12 Unique Small Businesses You Can Discover at the New Leaf Winter Farmer’s Market in Green Bay

The New Leaf Winter-Farm-Market, Green Bay

Thanks to New Leaf Market along with the help of their sponsors, we now have an impressive Winter Farmer’s Market in Green Bay that’s very worth your time on Saturday morning – even for the kids!

One of the best parts of visiting the New Leaf Winter Farmer’s Market is discovering new local businesses and the many unique things they have to offer. Keep reading to find out who we met last year – and what we ate!

Thanks for all the curd samples Norsk Farm in Lena Wisconsin!

Thanks for all the curd samples Norsk Farm in Lena Wisconsin!

Our Steinbrinck boys, Max & Milo, had a ton of fun at the market, which is held in the KI Convention Center downtown.

They were fascinated by everything from the skywalk to an exciting world of “all-you-can-eat” cheese curds and peach ice tea from The Attic. Well, they thought the curds were all you can eat.


It was a lively event, but there was still plenty of room to get around without having to wait in long lines. There were tables so we could sit, eat and listen to the live acoustic guitar from local musician Michael Gillespie. And Chef Bridgett Lowery, of 416 Cuisine, did two cooking demos with a free taste of her homemade, artisan Italian food.

The Winter Market has around 100 vendors. But, on my adventure with the boys, I discovered these 12 unique small businesses in Northeast Wisconsin that you might want to check out too!

Leave a comment and tell us how many of the 12 you’ve heard of or visited. I’m curious!

1. Trust Local Foods, Appleton

grass-fed milk  from Trust Local Foods, WisconsinTrust Local Foods sells and distributes local, organic food from 54 small family farms and artisans throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

The company delivers healthy food to places you’re probably familiar with… like Kavarna, Kangaroostaurant, Terry Naturally and the Red Radish – among many others.

But, they also have a retail shop in their distribution center at 3000 Apostolic Drive, Unit #1 in Appleton. There you can find natural and organic cheeses, meats, chips, yogurt, canned goods, honey and lots more.

The family who started Trust Local Foods was inspired by the Farm Fresh Atlas of Eastern Wisconsin – A nonprofit publication that lists family farms where you can buy organic food directly from, as well as stores and coops that sell locally grown food.

2. Tapuat Kombucha, Sister Bay

kombucha tea

Tapuat’s Kombucha Tea Concoctions

You’ll have to stop by Tapuat Kombucha in Sister Bay – next time you’re in Door County, Wisconsin.

But, until then, you can find Tapuat’s enzyme-rich kombucha tea elixirs at Festival Foods and Woodmans. Or, at many other health stores throughout Wisconsin.

Tapuat’s kombucha concoctions are made by hand in small batches using organic and sustainably harvested ingredients that are also fair trade certified.

If you aren’t familiar with Kombucha, it’s basically tea, water and sugar that goes through the fermentation process. The cool thing is, fermented foods create beneficial bacteria that help regulate metabolism and boost your immune system.

There are quite a few other health benefits to drinking Tapuat’s kombucha, which you can learn about here. But, after trying a sample of this tea at the Winter Farmer’s Market, I know it tastes delicious too!

  • Click here to learn more about kombucha and 7 steps for brewing your own

3. 416 Cuisine, Green Bay

Variety grissini- this way you don't have to pick a favorite! Bridgett, 416 Cuisine’s owner, opened her artisan Italian food business in late 2010 to help carry on the traditions of her beloved Italian family. You can find the cuisine inside Bake My Day in Green Bay.

It’s Bridgett’s passion to create new recipes from scratch, that are made without sugar or preservatives. Her hummus was popular at the Winter Market. The last one sold to the person in front of me in line!

At 416 Cuisine, you can also get things like crispy Grissini (Italian bread sticks) in flavors like Black Pepper Parmesan or Red Pepper Flake. There’s handmade dried egg pasta in 28 different varieties like Jalapeno, Espresso, and Lime Cilantro.

