The 10 Types of Green Bay Packers Fans – Which One Are You?

10 Types of Packers Fans

You may have heard that TBS is working on a reality television series called Cheeseheads that will follow some of the zaniest Green Bay Packers fans. Will it make people in Northeast Wisconsin look like a bunch of buffoons?

Of course it will. That’s what reality TV is all about. Prepare to be known as the Honey Boo Boos of NFL football fans.

(Update: This reality show never made it out of development and won’t be a reality.)

However, we all know that not everyone who roots for the Packers wears foam cheese on their head and sleeps in their over-sized green and gold footie pajamas. Sure, you’ve got a Packers-themed basement rec room that’s all decked out in green and gold, but so do approximately 79.371% of homes in Northeast Wisconsin.

Here’s a more realistic (yet somehow still hilarious) look at 10 types of Packers fans. I’m willing to bet they’ll sound quite familiar.

1. The Tough Guy

Tough Guy Packers FanThese are the fans who like to call themselves “die-hards.” They prove their love of the Green Bay Packers by self-inflicting pain upon themselves.

Most often, that pain comes from extremely cold temperatures that no human should have to endure. These guys (and girls) don’t just go to a game even if the wind chill is 40-below. They make sure to tailgate all day ahead of time.

By halftime, they are so numb that they start stripping down. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is actually a sign of hypothermia. They will never leave the stadium early to try and beat the traffic. They’ll stay in the bleachers (never the skyboxes) until only other frozen Tough Guys are left standing gripping those little beanbag hand-warmers that ran out of heat hours ago.

But it’s all worth it to prove you are the most dedicated, hard-core Green Bay Packers fan of all-time. I mean…right?

Dead Giveaway: Frostbite scars

2. The Old-Timer

Grandma Jo Old Timer Packers Fan

Kasey’s Grandma

The Packers are one of the oldest teams in football history. So it makes sense that they also have a lot of geezers for fans. (Not you, Grandma)

These are the old folks who constantly remind you that they were actually there at the Ice Bowl.

They proudly proclaim that they were once seduced by Paul Hornung, Vince Lombardi cut them off in traffic, they arm-wrestled Ray Nitschke and perhaps they even watched the Acme Packers play at the old City Stadium.

Sometimes their stories get tiresome, but you have to admire their loyalty. Don’t forget, there were a couple of decades when the Packers were absolutely terrible. Just ask Larry McCarren.

These fans have seen the best of times and the worst of times.

Dead Giveaway: Accidentally calling Brett Favre “Bart.” (I’m looking at you, Grandma)

3. The Oblivious Moron

Oblivious Packers FanThe moron means well – but truth be toldΒ  – these fans simply don’t understand the game of football. They just want to get caught up in all the excitement like everyone else.

These fans are the ones who have to ask questions like”Why do they get two points for a safety?” or worse yet “Who has the ball right now?”

If they go to the game, they’re even more confused, because they don’t have Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to help explain things. So their favorite part ends up being the chance to guess the attendance at Lambeau Field.

Another example – when my wife watched a game at Lambeau for the first time, she asked me what happened to the yellow lines that marked the fist down. After I stopped laughing and choking on my bratwurst, I explained a little about the magic of television. To this day – she insists it would be a good idea for the NFL to figure out how to project those yellow lines on the field.

The good news is that the Oblivious Moron can overcome this condition and eventually be cured. It just takes a few years of watching football, and patience from family and friends.

Dead Giveaway: Cheering enthusiastically during an instant replay…that’s in slow motion.

4. The Selfish Fantasy Freak

Packers Fantasy FreakOn the opposite end of the spectrum is the fan who is obsessed with stats and history. Chances are…this number-cruncher has at least four fantasy football teams.

Fantasy football is great. But the one problem is that it makes you focus on players’ performances instead of your favorite team.

These types of fans often deal with an intense internal conflict because of the desire to prove they know everything about the NFL and could actually be the GM of a real team.

