MANdles: Wisconsin-Made Candles For Men


Not many men will go out of their way to buy a scented candle for themselves. And giving a guy a candle for a gift is almost like giving him a bouquet of flowers.

That is until now…

Thanks to Eco Candle Company in Appleton, women can get their manly man a candle he’ll feel good about – The MANdle. They’re natural-based soy candles made in 15 ounce paint cans with awesome names and masculine smells. The best part about MANdles is choosing the perfect one for your man. There’s a unique MANdle scent for every guy’s personality.

Do any of these five MANdles fit your man?

Which MANdle Fits Your Man?

packer-backer21. The Packer Backer

Does your man absolutely love football season? And does he put all of his blood, sweat and tears into being a dedicated fan of the Green Bay Packers?

Does he go crazy if he doesn’t get his favorite Packers player on his fantasy football team?

If you have a guy who has a closet full of Packer clothes, tailgates at every game, wears the black stripes under his eyes and can answer every Packers trivia question imaginable – then he is an official Packer Backer.

Your man will love the grass and leather smell of The Packer Backer MANdle. This candle is only for a true Packers fan!

carnivore-man2. The Carnivore

Does your man love to sink his teeth into a big juicy slab of meat?

Does he gag at the sight of spinach and arugula? If he’s the kind of guy that wouldn’t touch a banana unless it was wrapped in bacon, you have a true carnivore on your hands.

Your man could drive right past a slaughterhouse on his way to the steakhouse and not bat an eye at the thought of it. He’s a scavenger in the grocery store, filling the cart with jerky, pork ribs, ham and salami.

If this sounds like your man, he would love The Carnivore MANdle. He’d be in heaven with the smell of hickory smoked bacon lingering throughout his man cave!

Dirtbag MANdle3. The Dirtbag

Does your man need you in his life simply because he’d be a disaster without you?

He’ll let a big one rip in front of everyone – he doesn’t care if they smell it. You can’t find the floor in his bedroom, dirty dishes fill his counter-tops and his bathroom is filled with whiskers and other little hairs.

Maybe you’ve even sneaked into his place to clean it for him because you can’t stand the smell or you’re embarrassed for him to have guests over!

The Dirtbag MANdle is the perfect smoke and odor eliminator to help get rid of your man’s stink. If you clean up the scent, maybe he’ll clean up his act too!

moms-boy4. The Mama’s Boy

Is your man the sort of guy that still likes to bring his laundry home to Mom to wash? Maybe she just makes it smell better?

But, to me a real “Mama’s Boy” has a soft and sweet personality. He may have liked to be babied when he was little.

What can he say, he loves Mom. But, I bet he gives good hugs!

If this is your guy, you should get him The Mama’s Boy MANdle! He’d probably love the clean laundry smell! It’s “Mom-Approved” and actually smells like dryer sheets!

happy-and-camping5. The Happy Camper

Does your man love to camp? And is he the sort of guy who can make a perfect boy scout-style campfire?

He’s the first to put another log on the fire, and the first to get out the marshmallows to roast a perfectly golden brown one for you. There’s nothing that makes him happier than a night out in the woods somewhere nestled among the cedar trees.

If that sounds like your man, he just might love the smell of The Happy Camper MANdle! A firewood scented soy candle that would remind him of being in a tent under the stars.

From “The Wino” and “The Stoner,” to “The Pretty Boy” and “The Yuppie”, Eco Candle handcrafts more than 20 MANdles to choose from.  CLICK HERE to see all the MANdles available from Eco Candle.

New MANdles in the Making

There’s even more of these cool candles in the works!

Shelley Nystrom, head candle-maker and boss let me in on some new scents that are currently still in testing. She said, “We have several new MANdles that are very close to being finished.  ‘Dirty Hippie’, ‘Perfect Gentleman’, “Hipster”, ‘The Executive,’ and ‘Handyman.'”

I’m excited to smell perfect gentleman!

When I asked Shelley what makes the Eco Candle better than the rest she explained,

Eco Candle's Orange Patchuli Handmade Soap

Eco Candle’s Orange Patchuli Handmade Soap

“Our focus is on green and American made. We go out of our way to source U.S. companies for everything we use to make our products.  We don’t use ingredients tested on animals and we use the highest quality and most natural products we can find in the market…We believe in handcrafted!”

Shelley and her team also believe in testing the candles, soaps, lotions and home fragrance products multiple times to ensure they will be the best they can be.

Their hands touch everything they make every step of the way. As Shelley says, “We like to put a little love in every product!”

This is a great place to visit if you’re ever shopping on College Avenue! Use the coupon below (before August 8th) for 15% off your purchase online or at the store!

Got a good idea for a MANdle? Let’s hear what you’d name it and what it would smell like! My husband and I thought up “The Entrepreneur” which would smell like Coffee & Mint.

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