13 Celebrities Who Love the Green Bay Packers


No matter where you go in America you are going to find Green Bay Packers fans.

That includes celebrity circles in Hollywood. Los Angeles may seems like a strange place for fans of the Green and Gold to exist – but remember – the city hasn’t had its own NFL team in almost 20 years.

Here are a bunch of famous folks who’ve picked the Pack as their favorite football team. If you loved them before, you’ll love them even more. If you hate them…at least you know they have one admirable quality.

1. Justin Timberlake

Justin TimberlakeThe second most-talented member of ‘N Sync (after Joey Fatone) got a lot of attention for being a Packers fan when he showed up at Lambeau for a game several years ago. Pictures showed up of Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend, actress Jessica Biehl, tailgating with friends.

The star even got caught on camera shotgunning a can of Miller Lite. Check Out the Pictures.

JT may be a bit of a bandwagon Packer Backer. Before Super Bowl XLV, he told People.com he was rooting for Green Bay because he didn’t want to lose his head.

“I have friends that are Packer fans that would decapitate me if I did not root for the Packers.”

Justin Timberlake has also gotten awfully buddy-buddy with Aaron Rodgers. Check out these photos of the two presenting at the ESPYs together.

Most recently – Timberlake sported Packers’ colors in a sketch on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – during which he helped the host illustrate the history of the touchdown dance. No Lambeau Leap, but still funny.

2. Harry Styles from One Direction

Harry StylesFrom one generation of boy bands to the next…

I stumbled on this one accidentally when I checked out the #GreenBay hashtag on Twitter. A lot of girls were upset with the fact that Harry Styles was sporting Packers gear. But not all his fans were upset…

Check out the Tumblr account of Gloria Andrews. It is dedicated to Mr. Styles and his Packer fannyness (nope, that’s not a word). Apparently, the young heartthrob has a Packers tattoo and likes to drape his body in a Packers blanket.

She’s just wild about Harry, and Harry’s just wild about Donald Driver. The two met in Dallas and have been Tweeting back and forth. Check out more Twitter pics WTMJ in Milwaukee posted of the pair.

The One Direction star may have been converted to a Packers fan thanks to a friend named Calvin Aurand – a producer/director who has worked with a lot of big performers.

3. Frankie Rayder

Frankie RayderIf you thought the Bikini Girls at Lambeau were the most-attractive Packers fans – you were wrong. They call Victoria’s Secret models the most beautiful woman in the world. Frankie Rayder is one of them. She’s also a big Packers fan.

Rayder grew up in River Falls, Wisconsin. Back then she was known as Heidi. She was given the stage name Francesca when she started modeling – and somehow that turned into Frankie – which is much more fitting for a Wisconsin girl.

According to Inside the Huddle, the supermodel has been known to visit a local watering hole called Emma’s Bar in River Falls. That’s where she cheers for the Pack when she’s in town for a visit. Besides being a devout Packers fan, Frankie Rayder also supports the Boston Red Sox.

She’s in a relationship with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist, Flea. The couple has a daughter together – named Sunny Bebop. But I can’t figure out if she turned Flea in to a Packers fan too.

4. Lil’ Wayne

Lil WayneRapper Lil’ Wayne may be from New Orleans – but the Saints don’t get his love. The Packers do.

In fact, Lil’ Wayne even described himself as “such a Cheesehead” when explaining his viral spoof, “Green and Yellow” to MTV News. The popular remix was a response to the Wiz Khalifa song “Black and Yellow” – a tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Khalifa’s black-and-yellow striped car.

So why the Packers and not the Saints? Lil Wayne tells the story this way…

His late father attended Super Bowl XXXI, which was held in New Orleans at the Superdome. Lil’ Wayne’s dad (Big Wayne?? no probably not) came home with a bunch of Packers memorabilia – including dishes and towels – which the family actually used on a regular basis.

All that left a lasting impression on the rapper and he cheered for the Pack from that time forward. Lil’ Wayne says he didn’t want to be the kind of Saints fan who started cheering for the home-team once they started winning. So he remained loyal to the Packers. That’s a true-blue fan.

Watch Lil’ Wayne perform Green and Yellow live at a Super Bowl after-party.

5. Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable GuyDoes comedian, Larry the Cable Guy scream “Git-R-Done!” at the television when the Green Bay Packers are staging a 4th quarter comeback? He just might…

Larry is a self-proclaimed Packers fan. He’s also a Cornhusker. Larry – aka Daniel Lawrence Whitney – grew up in Nebraska, and his southern accent is actually just for show.