The fantasy freak may quietly cheer to himself when Adrian Peterson runs for 80 yards against the Packers. Or he may yell in disgust with the rest of us, before exclaiming “Well, at least he’s on my fantasy team.”

Yeah – he was your first pick too – wasn’t he?

Dead Giveaway: Constantly checks smartphone during the game.

NOTE: A not-so distant ancestor of this fan is the Old-Timer who is in a betting pool and needs a certain score at the end of each quarter to win. They will hope Mason Crosby misses that field goal at the end of the half so they can hit their numbers and earn $10.

5. The Bandwagon Jumper

Packers Bandwagon FanAny team that has success will also have bandwagon fans. But the Green Bay Packers are unique, because they are one of the few franchises to pick up bandwagon fans even when they’re having a terrible year.

That’s simply because the passion and excitement portrayed by the real fans is so contagious.

Bandwagon jumpers could be people who moved to the area from out of state, or people who married into a family of Packer-Backers. They had no choice but to assimilate when their father-in-law gave them a cheesehead for Christmas.

They’ll often keep their allegiance to their home-state teams in other sports. So you’ll get St. Louis Cardinal/Packers fans or Detroit Redwing/Packers fans.

Dead Giveaway: You catch them wearing apparel from another team, and they give you a lame excuse – like “my dad gave this to me before he died.” Whatever, burn it!

6. The Eternal Pessimist

Pessimistic Packers FansWe all know fans who predict the Packers will be in the Super Bowl every single year. But for every prediction of 14-2 there is a fan of the Green & Gold who is certain they’ll be lucky to go 8-8.

They complain about the team more than they complain about the Wisconsin weather (and we all complain about that a lot).

If there’s a player that’s having a bad year, the Eternal Pessimist shows no mercy. “Bench him! Cut him! Tar and feather him and run him out of town on a rail!” They question every coaching decision, every draft pick, every play.

If the team goes for it on 4th down – they should have punted. If the punter comes out – they would have gone for it.

Don’t be fooled – these fans love the Packers. It’s just a tough love.

Dead Giveaway: A curmudgeonly scowl whenever the Packers are up by fewer than three touchdowns.

7. The Cry Baby

Cry Baby Packers fanSome fans get just a little bit too emotional when they watch the Packers.

If you’ve ever been brought to tears by a regular season loss, this might be you (playoff loss crying is acceptable).

The Cry Baby fan doesn’t only experience exaggerated emotions when the Packers lose. They feel like the world is going to end whenever Aaron Rodgers gets sacked. They stress out when the team loses yardage on 2nd and 3. But they also celebrate a lot harder than the rest of us.

If you’ve never seen two grown men hugging each other with tears of joy streaming down their faces, you’ve never watched the Packers win on a last-minute drive with a couple of Cry Babies.

Dead Giveaway: Tear-stained Don Majkowski jersey in the back of their closet.

8. The Angry A-hole

Angry Packers FanThis fan seems capable of expressing only one emotion. And that emotion is pissed-the-hell-off!

It works out – because there is always something to be angry about in football. You can be furious at the Packers poor performance, or at the coaching staff. You can be ticked off at the referees, or because you think Chris Collinsworth “hates us for no good reason.”

They are a close cousin to the Eternal Pessimist. However, these guys tend to have high hopes, which get smashed into a million pieces no matter what.

If an Angry A-hole attends the game – he or she is sure to single out a fan of the opposing team and argue with them the entire time.

These types of fans are often smokers who are forced to keep their cigarettes in their pocket for a few hours. That’s when the anger-monsters really start roaring.

Dead Giveaway: Raspy voice and nicotine stained fingers.

9. The Long-Distance Lover

Long Distance Packers fanI know a bunch of kids I went to high school with who not only claimed to hate the Packers but everything in what they thought was the crummy little town of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

They move away, and many become rich and successful in big cities on the East and West coast. Maybe they’re even starring on Broadway.

But after awhile – they all get homesick. They start searching for that local Packers Bar (there’s at least one in almost every city).

