12 Awesome Sledding & Tubing Hills in Green Bay and the Fox Valley

Northeast Wisconsin Sledding Hills

Once the holidays are over, we’re stuck with winter for another three months – at least – you can never rule out the May snowstorm.

But that doesn’t mean you and the kids have to hibernate until the tulips pop up. Even if you’re not into the big winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, ice fishing and snowmobiling – everyone can have fun sledding.

We found a bunch of amazing hills where you can bring your sleds. So grab your snowpants on and make sure there’s hot chocolate for when you come home. This is the push you need to get outdoors and make the most of winter.

1. Triangle Sports Area – Green Bay

This hill in the Baird Creek Parkway is always a big hit. Locals might be more likely to refer to it simply as the tubing hill at Baird Creek.

This is a steep, 80 foot, slick hill – and only inner-tubes – no hard plastic sleds or toboggans are allowed.  However, there are also areas for snowboarders and skiers as well as more than three miles of cross-country ski trails. The two 75-foot ski and snowboarding hills aren’t exactly for experts – but they’re perfect for practice.

Triangle Sports Area also has a heated chalet with restrooms and vending machines.

There are tow ropes to help pull you back to the top. The tow rope fee is $3, and you can also rent an innertube for $2. The tow rope is worth it. Watch the video below to see how it works…

2. Plamann Park – Appleton

Plamann Park  is the perfect sledding hill for families with kids of all ages. Among the 257 acres of scenic hills and trails in this Outagamie County Park are two slopes for sleds – a big one for the older kids and a smaller hill for the little ones.

Plamann Park also has 3.5 miles of cross-country ski trails and parking for snowmobiles with access to the county’s snowmobile trails.

3. Grignon Park (Mount Misery) – Kaukauna

With a name like Mount Misery – this has got to be one killer sledding hill.

As you might guess – the younger kids should probably stay away from this spot – unless you’ve got a very daring toddler.

It’s a gigantic hill…but going down will be the easy part. Folks in Kaukauna gave it its nickname because of the fact it’s miserable to climb back up. 65 feet up and no tow rope…good luck!

Check out the YouTube video of a father and son toboggan team on Mount Misery.

4. Calumet County Park Tubing Hill – Chilton

Here’s another great tubing hill – but this one you’ll have to watch closely for when you can take advantage of it. The hill at Calumet County Park is typically only open from 11 am to 4pm on weekends – and that’s if conditions are favorable.

There is small a fee for using the tow rope and tubes can be rented on site. Call 920-849-1994 for more information and keep an eye on the Calumet County Parks Facebook page to stay updated.

5.  Fireman’s Hill – Green Bay

This hill is a classic for kids who grew up on the west-side of Green Bay. Located right next to Fire Station No. 6 on Mason Street it is another spot with two levels of hills.

The main hill is a decent size and is perfect for all ages. But just off to the side is a shorter, yet slightly steeper section that sends you sliding perilously close to trees at the bottom. Of course, that’s part of the fun.

This hill gets plenty of sledders – so you’re sure to find a few homemade snow ramps for catching a little air.

6. Hardee’s Hill – De Pere

Just south of Voyager Park in De Pere is the sledding hill where I spent my winters as a kid.

We called it Hardee’s Hill because there was once a Hardee’s Restaurant there, right along the Fox River. With big glass windows and a scenic view, it was some pretty impressive atmosphere for a fast food joint. But the building was removed to make way for the new Claude Allouez Bridge.

The hill remains, and is still a popular spot for kids. It’s right across the street from East De Pere’s Intermediate School, and you can enjoy the view of the St. Norbert College Campus while you sled.

 7. Reid Golf Course – Appleton

The rolling green fairways of a golf course becomes rolling hills of snow in winter – so leave your pitching wedge at home and bring on the sledders! Reid Municipal Golf Course is another great sledding spot in Appleton.

The City of Appleton actually has three sledding locations that have supervised warming shelters with bathrooms and first aid. Erb Park and Memorial Park are the other two. The shelters are open daily until February 16th.

Reid Golf Course offers concessions and lots of seating – making it a nice sledding hill for large groups. The golf course also has cross-country ski trails.

8. Josten Park – Bellevue

Josten Park has become one of our kids’ favorite places to play any time of year. During the winter season – a big hill at the back of the park provides the perfect place for family sledding.

It’s a very wide hill – so there is a lot of space to spread out. That also means you can usually find spots that are packed down and slick, as well as softer spots for going slowly.

There’s a wooded area and a small creek at the bottom of the hill. Plus, an area on the other side of the creek is a great place to build forts and stage a massive snowball fight.

Check out the little guy getting some hang-time on a snow ramp in the video below.

9. Meadowbrook Park – Howard

You might not get away with snow-ramp construction if you go sledding in Howard. They’re prohibited.

There are also quite a few other rules at Meadowbrook Sledding Hill

But that might make it the perfect place for families looking for a safe place to sled. This hill is just behind Meadowbrook Elementary School and it’s lighted for use all the way up until 10 pm. There is also a smaller “bunny hill” for younger children.

10. Garbage Hill – Oshkosh

The place for sledding in Oshkosh is found next to Red Arrow Park and the locals call it “Garbage Hill.”

I’m not sure how it got its name – so if you know – make sure to fill us in in the comments section.

Garbage Hill also overlooks Pollock Community Water Park. So you can dream of summer while you play in the snow.

11. Quarry Park – Neenah

Neenah has several parks with places to go sledding – and Quarry Park is one of the most popular being that it’s one of the biggest.