But Larry’s wife, Cara, is a Packers fan from Northern Wisconsin. The Cable Guy family also has a vacation home in Wisconsin.

Larry has said another reason he loves the Green Bay Packers is that he once saw Brett Favre being interviewed wearing a Git-R-Done t-shirt.

That’s cool. We’re glad he likes our football team. But if Peyton Manning wore a WhooNEW t-shirt, I would still cheer for the Packers.

6. Erin Andrews

Erin AndrewsSportscasters are supposed to be unbiased – at least when they’re working. But we know former ESPN and current FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews is quietly rooting for the Packers.

Sometimes – not so quietly. Check out this photo of Andrews dressed up as linebacker Clay Matthews for Halloween.

Packer-backing is genetic in her case  – or at least a family tradition. While growing up in Florida, Andrews said she bonded with her father watching his favorite teams. Those teams would be the Green Bay Packers and Boston Red Sox. She’s remained loyal ever since.

At one point, there were rumors that Aaron Rodgers was dating Andrews. But that would be weird – and not to mention – a huge conflict of interest.

But not because he’s an NFL star and she’s a sports reporter. I mean because they’re named Erin and Aaron.

7. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan ReynoldsMaybe he should have been the Green and GOLD Lantern – ah ha ha aaaah. Sorry.

To many of us in Generation-Y, the guy will always be known as Van Wilder, no matter how many other movie roles he gets. Ryan Reynolds is also a Green Bay Packers Fan.

Not only that – he’s Canadian too. And when it comes to the Canadian Football League – I mean come on – I can’t name a single team to be honest. Can you? So Reynolds could have his pick of NFL franchises to cheer for.  He chose the Packers. Good choice.

Back in 2008, Ryan Reynolds got the chance to watch a game at Lambeau compliments of Aaron Rodgers and Rachael Ray. When Reynolds was a guest on the  TV chef’s show – she presented him with personalized Packers jerseys for him and his fiance at the time – Scarlet Johansson. The jerseys had the numbers 09 and 27 to represent the celeb couple’s wedding date.

Unfortunately – they later got a divorce. Now Reynolds is married to Blake Lively. As his original famous girlfriend Alannis Morissette might say…”Isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think?” It’s actually not ironic but neither is anything else in that song.

8. Denis Leary

Denis LearyHave you ever pretended to like something just to spite someone? That’s basically how Denis Leary became a Green Bay Packers fan.

He’s from Massachusetts and loves the Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox. But when it comes to football, he made a choice as a kid to pick the Packers – all thanks to sibling rivalry.

Leary says he decided to root for Green Bay because he wanted to piss off his older brother who was a New England Patriots fan. Leary actually told Rich Eisen he roots for both the Patriots and Packers.

He added that having both his favorite teams in Super Bowl XXXI was like a dream come true because he couldn’t lose. Of course, he couldn’t win either.

Leary says it was easy to be a fan of the Packers in the sixties when they were the best, but he stuck with the team when they were stinking up the NFL too.

9. Joan Jett

Joan JettJoan Jett loves rock and roll and  football and especially the Green Bay Packers.

So put another dime in the foosball table, baby. (Sorry)

How did this runaway rock legend become a fan without any connection to Wisconsin?

Jett says she has a vivid childhood memory of a Sports Illustrated photograph that left a permanent impression on her.

Here’s how she explained the photo to Esquire Magazine:

“Everybody was completely muddy, so muddy you couldn’t see who was wearing what uniform. One guy had a swipe across the helmet where the mud was wiped off, and you could see part of the G through it. For some reason, as a kid, just seeing that G, I became a Green Bay Packers fan.”

Joan Jett seems to know her stuff when it comes to the NFL. She has a knack for predicting Super Bowl winners in the Scripps Celebrity Super Bowl Poll. When she picked the Packers to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, it was her sixth correct prediction in a row.

10. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneresComedian and daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is another dual football fan. She cheers for the Packers and the New Orleans Saints.

Ellen has been pretty public in her backing of the Packers. She’s even challenged Oprah to a bet on a Packers-Bears match-up.

If the Bears won, Ellen promised to use an Oprah coffee mug for one day. If the Packers won, Oprah would give Ellen her television network.

Seems pretty fair.

Ellen has had both Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews as guests on her show. She also likes to feature dedicated Packers fans, like the infamous unlucky fingernail glitter girl. If you’ve forgotten about her, watch the video below.

There’s even a home video on People.com of Ellen, Portia DeRossi and their poodle watching BJ Raji’s unforgettable interception and touchdown run in 2011.