Best of all, she offers frozen Gnocchi and Ravioli with intriguing flavors like Artichoke Lemon or Pumpkin Ricotta, so you can whip up an authentic Italian dinner for your family in your own kitchen! And that’s just the beginning. She has so many other fun Italian foods for you to try!

4. Sattler Farm Lamb, Chilton

Sattler's Sheep

Grazing like they should be

Have you ever had a lamb chop? I can’t remember ever eating one, and it just might be a very underrated meat choice for many of us Wisconsinites.

But guess what? We have a 5th generation local family farm, called Sattler Farm Lamb, that raises grass-fed sheep right here in our neighborhood!

There’s just something that makes me feel better about eating meat when I know the animal had a good life. Ha!

Seriously though, lamb meat actually has many surprising health benefits. It’s high in protein, rich in iron and is a good source of healthy fat. It also has essential B vitamins and minerals like selenium and zinc. Plus, it has less saturated fat than any other meat.

I wished I brought more cash when I saw Sattler Farm Lamb was selling real quality lamb meat at the Winter Market. I love gyros and have always wanted to make one at home. Plus, they were even handing out gyro recipes! When I went to their website, I found out you can order directly from their farm in Chilton, Wisconsin – and you can even place your order online!

5. Irresistibly Healthy, Appleton


Max liked the hummus!

Here’s a business that’s all about making the best tasting and healthiest gourmet hummus in 12 artisan varieties!

The boys and I tried a sample at the market and we loved it. And if the kids dig it, you know it’s gotta be good.

Irresistibly Healthy is owned by a family from Wisconsin. The family has dedicated years to mastering their delicious hummus recipes made with the cleanest ingredients possible. They use certified organic dried garbanzo beans, instead of canned, because they are higher in nutrients and have no added chemicals. Plus, they just taste better when they are freshly cooked. They also grind their own herbs and spices fresh in their kitchen – freshly ground makes the flavor pop!

Make sure to have a taste if you go to the next Winter Farmer’s Market on February 1st.

  • Click here to find out where you can buy Irresistibly Healthy hummus

6. Kellner Back Acre Garden, Denmark

Kellner BackAcre Garden

Organic Grape Jelly from Kellner BackAcre Garden

Are you famililar with CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture? Basically, you buy a share or half share of the farm’s harvest for the year ahead to help pay for seed, natural fertilizer, equipment and labor. Then, every week or every other week, you get a fresh box of produce during the growing season.

Kellner Back Acre Garden is a CSA in Denmark, Wisconsin. The farm sells seasonal heirloom plants and veggies as well as pasture-raised chickens, turkeys and farm fresh brown eggs. The Kellner’s also raise bees on the farm and offer 100% natural honey and organic jelly. As early as May, the farm offers vegetable plants, hanging baskets, annual flowers, herbs and large potted plants for sale too.

Kellner Back Acre Garden is now certified organic! They never spray their plants with pesticides or herbicides, instead all the weeds are picked by hand. What a labor of love for the earth and for our health.

  • Click Here to find out more about becoming a CSA partner with Kellner Back Acre Garden.

7. Seifarm Grassfed Beef, Oconto Falls

seifarm grassfed beef

Cows Grazing @ Seifarm Grassfed Beef

In today’s world, it’s pretty awesome when you find a farm that raises 100% grass-fed Black Angus beef cattle!

Seifarm Grassfed Beef is certified organic by OCIA since 2007. They never use chemicals, they don’t give the cows any hormones nor do they feed them any grain. Their cows live a good life, up until… well you know. But at least you can justify their sacrifice when you know they were happy and healthy in an open pasture – and the hamburger you’re chowing down is actually good for you.

I think it’s starting to be more well-known that organic grass-fed beef is the healthiest beef you can eat. It has more Omega 3’s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventional beef. These are essential fatty acids (EFAs) or “good fats” that help fight off cancer cells, and are super important for brain health too.

Seifarm also offers organic pasture raised chicken and pork. We got a whole chicken and some beef at the Winter Market, and I’m looking forward to eating some beefy, homemade Chili Johns-style Chili for dinner!