Absence has made their hearts grow fonder, and suddenly they want nothing more than to be around drunken people chanting “Go Pack, Go!” with thick Wisconsin accents.

We forgive you Long-Distance Lovers. We forgive you.

Dead Giveaway: Posts stuff about the Packers to Facebook that the rest of us knew a week ago. (Greg Jennings said what?!?)

10. The Drunk and Disorderly D-Bag

Drunk and Disorderly Packers FanFinally, there are they guys and gals who always make the cutaways in the ESPN highlight reel. That’s because they make complete idiots out of themselves.

Most often the Triple-D fan is a shirtless male with strong insecurities. For some reason, he’s always the last one in the row to sit down after each play and turns around to see who’s looking at him. The female version enjoys dressing like a floozy – tying her Clay Matthews jersey in a knot to show off her Packers belly-button piercing.

As the game goes on, they get drunker and more belligerent. Their decision-making gets worse and worse. Eventually they get arrested climbing down onto the field, plastic cup full of beer in hand.

Yes, they give Packers fans a bad name – but for some reason we still kind of love them – the same way we love staring at any train wreck.

WARNING Do not give or sell season tickets to a Drunk & Disorderly D-Bag unless you want to lose them forever and ever and ever.

Dead Giveaway: Reeks of Miller Lite and shame.

What Kind of Packers Fan Are You?

Could you see yourself in any of these characters? How about people you know?

Is there another type of Green Bay Packers fan we failed to mention? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. Claudia Castello says

    The Black Sheep. These fans are people who married into a family that cheers for a different team, and you’re the only one that cheers for the Packers and they all make fun of you for it. My husband and I have a mixed marriage: he’s a Bears fan and I’m a Packer fan.

    • Claudia Castello says

      we also live in IL, so it makes it even harder.

      • Wow – that’s a good one Claudia! Wish I would have though of it. As far as family goes – I’ve been mostly surrounded by fellow Packers fans. But I do know how it feels to be the only Packer Backer in the room.

        It can be frustrating – until the Packers win. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and the great addition to the list.

  2. The Lifer (my wife): From baby pictures in Packer gear to wallpapering their bedroom with Packer newspaper articles in high school to formulating contingency plans for if a playoff game falls on your wedding day, the Lifer has always been and will always be a fan and makes sure everyone knows it. They NEVER miss a game, though may not get to attend many in person. He or she is also incredibly superstitious, believing in lucky hats, shirts, jewelry, seats, etc. (My mother-in-law was forced to spend 3 seasons in the kitchen during games because the Pack once won at the last minute when she was in there) Typically enraged by Wisconsin residents who are not Packer fans.

    Also, the Eternal Pessimist is my uncle to the letter.

    • You hit this one right on! None of the ones listed above really felt like me. This is me for sure!

    • Lifer is an excellent one. And great description, Jared!

      I think/hope I made my kid a lifer when I put him in a Packers onesie on Day 2 of his life. Of course, the Packers got creamed by Tampa Bay that day.

      My Dad also had a knock-off Nitschke shirt that has been permanently banned from the living room during games because of the results that came when he wore it. Thanks for stopping by!

    • This is the missing one! I couldn’t exactly relate to any of these, and got a little sad. Read your comment, and knew I had found my place. We inconvenienced a ton of family and friends that had to head back to their college for a week of classes, then come back home to attend our wedding the next weekend, JUST so we could avoid any Saturday playoff games. (Of course the Pack blew it that year, but that’s okay.) We’ve spent loads of money on some really nice jerseys for my dad, which he’s never worn because the Packers never win then. My husband’s always stuck wearing a Finley jersey he’d rather not, because they tend to win when he wears it. We’re lifers for SURE. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m a tough guy with a hint of fantasy freak. Packers always come before my fantasy team though.