11. Marisa Miller

Marisa MillerFrankie Rayder isn’t the only Victoria’s Secret model with a passion for the Packers.

She’s been the cover girl on the SI Swimsuit edition, and if you cut her, she just may bleed green and gold. But why would you want to cut Marisa Miller? That’s not nice.

The supermodel and Ellen DeGeneres have talked about their shared love of the Packers together.

Rumors once swirled around Aaron Rodgers and Marisa Miller. They were photographed together at the Kentucky Derby. But they met years before that.

Check out Marisa interviewing Rodgers before the 2005 draft, when he fatefully fell all the way to the Packers 24th pick.

That one is pretty good – but this video is even better. Watch Marisa Miller take NFL-bound athletes out on the town in South Beach, Florida. She even hits to dance floor with Rodgers.

12. Pat Morita

Pat MoritaMaybe it was his role as Arnold on the classic, Wisconsin-based sitcom Happy Days that made Mr. Miyagi a Packers fan.

There are photos of the legendary character actor on the sidelines at Lambeau Field – where he even sang the national anthem in 2001.

The late, great Pat Morita may have also been won over by Reggie White. Morita starred in Reggie’s one and only movie Reggie’s Prayer. If you’ve forgotten about this film – check it out on IMDB.

Better yet – watch the thrilling trailer below.

Some believe that Pat Morita’s ghost occasionally visits the stadium. The guys at The Packer Ranter wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about how they played Ghostbusters and tried to get an interview with Morita’s ghost. It was before the 2010 Packers-Vikings matchup in which Green Bay beat a Minnesota team led by Brett Favre.

They didn’t get the interview they wanted. But they do feel Morita’s spirit helped the Packers win, and believe that would explain Favre inexplicably falling at the end of the 4th quarter. Sure he had a busted-up ankle…but it’s still pretty weird (and funny).

13. James Van Der Beek

James Van Der BeekAt lucky number 13 we have the dude who played the titular character of everyone’s favorite 90’s teen drama – Dawson’s Creek.

James Van Der Beek also played a quarterback in the movie Varsity Blues – in which he wore the Number 4. According to the IMDB Trivia section for that film, he did so as a tribute to Brett Favre.

We forgot to mention that Van Der Beek was with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biehl at that same Packers game. The poor guy, got a little overshadowed though.

Even when he was having his picture taken with a fan – JT was stealing the show while shotgunning beer in the background.

James Van Der Beek at Lambeau

Cue the music!

I don’t wanna wait….for our lives to be over.

Who We Left Off the List…

Now I know some of your fingers are just itching to start typing comments about who we forgot to put on this list.

We’d love to hear your suggestions. But first let me say that I left some names off intentionally. Sports figures like Matt Kenseth and Colin Kapernick who grew up around here are pretty much a given.

Other celebrities like Green Bay native Tony Shalhoub and Jessica Szohr and Chris Farley already got some love in our 40 Famous People from Wisconsin article.

After doing some -ahem- extensive research, I chose to leave adult entertainment star Ashlynn Brooke off this list too. But if you’re interested in learning why she’s a Packers fan, check out 20 Questions with Ashlyn Brooke on TotalPackers.com.

If you know of other stars who are also Packer backing Cheesheads – tell us about them, by all means!

We’ll be sharing a lot of other fun stories like this – so Like WhooNEW on Facebook. Or subscribe by email below!

Featured Image Credit – drocpsu via Flickr

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  1. Aaron Rodgers is also a fan of Harry Styles! Aaron spends some of his time off the field working with Attorney, David Gruber, on the itsAaron.com project. The Packers QB surprises kids around Milwaukee, WI and hangs out with them for the day. In the latest episode from season 2 of itsAaron.com Aaron surprises Kelly, and they sing a song together! Aaron and Kelly bond of their love of One Direction and Harry Styles. See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtrs5Zsad-k

    • I know people who know him and 1) he probably likes Harry because he can get some boy play – yes, he does enjoy the company of men. & 2) Rodgers is a complete dick in person and those surprise visits are all marketed, scripted, sponsored & he is paid to do that. He hates talking to fans, he hates having his picture taken with them, and he is rude as hell to people in public.

      • you must be from Chicago…they know all the facts about the Packers…lol

      • Really?? Must be a bears, lions or Vikes fan! LOL.. Green in the eyes are we??? You are a joke!

      • Brian Govatti says

        Tonya did you know that he also a member of ISIS. He is actually best friends with Jihadi John too. He murders cute puppies and as a hobbie throws kittens into his fireplace. Poor Tonya you are a lost soul. Get lost.