You can find Seifarm Grassfed Beef in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin – 30 minutes northwest of Green Bay off highway 32. Make an order ahead and they’ll give you a tour of the farm when you pick it up!

8. Nala’s Fromagerie, Green Bay

Nala's Fromagerie Cheese

European Cheese from Nala’s Fromagerie

We brought home a block of Nala’s Fromagerie specialty cheese from the Winter Market. It was gone by the second day.

I saw “France” on the label which threw me off – it was time to investigate this local biz. I found their website and instantly started loving that cheese even more! Nala’s Fromagerie brings a “slice” of Europe to Green Bay with hundreds of European style cheeses. When you visit the store on Development Drive-Suite 30, you’ll always be offered a tasting.

They list some of their cheese types on the website:

“French, Italian, Spanish, Irish, cow, goat, sheep, raw, cooked, pressed, washed rind, bloomy rind, thirty days – to 10 years old; the list is endless. Be assured that you will leave the store with more knowledge about cheese than when you entered.”

The shop also has handmade Italian sausages, Spanish chorizo, Jamon Serrano, Proscuitto di Parma, foie gras and pates. They carry more than 12 types of olives from around the Mediterranean that you can mix and match. Then there’s aged Balsamic and Sherry vinegars – some 60 years old, handmade stone ground mustard and bottles of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from local family orchards.

And bread… and chocolate… and a wine bar… it just gets better and better.

Nala’s holds classes for you to learn how to make fresh mozzarella or show you how to entertain with cheese. They even have a Cheese of the Month Club.  They’ll send you a box of 1-3 types of rare and flavorful cheeses.

Included when you join the club is the history of the cheese, what to look for while you taste, ways to serve it, recipes and accompaniments that will maximize your cheese tasting experience!

9. Sweet Willow Naturals, Green Bay

Mama-to-Be Teas from Sweet Willow Naturals

Mama-to-Be Teas from Sweet Willow Naturals

Sweet Willow Naturals is a quaint natural store owned by Laura Vanden Avond. It’s on the corner of Allouez Avenue and Bellevue Street.

At her store, Laura sells Aura Cacia 100% Pure Essential Oils, a variety of wellness teas, Bach flower essences and all sorts of high quality organic herbs that you can buy in bulk. she has a line of “Mama Teas” which I think would make an awesome gift for a baby shower.

There’s a Mama 2 Be blend, which is meant to help strengthen your body and uterus during pregnancy. And the GalacTEAgogue tea blend is supposed to help increase breast milk production.

If you ever want to experiment with making your own oil blends, lip balms or body lotions, Sweet Willow is your go-to-source for DIY supplies. But if you’re not into doing it yourself, you can choose from many different handmade natural soaps and body care products. You’ll also find books, bags and plenty of other handcrafted goodies.

Sweet Willow Naturals is also an eventful place.  Joyful Henna Designs is often there giving Henna tattoos, or Kellner BackAcre Garden is selling organic produce at the store. Laura also offers Reiki sessions in addition to her many classes and demos. You can learn things like how to make your own soap or lotion, or how to stay healthy naturally with Ayurveda.

10. Mustard Seed Cafe, Green Bay

Mustard Seed Signature Harvest SandwichChef Ken, owner of Mustard Seed Cafe on Bellevue Street in Green bay, has been published in various cookbooks and appeared on a few TV cooking shows.

Ken shops for his ingredients locally, and he doesn’t prepare any food with trans-fats. He describes his meals as “fresh and authentic.” Check out Chef Ken’s menus – the choices sound amazing. I’m especially excited to try his breakfast sometime!

Mustard Seed Cafe also does catering and a variety of cooking events and paid classes. One cooking event that would make a great Valentine’s Day Gift is Cooking For The Ladies. Guys, you and Chef Ken would prepare a homemade Italian meal for your date in the early afternoon. When she comes to the cafe, she’ll be greeted with a glass of wine & then served by you. How sweet!