  4. I’m a lifer, with a touch of Fantasy freak. Last year my fantasy team got the injury bug–including Greg Jennings. I had at least 4 injured players 2 with Lis Franc injuries. I promptly sacrificed my fantasy season and cut Greg, our Defense, & Randall Cobb, in hopes of not injuring the Pack anymore. I also have to sleep in Packer PJs the night before a game, and wear a Packers outfit every game day–everything but my bra is Packers, earrings & socks included. I even dress for the Draft, even though I never get to attend, and watch the Combine religiously. I have a problem, but my friends & family love me in spite of it–they are all Packers fans, but nowhere near my level πŸ™‚

  5. Why is “Why do they get two points for a safety?” an oblivious question? I just Googled it out of curiosity and got no definitive answer.

    • Well – the point was someone who didn’t really know what a safety was. Probably wasn’t clear, sorry. As to why it’s two points…I’ve got no idea either. I hope you continue seeking this answer and return to enlighten us all.

  6. This is hilariously relatable. Very well written! GO PACK GO!!!

  7. An “old” fashion packer fan saw Don Hudson play that is special. Good Ol days

  8. I’m Fan Number 9. Although I never lived in Green Bay. I’ve been rooting & cheering for the Packers since I was 12 years old. I’m from St.Paul, Minnesota. Go Pack Go

  9. Hilarious! Love it! Prob a category I’m sure I cannot be alone in something like Favre 4ever(even though i don’t care for that spelling)…I’m a die hard Favre lover. Created by my dad growing up eating our hot ham & rolls….continuing to cheer for him no matter what team he went to! Even buying their jerseys (yes i even own a special edition #4 vikings jersey,ugh). My baby girl so to be 2 has a couple favre jerseys already (one bought by her grandpa).It then became a game in my own household because it seemed to annoy my husband sooooo much so I, of course, continued on times 57285932! So much, to this day announcing “did you hear that? They’re still talking about my man brett” every single game or during any highlights. I always like to add for those scoreless slow games DRINK when they say Brett Favre πŸ™‚ still a PAcKeR fan the whole time too πŸ™‚ a*rod now not so much but he did get to watch & learn from a legend aka god lol.
    And I’m sure there are those out there that discredit all of him and hate him…prob good amount that spell it faRve!! No need to hear from them πŸ™‚





  12. Lifer/oldtimer when you have a pole barn with a painted brett farve silhouette. Also all of my grandparents play that quarterly betting game even to this day.

  13. The eternal optimist. The Pack could start out 0-8, and he/she would say “If they ran
    ran the table, they might sneak into the playoffs and win the whole shebang.”

  14. the packers suck. go 49ers.

  15. The Nervous/Frustrated Analyst: Shaking my leg, biting my lip or walking away when things are getting bad or score is too close for comfort. At the same time analyzing what should happen next or what could have happened before! πŸ™‚

  16. I’m a long-distance lover, having lived all over the US. Wherever, I move to, I’ll find a Packer bar, so I can hang with my fellow Packer Backers…

  17. Funny article! I’m a Viking fan! If i may suggest a few more types of Packer fandom- “the shareholder” – this guy thinks his shares are worth something, but the frame its in is actually worth more, and thinks he has some say in all affairs Packer wise.
    And “the turncoat” usually a she (i don’t know why), she goes to lambogh field, one weekend a year, traveling from a MN suburbia and willfully cheers with the Pack fans. Then goes back home to root for the Vikings till we lose out. Go NFC North! Crosby is killing it on my FFL!

    • Those are good ones, Robb! I especially like The Shareholder idea. Leave it to a Vikings fan.

      Nice pick on Crosby in Fantasy. At the beginning of the season, I wouldn’t have touched him with a 10 foot pole.

  18. How about the “Just Because Fan” A person who has no ties to Wisconsin or the Packers but one day happens to watch a game in which a team they despised got walloped by them and has been a serious fan ever since. (or some similar tale) I met my boyfriend at a Packer Bar in Albany New York and there are many similar tales to be heard there. Most of these folks have never been out to Wisconsin but always have a story about why they are a fan.

