Six Funny Wisconsin T-Shirt Designs and Where You Can Find Even More

Funny Wisconsin T-Shirts

Most of us who live or come from Wisconsin have a lot of state pride.

Perhaps the only state with as much swagger as Wisconsin would be Texas. And those Texans are pretty crazy!

Wisconsinites also have an extra sharp sense of humor (bonus points if you got the cheese pun there). WhooNEW found some unique t-shirt makers out there who have come up with hilarious ideas.

So if you like wearing your dedication to America’s Dairyland where everyone can see it – you have to check these out.

You can find all these designs at three different websites: Sconnie Nation, Jerkass Clothing Co and is a t-shirt company that a couple of UW students started in 2004 and is still based in Madison. I believe these guys are responsible for popularizing the term “Sconnie” although it probably existed before that.

Jerkass Clothing Co. is based in Milwaukee and started with the dream to “create offensive, reasonably-priced t-shirts and share them with the world.” There is an entire section dedicated to Wisconsin designs. BrewCity is also a Milwaukee based family-run business that specifically focuses on that city.

1. For The Jilted Sports Fan

Greg Jennings t-shirtRemember the “We’ll Never Forget You Brent” shirts that poked fun at our unwillingness to forgive Brett Favre?

That idea has turned into a reoccurring theme on t-shirts. UW Badgers football coach Brent Billema will now be known as “Bert.” And the beloved Greg Jennings – now a Minnesota Viking will be known as “Craig.”

I saw another shirt at Jerkass with an image of the Metrodome calling it the “Packers Retirement Home.”

There are also tons of shirts celebrating sports heroes – from Aaron Rodgers and his championship wrestling belt move (aka the Discount Double-Check) to Clay Matthews with the head of Predator. Mascots get their own shirts too – including the Racing Sausages in a Reservoir Dogs spoof.

2. For the History Buff

Together WI WinSconnie Nation cleverly took a classic piece of World War I propaganda and transformed it into Wisconsin propaganda.

Slapping a cheesehead on top of the sailor’s head was all it took.

There’s something about the image that was already kind of funny. Three dudes walking together arm-in-arm with big smiles on their faces just seems a tad awkward.

The illustration was originally titled “Together We Win,” and created by James Montgomery Flagg – the same guy who made the famous “I Want YOU” Uncle Sam poster. But since this adaptation is about our state, it became “Together WI Win.”

3. For the Heavy Drinker

WI Beer T-ShirtMaybe we shouldn’t be proud of it, but we just can’t help ourselves. Wisconsinites know how to drink – especially if it’s beer.

There are a bunch of great t-shirt designs from both Sconnie Nation and Jerkass Clothing Co. We picked this one because Scoots liked it. In much the same way the outline of Wisconsin became Scoots the Owl – this t-shirt turns the state into a frothy mug of beer.

This particular version is made for Wisconsin Girls.

Over at Jerkass there are a bunch of styles devoted to our partying ways.

They include the “Drink Wisconsibly” t-shirt as well as another Wisconsin-shaped mug on the “I’m Not Drunk I’m From Wisconsin” shirt – a meme which also has a huge Facebook Following. (See the featured image at the top of the post)

4. For the Super-Competitive

Wisconsin Kicks AssOur contempt for neighboring states can go beyond football teams in the NFC North division. Some of us despise Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan…just because.

This funny t-shirt design depicts the Badger State badgering other states. It’s called “Wisconsin Kicks Ass,” which is true. You’ve gotta love that smirk on Wisconsin’s face.

If you enjoy insulting our friends to the south, east and west – there are other t-shirts too. Pick the state you like the least and get a “Worst State Ever” design.

For those who’d rather focus on the positive, there are also “Best State Ever” shirts featuring Wisconsin.

5. For the Real Wisconsin Weirdos

Bear + Deer = BeerWhat do you get when you cross a deer with a bear? A BEER of course!

Whoever came up with this design has imagined a fantastic creature that makes the jackelope look like child’s play. Even Sasquatch himself would cower in fear at the site of this beast.

Imagine meeting such an animal during deer hunting season up in the Northwoods. Nobody back at camp would believe your story. They’d think you’d had one too many PBRs or perhaps were suffering from hallucinations after being in deep in the woods sitting in a tree stand for so long.

But you know the truth. The Beer DOES exist! And it will haunt you until your dying day.

6. Where’s the Bubbler?

bubbler t-shirtOne design I didn’t spot at the two websites mentioned in this article was a bubbler theme. But I found a good one at

Their “Where’s the Bubbler” shirt pays tribute to what we call a drinking fountain.

BrewCityOnline has some other goofy designs to check out as well – including a “That’s What Cheese Said” shirt.

I also love their shirts celebrating Wisconsin/Milwaukee traditions – from fish fries and brats to cheese curds and custard (beer too). All food traditions – but all good traditions.


WhooNEW Makes WI T-Shirts Now Too!

WhooNEW-shop-graphicSince we first put together this post, we’ve dipped our own toes in the t-shirt design waters.

It was bound to happen. Writing all those articles about what makes Wisconsin unique leads to some ideas that are just too hard to pass up.

From Chicken Booyah and Blue Moon ice cream to Famous Wisconsinites and the silly stuff we say in this state – we’re pretty sure you’ll at least get a chuckle when you check these t-shirts out.

There are also a few other things like mugs, baby onesies and trucker caps. Oh – and shirts featuring Scoots the Owl too.

Currently we have a WhooNEW store on Zazzle. We’re looking into offering the shirts at a couple of area stores as well. And if we can find the right local shop to helps us print and ship the t-shirts things might get even better.

For now check out our firsts set of designs and give us your feedback!

We bet you’ve got some awesome ideas as well.

What would you put on a Wisconsin-themed t-shirt? Tell us about your slogans and design suggestions!


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