6 Northeast Wisconsin Artists You Can Meet at Artstreet in Green Bay

Artstreet Downtown Green Bay

Downtown Green Bay will become one gigantic art show this weekend as Artstreet 2013 takes over.

It’s a celebration of all things creative. There will be live music and other performances, art projects for young and old as well as artistic edible creations and ethnic cuisine.

But the big draw is the more than 200 visual artists displaying and selling their unique work to art-lovers like you.

Artists come from all around the United States to participate in Artstreet, which is one of the biggest events of the year for the local non-profit Mosaic Arts Inc.

Plenty of those artists call the state of Wisconsin home. And what’s really interesting is  how many talented people are creating amazing art right here in our area.

Check out these six artists from Northeast Wisconsin who caught our attention…

1. Melvin McGee – Green Bay

Melvin Mcgee Artstreet

Animals We Don’t Ride by Melvin McGee

Melvin McGee has a distinct, eye-popping style to his artwork that will be easy to spot among all the tents at Artstreet.

On his website, he describes his art as “hand-painted dreams or whimsical surrealism.” McGee is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who found personal freedom in art after leaving the service.

There’s definitely a funky sense of humor to a lot of his work, which also explodes with color.

McGee says his influences include Salvador Dali and Dr. Seuss. You can certainly see the impact both of those people had on his art.

2. Debra Lee – Fond du Lac

Debra Lee Artstreet

Liberty 3 by Debra Lee

Debra Lee is another artist with creations that practically jump out at you. Her paintings often feature vibrant depictions of wild animals. On her website you’ll find everything from beasts of Africa to cute cats and dogs.

She says that drawing and animals were two things that always brought her comfort as a child. So it’s no wonder the two merged into her passion and career.

Debra Lee describes herself as “an experimental artist” and uses a variety of mediums to create here original pieces.

“I love texture in my art and whimsical animals to portray humor and irony,” she says.

3. Susan Atkinson – Neenah

Susan Atkinson Artstreet

Reflections by Susan Atkinson

Susan Atkinson’s obsession with art started like many other artists’ – as a little kid with a crayon.

With no formal art education beyond high school – she calls herself a “self-taught artist.” Her work proves that sometimes that’s the best way to learn.

Susan’s artwork consist of many lush watercolor paintings that include subjects in nature, still-life and some gorgeous portraits that are full of emotion.

Besides producing her own paintings, Atkinson also spreads the joy of art to others. She regularly teaches classes on watercolor painting at the Waupaca Community Arts Center.

4. Mary Ann Carter – Green Bay

Mary Ann Carter Arstreet

Bound to Impress By Mary Ann Carter

Mary Ann Carter is an experimental photographer who strives to use her images to tell stories.

She says she uses multiple photos to “bring a narrative quality to each image.” Carter is a big believer in the creative power of digital photo editing.

As she puts it, with tools like Photoshop – “nothing is out of reach,” adding that technology helps to “add a voice to her vision.”

Mary Ann Carter is another self-taught artist who believes that trusting her own instincts helps her find a unique perspective that makes her photography stand out.

5. George Burr – Sister Bay

Artstreet George Burr

Last Glance by George Burr

What better place than Door County, Wisconsin to be inspired by the beauty of the outdoors and capture it on a canvas?

George Burr creates jaw-dropping pastel landscapes, many of them featuring the beauty of the Door Peninsula. He was involved in art as a high school student, but it was the Door County scenery that prompted him to begin pursuing art again at the age of 51.

Now he calls Sister Bay home, and has his own gallery in Ephraim.

The pastels, which he often manipulates with his fingers, create a soft look that perfectly portrays the serene scenes that make Wisconsin an ideal place for nature lovers.

6. Martin Dargevics – Neenah

Martin Dargevics Artstreet

Mixed Media Art by Martin Dargevics

While growing up, Martin Dargevics was inspired by both is father, who was an artist, and his grandfather, who was a musician.

He was trained as a classical pianist and vocalist – but had the desire to pursue other creative outlets. That included jazz music and visual arts.

Dargevics’ paintings actually look the way an improvised jazz solo would look if you could see it.  His abstract, mixed media creations are an almost mesmerizing combination of texture and color.

“Painting, for me, is a process of the transfer of energy from my inner spirit to the canvas,” he explains in his artist statement. “Texture, color, metal and other inorganic elements are what I use to express this vision.”

What Are You Looking Forward to at Artstreet 2013?

Do you know an artist or performer who will be participating in Artstreet this weekend? Tell us more!

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Featured Image Courtesy – tditz_gb via Creative Commons License

All artwork images are property of the respective artist.

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