In Neenah, you can also check out sledding at Memorial Park and Washington Park. Both locations also have a warming shelter and an ice skating rink.

 12. Peninsula State Park Golf Course (Hill 17) – Door County

When I was a teenager, my family spent a Christmas at my aunt and uncle’s cottage in Jacksonport.

We had an incredible time sledding on this hill. Hill 17, as you might guess is right along the Hole 17 fairway in the Peninsula Park golf course in Fish Creek.

Door County is just as stunning during the winter as it is during any other season. If you make a winter getaway to Door County – I highly recommend you have some free fun and try this sledding hill out.

Get a taste in the video below from Explore the Door…

Bonus – Winter Park – Kewaunee

This one was just too good to leave off the list! Thanks to WhooNEW reader Toni Vincent for reminding us of Winter Park.

It boasts six tube runs that are 450 feet long. There’s a 70-foot vertical drop, and they even make their own snow. Plus, there’s a tow rope to haul you back to the top for more fun, and a heated chalet so you can warm up.

Hours at Winter Park are Saturdays 10 am to 8 pm and Sundays 10 am to 5 pm. Admission is $6 per person for two hours – or $22 for a family pass. The park is also open to skiers and snowboarders.

Tubing Hills at Winter Park

Tubing Hills at Winter Park – Kewaunee

What Else Did We Miss?

Of course, there are certainly a lot of other great sledding hills all over the state of Wisconsin. We couldn’t cover all of them in this article – much less try them all.

So this is where you come in. Help us out!

Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite place to go sledding or tubing. Let us know what makes your sledding hill the best in Northeast Wisconsin.

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Photo CreditKelley Mari

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  1. I believe it’s called Winter Park Tube Hill in Kewaunee, Wi. Growing up we called it the Dana Farm Hill, but it now has a tow rope to get you to the top of the huge sledding hill, surrounded by woods…it’s beautiful! Beautiful drive too 😀

  2. The Seminary Hill in Mt. Calvary, WI is amazing! It is behind the school, off of Dix Road. Very scenic as well. No tow rope, so you definitely get your exercise walking back up the hill each time.

  3. Toni – Thank you for spelling tow rope properly. I would hate to think that they are pulling people up the hill by their toes these days! Yikes!

  4. My husband grew up in East De Pere & he tells me they called your “Hardee’s” snow hill “Tin Can Alley” when he was growing up in the 60’s & 70’s because of all the tin cans that littered the way to the dump. just so ya know….

  5. Steve Hobbs says

    Garbage Hill got its name because it was the Oshkosh city dump . My wife and I use to sled at that hill back when you could slide on both sides of the hill.

    • Thanks Steve! I figured it had to be something like that.

    • I remember those days as well Steve. We used to have competitions to see if anyone could make it into the street, or run, dive on tube and see if you could make it to the woods/creek. Started to get pretty nasty when the garbage started to come to the serfice.
      What memories.

  6. Navarino Hills. Not only do they have a 4 lane sledding hill with tow rope, they also have a few ski and snowboard runs with chair lifts. http://www.skinavarino.com/

  7. Thanks for the post:) Exactly what I was looking for, especially the hills with no tow topes. NEW has a lot of family oriented activities to do throughout the year. Looking forward to more posts.

  8. I grew up living right cross from Josten Park! I practically lived there growing up! They also had an ice skating & hockey rink in addition to the sledding. Fun.fun!!!

  9. Calumet county park north of stockbridge . The old down hill ski hill. On ciunty rd. E. I would call there answering macine to see if open before venturing over there first. Or calumet countys website with updates.

  10. Troy Tollard says

    #10 Mount Oshkosh is called “Garbage Hill” due to it being an early landfill.

  11. Troy Piper says

    There is also a small sledding hill located by De Pere High School. It’s a quick fix for when you don’t want to travel far and pay.

  12. Garbage Hill in Oshkosh got its name because it was once a land full.

  13. Oconto Falls has a great tubing hill! Ocontofallslions.com

  14. jeff gucwa says

    Webster park in allouez. Good for little kids up to early teens. Great view of most of far east green bay.

  15. Shawntel Retzlaff says

    Kewaunee hill is the best-we go every year as a family and is one of the funnest things we do in the winter

  16. Garbage hill used to be the dump. So under the grass is a bunch of garbage.

  17. Doug Kestell says

    Honeymoon hill in New Holstein is great too. The community is trying to get a tow rope / magic carpet lift for the hill.

  18. Love navarino! Plus they have food and drinks. 4 sledding lanes and a tow rope 🙂

  19. City of De Pere has a sledding hill next to their community center located at 600 Grant Street on the west side of town. This hill is much better than the one where the old Hardees once was.

  20. Mountain Misery got it’s name due to the numerous individuals that left there with broken limbs. We played hard, not smart.

  21. Dawn Rosin says

    Nordic Mountain in Mount Morris is awesome too! They have ski hills and tubing and then a wake park and mountain bike trails for summer.

  22. Garbage hill is Oshkosh does not have lights on the hill so after dark I wouldn’t suggest going, which really stinks, but there are obsticles that could be neck breaking (like a disc golf pole)…….

  23. Jethro Spice says

    That’s so awesome that you used my video! (Mount Misery. 2nd video)
    Thank you!

  24. Silver Creek Park in Manitowoc! 3 big hills, slow, medium, and fast. Great place! Awesome disc golf course in summer too.

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