11. Eggs N’ Bacon Wagon, De Pere

Uncle Egg & his daughter at the Winter Market

Uncle Egg & his daughter at the Winter Market

What do you get when you put Maplewood Meats and Great Harvest Bread together?

“Uncle Egg” and his sammies fresh off the Eggs N’ Bacon Wagon!

Ben Michiels, AKA Egg, was grillin’ up some amazing looking egg sandwiches with his daughter at the Winter Farmer’s Market. As soon as he saw Max & Milo, he grilled up some toast for them to munch on. He’s an awesome guy.

I want to go back to the market in February just to try one of what he calls “semi-gourmet breakfast and lunch sandwiches made from local sustainable goodness!” He makes them fresh to order out of his silver wagon at the Broadway Farmer’s Market downtown Green Bay in the summer. Otherwise his Facebook page says he’s located inside Great Harvest Bread in De Pere.

12. The Booyah Shed – De Pere

booyah shed Stick-to-your-ribs BooyahMy Lester Rentmeester  Chicken Booyah story came up right away when I stopped to pick up a quart of Booyah from The Booyah Shed at the market.

I’m not sure if chef Dan, the owner, believes the same schoolteacher story or not. He was quick to tell me that there are actually two known theories behind the origin of Booyah in Wisconsin.

Either way, the Booyah Shed’s “stick-to-your-ribs” Booyah was tasty. I could tell chef Dan is very particular and proud of his recipe. You can try a bowl of his Booyah at the Winter Farmer’s Markets, the Broadway Farmer’s Market, or wherever Dan’s mobile restaurant takes him.

You can also pick up some booyah from their home-base inside the De Pere Christian Outreach center.

7 Winter Farmer’s Markets in 2014

Save the dates for the winter farmer’s market!

The market is from 8am-12pm and is located at the KI Convention center, Exhibit Hall C.

The skywalk is on the second floor of the Main Street parking ramp. Parking is free there and the market has no admission cost.

  • December 20 (Special Extended Holiday Market)
  • January 10
  • January 24
  • January 31
  • February 7
  • March 7
  • March 28

Goodies You Can Find at the Winter Farmer’s Market:

  • Local Meats-Grassfed beef, organic whole chickens, pork varieties, lamb, and buffalo & venison
  • Local Cheese & Dips-Cheese curds galore, specialty cheeses, guacamole, hummus, etc.
  • Eggs & Produce-Farm fresh eggs, carrots, potato varieties, cabbage, onions, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, apples
  • Bakery Items-Cake pops, breads, specialty chocolates, fudge & cupcakes
  • Canned Items-Honey, jelly & jams, pickles, salsa, BBQ sauces, etc.
  • Coffee & Tea-Fair trade/organic whole roasted beans & loose leaf tea, Kombucha & grass-fed milk
  • Crafts– Handmade mittens, Jewelry, natural body care, bird feeders & other handmade crafts

More About New Leaf Market Coming to Downtown Green Bay

New Leaf Market will soon be a full-service and member owned cooperative grocery store. The market will be located downtown Green Bay and will have local healthy, organic, gluten-free and other specialty foods at fair prices for the community.

You can also find home care supplies, natural beauty, vitamins and supplements and get prepared meals from the healthy grab and go deli. The market will also feature a cafe with a bakery inside.

Have you been to the New Leaf Winter Farm Market? What was your experience? Did you discover a cool local business you could tell us about?

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  2. Waseda Farms has delicious meat products. Excited for their new store in DePere. Be sure to stop by their booth and sample yourself. Love their summer sausage!

  3. I was wondering if you have the farm that has the various goat cheeses there? What is the name of that farm…I saw them during the summer farmers market but can’t remember their name, if you could help me out 🙂

  4. What was the name of the vendor that sold all the various dried pastas? I would love to get some more spinach lasagna and mushroom sage liguine!

  5. Are there any farmers who need used coffee grounds? We save our coffee grounds, but we only use them during the summer. We would love to give ours to someone who may need them.

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