  19. The long distance lover isn’t quite accurate. I grew up in Northeast Wisconsin and always loved the Packers and always will. I never claimed to hate anything about the Packers or Wisconsin. I’m a proud Cheesehead and most Wisconsinites I meet are the same. Most of my family is still there and I come home whenever I get the opportunity. Go Pack Go!

  20. I think there should be a “Genetic Lifer”, That most closely fits me. I was raised in WI from the age of 3 and both my parents were born in WI. I have been a fan since the time I can start remembering stuff from my childhood, when Bart Starr was the coach (yes I said COACH – I’m not old enough to remember him as a quarterback, I was a baby then, but he was also the coach for a little while) and Lynn Dickey broke just about every bone in his body quarterbacking the team. I bleed green and gold. Every Sunday was a ritual in our family, we would all get together to watch the game on tv. I was lucky enough to go to a game and see them play live in Milwaukee back in the days when they pretty much stunk and so they needed the Milwaukee market to supplement their income. I remember when 8-8 was considered a good season. I own stock. It’s worthless because you can’t sell it, you can either will it to your kids or give it back to the Packers. But I own one share anyway, just so I can say I own a piece of the Pack.I bought it in 1997, which was the second time the Packers ever offered it (they have offered it only three times in history – ). I fell in love with a Bears fan whom I met in college, and by the time we got married he had cut up his Bears Fan Club card and converted to Packer fan. (This was as important as sharing the same religious affiliation as far as I was concerned.) I moved to Chicago for a couple of years but I stayed a Packer fan, which wasn’t easy. Then I moved to Texas, where I am now and have been for 10 years. I am in Cowboy Country and I don’t own a shotgun, so it’s a little scary sporting my green and gold in public, lol
    . But I am still a Packer fan. And I always will be. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  21. The closest to me is the long-distance lover. But I didn’t leave as a form of rebellion, nor did I ever dislike the Packers. It’s just where life took me. Now I’m forced to go to Chili’s and maybe find one or two other transplants whenever the game isn’t televised. Which is a lot. I just want to go home!

  22. Another kind of Packer fan: The Prodigal Son (or daughter on my case). These fans grew up as Packer fans in Packer families. They went off to college or work in other states and began to waste their time on family and career. As retirees, they see the error of their ways and turn their time and attention back to football. Unfortunately they end up in places where the Packers are rarely on TV, and the closest Packer Bar is a greater distance than from Milwaukee to Green Bay.

  23. How about the one who still roots for the Packers but hates current president and coach.

  24. I don’t fit any to a T I started liking packers since third or fourth grade because my older brother loved them I didn’t even know who they were! When a schoolmate asked me in the lunch line who my fav baseball team was I said Green Bay Packers lol. Growing up we had cousins that were more like siblings living with us off and on and we had that little rivalry going on where they’d say Packers stink Cowboys rule etc so since then I’ve despised the Cowboys and we still fight about those teams to this day!.. In my teen years I actually hated hearing sports on tv let alone watch it yet I still repped the packers as my team, always hoped they would win. THEN somehow I realized I looked stupid for being a fan who hates watching sports so I slowly started understanding and liking the games especially because I got pregnant with my daughter and her dad liked the whiners I told him our kid will be a Packer fan and of course he said no so we settled it by who won when they played against each other… Of course around that time we won TWICE so my daughter is indeed a Packer Baby when she started talking she’d run around the house screaming GO GREEN BABE when a game was on (lol she didn’t understand it was Green Bay so she’d shout Green Babe) … I was born and raised Inland Empire (San bernardino,Riverside county) California so growing up there weren’t too many Packer fans but I still stuck to my team even though the kids in my school were mainly Raider Charger Cowboy fans and I still stuck with good ol cheese heads regardless of people telling me I was stupid because I chose a team in a state id never even been in.. I’m not going to lie Idk ALL the players the positions their stats I’d look stupid if I got into a debate about specifics but I LOVE the Packers I get excited seeing that G logo and fellow Packer fans in places I think I am the black sheep if I had the money Id go to Lambeau as much as I could and I do miss games because we don’t have cable or great internet but I’m also a bit superstitious when I do get to watch a game I can’t wear a jersey or if i do watch a game they lose I feel like I’m bad luck :/ sounds weird but true and no matter how much people talk crap about GBP I’ll still back them up and won’t deny my team.. I guess all I can come up with is The Proud and True cuz WIN, LOSE, OR TIE PACKERS FAN TILL I DIE πŸ˜‰

