How You Can Get Meat and Give to Your Favorite Charity with Painted Rock Farms

Painted-Rock Christmas Charity

Have you seen that viral video from WestJet where they give a plane full of passengers their Christmas wishes in the baggage return carousel? Did it make you feel all Christmassy inside?

If it did – then you might need a lesson in the true spirit of Christmas. But the folks at Painted Rock Farms in Amherst Junction do not.

Owner Lisa Shirek reached out to WhooNEW and asked us to share the farm’s holiday promotion with our Facebook fans. We thought it deserved a little more attention than that.

From now until the end of the year, every time someone makes a purchase of a quarter of beef, a whole hog or a whole lamb, Painted Rock Farms will make a donation to charity.

They’re giving away $100 for the beef, $75 for the pork and $50 for the lamb.

The coolest part of it is…you get to choose the charity. Lisa says it doesn’t matter what it does to her farm’s bottom line, because the bottom line is celebrating with the spirit of giving.

“We believe in paying it forward,” she says. “There are so many excellent non-profits out there doing what a lot of us believe in and support but just don’t have the time to invest. Some may say that it doesn’t make economical sense to be doing this when you really look at the numbers, but the value out weighs the profits, in my opinion.”

Since 2008, Shirek and her family have been operating the 10-acre Painted Rock Farms in Central Wisconsin. They raise poultry, sheep, cows and pigs – and also offer Shiitake mushrooms, raw honey and seasonal produce. All the meat is processed organically in a local USDA facility.


Shamlay the Cow grazes at Painted Rock Farms

It was a dream of Lisa’s to own her own farm someday. As a little girl she was inspired following around her farmer grandpa. Today she and her family are raising heritage breeds and working with other local farmers and restaurants in Wisconsin.

There are a lot of benefits to buying locally raised meat and buying it in bulk. Lisa says if you have the space, it is a great way to save money. She suggests splitting an order with another family if you don’t have a freezer that can handle it.

The meat is better for you. The animals are treated humanely, and the entire process is more environmentally-friendly.

The biggest benefit is knowing that you’re supporting an amazing local business, feeding your family healthier food and helping a cause you believe in – all at the same time.

“It’s a win, win, win in our book. It’s the least we could do for the holidays when we have been shown such great support throughout the year. It’s a wonderful feeling to see it full circle within our very own communities,” Lisa says.

There’s nothing special about an airline buying a bunch of presents for a couple hundred passengers. Those people may have shed some tears over their big-screen TVs and digital cameras, but who did it really help? People who can afford to fly their family across the country during peak travel season – that’s who.

But this is a chance for you to do some real good this holiday season. This is a small business with a mission that wants to partner up with you to make a difference. This is a small Wisconsin farm that’s willing to make a bit of a financial sacrifice and give back.

That’s what we call the Spirit of Christmas!

Painted Rock Farms will ship their products anywhere in the Midwest. And if you’re not into quarters of beef. They also offer plenty of other smaller options – from bacon and maple syrup to bratwurst and pork chops.

How to Contact Painted Rock Farms

Call 715-340-2495 to place your order today. You must order before December 31st 2013 to participate in the charitable donation program.

Like Painted Rock Farms on Facebook to stay in touch. You can email with any questions you may have.

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