pool district” and they work together to coordinate fun activities, freebies and splash bashes throughout the summer.

The Resch pool has a whirl cove area, sand tot play area and two 30-foot high water slides. My sister-in-law recently took her kids here and they had a blast. She raved to me about how awesome it is and vented about how mad she is because she never knew it existed in all of her years she’s lived in Green Bay!

Colburn pool is the third part of the trio. Colburn is a great pool. It doesn’t have the fun slides, but it’s pretty large and has some diving boards too.

5. Sunset Beach – Kimberly

sunset-beach in Kimberly Wiscosin

I took the boys to Sunset Beach a few weeks ago. It’s in Kimberly, sort of nestled in by some big trees and it gives you that nice vacation feeling. It’s another one of those man-made lakes. If you get lucky, you’ll get the chance to try and catch some tadpoles.

The shallow part is huge, the water is very clean and the sandy beach is fun for the little ones.
There are two slides in the shallower areas of the lake, and one large tube slide in the deeper parts. They also have a splashing fountain to play in too.

Grab a snack at the concession when you get a little hungry – they have popcorn!

6. Mead Pool – Appleton


Mead pool is home to a 20 foot high water slide with 159 feet of flume!

It has splash and play attractions in the water, a sand play area, a couple of diving boards and lounge chairs with shade arbors.

The zero entry area is great for little ones too. I heard the food stand has reasonable prices offering hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, candy, ice cream and even coffee – moms!

7. Neenah Pool

Neenah Pool is right next to Lake Winnebago, so the view from the top of the 131 foot water slide is awesome! There’s a nice large sandy play area for your tot, a drop slide in the deep well, and water play equipment in the zero depth area.

They have tasty snacks at the concessions to satisfy your sweet tooth and grassy areas as well as tables with umbrellas and lounge chairs to hang out on. There’s also sand volleyball and a playground outside of the pool area!

Doyle Pool  is located in the small town of Little Chute. I hear it has a really fun water slide and it’s usually not too crowded since, well… it’s Little Chute. But, if you’re not looking for the big water slides or splashy play equipment and just want a nice size pool with some diving boards and enough room to swim, here are a few to check out…

Other Great Pools to Visit

  • Kaukauna pool – Has a really great “kiddie” section.
  • Erb Pool – located in Appleton and has a drop slide and two water basketball hoops. It has a baby pool, shallow instructional pool and an eight lane 50-meter pool.
  • Colburn Pool – located in Green Bay and is pretty large.
  • Legion Park Pool – located in De Pere has a nice kiddie pool with a dolphin.
  • VFW Pool – is located in West De Pere. Legion & VFW both offer aquatic classes like water aerobics and aqua zumba through the middle of August.

Splash Pads


Farlin Park Splash Pad

Splash pads are great on hot summer days. Basically, you get the splashing fun of water, without the pool. Splash pads are a fun addition to the normal park and playground equipment. The best part is, even if you don’t bring your swim suit, you can still enjoy some water play. Who needs a suit when you can dry fast in the sun. But if getting drenched is what you’re looking to do, you can still make that happen at any splash pad!

I’ve taken my boys to the Red Smith splash pad a few times. They liked doing something different from the regular swings and slides at the park. Here’s a list of eight splash pads in the area:

Downtown Green Bay City Deck

Downtown Green Bay City Deck

What’s your favorite pool? Are there any here that you’d like to try that you haven’t yet? Fill us in if there are any great pools we didn’t mention. Leave a comment below – we love that!

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  1. Pollock Pool is Oshkosh is great!
    They have amazing snacks and ice cream even freeze pops. They have 2 large slides, lazy river, splash pad, “kiddie” area, basketball hoop in the water and larger swimming pool with lanes. They also have a sand area and many lawn chairs with tables. Its only about $3-$4 per person. Great day and its like a water park without the lines and water park prices.

  2. Anonymous says

    How can you leave out the Menasha City Pool at Jefferson Park! Huge water slide, diving board, drop slide, kids splash area…lounge chairs provided BUT they allow you to bring your own, carry-ins are allowed, inflatable toys are allowed (designated area) and much more for a very affordable price…LOVE this pool, it’s great for all ages!!!

    • Thank you for your addition! We don’t purposely leave out anything when we write our articles. There are just so many awesome things in Northeast Wisconsin that we either don’t know about all of them or don’t have time to get everything in. That’s why we count on and appreciate people like YOU to help us spread the word. Thanks for letting us know about Menasha City Pool! It Sounds great, and I can’t wait to try it with my own kiddos.

  3. Rene Guyette says

    Pollock Pool/Park in Oshkosh is absolutely wonderful!!!

  4. Berlin Pool is awesome too, and it is not as crowded as most of these. Water slide, walk in beach area, but sorry, no carry ins are allowed.

  5. What is the cost of these pools? I don’t live in the area, 45min north of Green Bay.

  6. The Manitowoc Aquatic Center is another fun stop. Not a bad drive for tons of fun. Zero depth area for littles with a slide and some fountains and other splash pad type sprayers. I think it goes up to 10′ with a diving board and drop slide. There are two other tall tube slides, one enclosed and a lazy river. They also have a concession stand with great food options. The bathrooms and changing areas seemed nice and there are coin operated lockers if you need them.

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