Wisconsin or Minnesota? Your Vote Decides the Better State!

Wisconsin vs Minnesota

You might call the rivalry between Wisconsin and Minnesota a friendly one. Then again –  you might call it a bitter one.

Twin Cities Public Television is trying to end the debate once and for all with an online poll put together by the program Are You MN Enough?

It seems a bit unfair that Minnesota-based media is carrying out this experiment, and here at WhooNEW, we think it’s time for Wisconsinites to step up!

Thankfully, there are apparently some moles that have infiltrated Twin Cities Public Television. Through their counter-intelligence efforts, I was alerted to the plans of Minnesotans to claim the title of “Better State.”

I cannot reveal the identity of my sources. All I can say is that they are trustworthy and talented Wisconsinites who now call Minnesota home – but remain loyal to the Badger State.

If you’re ready to make your voice heard right now – Don’t Wait! As of this writing, Minnesota is beating Wisconsin by 10 percentage points.

  • CLICK HERE to Vote for Wisconsin as the better state

When you get there – click on the state to cast your vote.

The History of the Rivalry Between Minnesota and Wisconsin

The deep-seated disgust between our two states began long before fans of the Vikings and Green Bay Packers clashed.

It all started in 1890 – at a tavern – no surprise there. At first, it was a friendly conversation between two men, full of compliments for the other’s state.

But classic Upper-Midwestern passive aggressiveness (and probably alcohol) eventually turned the conversation sour.

Watch the hilarious, eye-opening video below for the full story!

In the video, people on the street give their reasons for why either Minnesota or Wisconsin is the better state.

There are some of the big ones. Like the fact that Minnesota brags about its lakes when Wisconsin actually has more!

Funny that football never gets mentioned. How many National Championships does your team have? Oh, that’s right ONE – and technically – it wasn’t even a Super Bowl!  The Packers have you beat by a dozen titles.

Minnesotans always play sour grapes and pretend they don’t care. We all know the truth.

Wisconsin is known for awesome, beer, chicken booyah, brats and cheese. Not the healthiest choices – but at least it’s not lutefisk! Gag me with a hockey stick, Minnesota!

Now is the time to stand up and show our neighbors who the greatest state in the Midwest really is.

VOTE NOW – then share this story with all your Wisconsin friends so we can take over this poll. Email people. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, message boards – open up your window, stick your head out and scream about it so the whole neighborhood knows.

Why Do You Think Wisconsin is Better than Minnesota?

Leave us a comment and give us your best reasons. We know there are a ton.

Let the commenting begin!

Special Thanks to – Squawk Productions – the creators of the video featured in this article.


  1. Annie Hoskin says

    Kasey, are you from DePere and are your parents Amy and Karl?

  2. this is funny because the hipster in Minneapolis are like “lay off it its lame” and I think people should talk about Wisconsins government instead of talking about their sports teams.

  3. Leslie Schmidt says

    Wisconsin is a better state because the people are not pretentious as they are here in Minnesota. Minnesotans spend way too much time trying to convince everyone (maybe even themselves) how wonderful they are. After growing up in Wisconsin, I’ve spent the last 32 years in MN and still consider WI home. I laugh when MN folks try to humiliate Wisconsinites by calling them cheeseheads, and we take it as a compliment.

  4. Ron Olin says

    I’ve always said the main difference between the two states is that Wisconsin has a bar wherever Minnesota has a church, and vice versa. I am a native Minnesotan, but have lots of relatives in Wisconsin, which is a pretty cool state as far as I’m concerned. However, as for Wisconsin having more lakes, I think Wisconsin’s definition of lake is pretty broad. Have you ever seen a map of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area?

  5. Actually we do have more lakes because we count them if they’re 10+ acres you guys only count them if they’re 5+. And now Minnesota is the best state to live in Wisconsin is in a 1 billion dollar deficit while Minnesota has a surplus of 1.2 billion dollars so watch what you say because you’re wrong

  6. Charlie Jones says

    Minn wins.
    We have a Governor who does not care about parks (unfunded) to sell off the land eventually and now is wanting to take Indian burial mounds preservation laws away. This is so he can sell off land to his friends/ sponsors really. He thought it was a great idea to do a mass killing of wolves 2 years ago, the Feds again had to set him straight. He has turned down tons of Federal money for healthcare and transportation. By the way the train company sued WI and will be getting our $$$.

    He hates unions, unless it is the Police and Firefighters. Hate them all then. Nurses and teachers do not matter?

    It turns out now for his security protection we pay our troopers over time to protect him? Just came out last week. He spent our $$$ and used our planes for his personal agenda. The most ever paid to protect a Governor. What is he afraid of? He loosened the gun laws so we can all protect ourselves.

    He made Wisconsinites look like idiots when he did that Presidential thing. He thought the country would adore his odd self. Not so much. The environment, he could care less. It is about business, monkey business.

    Pick out the your State Park land now. It will be for sale soon.

    The list goes on and on. It is a very sad time for our State.

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