  25. Lol what about The Sore Loser-The packer fan who just can’t accept a loss. I know a couple fans like this. Lol

  26. I was a 10 , now a Very Proud Owner 2!!

  27. Well, as a Bears fan myself (booo, yeah yeah) who grew camping right outside of Sheboygan for the first 15 years of my life, I have firsthand experience with EVERY one of these. Fortunately, I came into contact with WAY too many #8s and #10s and chose to stay away from the dark side at an early age. Good article though, we’ll take care of you guys next year, GO BEARS!! πŸ˜€

  28. Bama-Packer says

    Lifer here, my Dad was watching the games in the 50’sand 60’s when our Alabama guy Starr was plaing and my Dad starting bleeding green & gold. Passed It on to me and I bought both my kids Packer shirts for Christmas. Hard being a Packer fan from Alabama some days, but I survived the 80’s with everyone else. And the million times I was asked ” why Green Bay?” Maybe a new category should be “The Out-Of-Towner”

  29. They forgot the one where you come from a long line of Packer fans. Every single family member of yours is a packer fan. You are required to be one too. You don’t watch football games if the packers are playing but always watch the Packer game with your family. From a young age you wore handmade packer dresses and were given green and gold pom-poms to wave at the screen when everyone cheered. (or you were given a jersey and a football). Because of the early start in being a Packer fan, you will always be a Packer fan.

  30. The Acme Packers fan. Everything revolves around the history and heritage of the Green Bay team. Any Packer trinket or clothing item they have is vintage or retro; possibly even sporting a Lombardi hat, trench coat or eyeglasses (to see the game through his eyes). For their fix of nostalgia, they look forward all season to the throwback uniforms. They see where the Packers have come from and believe they know where they’re headed in the next 50 years. They can also be knowledgeable of the history and heritage of other NFL teams. And only vocalize their predictions of game days based on either historical weaknesses or whether decisions being made are orthodox, unorthodox or acceptably unorthodox. Most are probably born in Wisconsin, but have made a conscious decision to follow the Packers because they believe they are the correct team to follow.

  31. My Dad is The Eternal Pessimist, at the Sports Club he doesn’t want us to leave until we are up by 21.
    I’m just an Oblivious Moron, I don’t ask stupid questions but I don’t completely understand EVERYTHING.

  32. What about the “I married into this”? I married into fourth generation fans.

  33. Aloha Kasey, Whoonew​! Just a quick note to say you’ve reached all the way out here to Hawaii. My wife Joyce & I live here in Honolulu. I grew up just 90 miles north of Green Bay. I’m a upper (from Kingsford, MI) & my wife is a troll (under the Mackinac bridge) from Rockford, MI. We’re Packer fans… Me, my whole life. Joyce, when she married me in 1980. Anyway, Love the 10 types of Packer fans. Very funny! Sometimes it takes a while for news to find us. The coconut wireless ya know eh.

  34. Pete Hrubesky says

    What about the inherited ones. I grew up in Chicago with parents both from GB. Both were the “old timers” who went to the Ice Bowl, City Stadium, hung out with em…etc etc. I grew up having to watch the Packer game on a black and white TV, mostly snowed while my dad was up on the roof trying to turn the antenna the right way to pick up the game. Not that I ever regret it, but didn’t have a choice. Badge of pride. Now I am a season ticket holder who will make my way there a few times a year…regardless of weather.

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