  2. Andy Hurley, drummer of Fall Out Boy is a Packers fan!

  3. Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go’s) is from Wisconsin and a Packers owner!

  4. Chuck Todd, NBC News White House Correspondent is also a Packer fan!

  5. Canadian Country Star Teri Clark is also an avid Packer Backer!! She constantly posts on her Facebook page about the games on Sunday, & on Mondays & Thursdays when they are on at night!! She has also been to a few games at Lambeau & her Tour bus is decorated with Packer finery!! Check her out,, you will be impressed….♥♡♥:):):)

  6. Mo Collins (she used to be on Mad TV) and played Gina (long I) in 40-Year-Old Virgin is also a huge Packer fan.

  7. Ceelo Green loves the packers

  8. Country singer Terri Clark

  9. JustWINBABY says

    I’m pretty certain Justin Vernon of Bon Iver is a Packers fan.

  10. Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars tweets about them all the time:
    “SO PROUD OF MY #Packers nice work @AaronRodgers12 @Lil_Eazy_Ana_42 @ShieldSam37 @rcobb18 #PackerNation”

    Also, Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl

  11. I saw Joe Jonas at a Packer game a few years ago!

  12. Clair B Lang from sirius NASCAR radio is also a huge GB fan

  13. Will ferrel. He was at a game in 2012 against the lions. Decked out in gear.

  14. Brian Baumgartner – (Kevin From the Office)

  15. Sasha pieterse is. She plays Allison on pretty little liars.

  16. Keith Urban’s drummer is from WI and when I saw Keith in concert in Green Bay his drummer was sporting the green & gold!

  17. Greta Van Susteren on Fox News

  18. David Ortiz of the Red Sox is a big Packer fan, his wife is from Wisconsin.

    • This is true. My buddy knows David Ortiz’s wife and actually has cheered for the pack several times with Ortiz at Packer parties.

  19. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

  20. Will Ferrel is too!

  21. Not a Packers fan but I can easily admit they have the best fan base in the world. To be from a small state and have fans all over and a season ticket waiting list that long is unheard of.

  22. M.Shadows the singer for Avenged Sevenfold is a Packer fan!

  23. Harrison Ford is also a Packer fan. Went to college in WI.

  24. Ann-Margaret is a huge Packer’s fan & has a room in her home dedicated to the packers.

  25. JJ Watt of the Texans is a lifelong Packer fan, growing up here in Wisconsin.

  26. Movie producers, the Zucker brothers, grew up in Wisconsin, and I believe are still Packer fans.

  27. not one celebrity was listed

  28. Everybody’s favorite junk man, the late great Redd Foxx from Sanford and Son was a die hard Packer Backer.

    President Ford was Packer Backer and almost played Center for the team when Curly Lambeau was at the helm. One would think that being a native Michigander, attending the University of Michigan and having played football for the Wolverines, Jerry would’ve cheered for the Lions. Such was not the case.

    President Clinton was, as President, a Packer Backer. Can’t speak for him now, but I do remember him taking some flack before Super Bowl XXXII for donning a Packers tie.

  29. Chuck Liddell, former UFC champion.

  30. Chuck Todd!

  31. Josh McDermitt (Eugene) from The Walking Dead is a huge fan! He was at the Pack vs Pats game this year!!!

  32. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm has posted pics with Packers merch as well.

  33. Duane White says

    Matthew Mcconnaughey, his dad was a wide receiver from a Texas college and was drafted by the Packers in the mid 50’s, his name was Ed I believe… Also Aidan Quinn is a Packer fan. There was a guy who he admired on his block growing up in Chicago who was a Packer fan and he followed in his footsteps!

  34. Rick Vaughn was in Green Bay taking pics with everyone in town.

  35. noelle scaggs–singer with the group Fitz and the Tantrums!

  36. What about Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen?

    • Ashton Kutcher is most definitely a Bears fan – in fact I think he despises the Packers.

      We didn’t find out about Charlie Sheen until he showed up in Green Bay for the playoffs. Not sure how much a “dedicated, lifelong fan” Carlos Estevez really is – but it was pretty cool to see him there in the bleachers of Lambeau and not in a skybox. A couple of the Jonas brothers were at the same game.

  37. Kris Tallball says

    Heather Graham is a Packer fan. At least she was when we were dating. She’s from Milwaukee

  38. Santa Claus is a Packers fan. He makes sure they get a white Christmas almost every year.

  39. One Direction not just Harry Styles

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