7 Types of Men You Can Find & Marry in Wisconsin

7 Types of Men You Can Marry From Wisconsin

Has every man you’ve met in Wisconsin made you want to up and move to South Dakota?! If you’re husband-hunting in the Badger state and don’t seem to have any luck, maybe you’re not looking for the right type of man? The U.S. Census Bureau claims there are at least 760,229 single adult men here for you!

Don’t worry, finding a good Wisconsin man is very possible. But first things first…ask yourself – what type of man are you looking for?

Check out these seven different types of men you can you find and marry in Wisconsin. Decide what you like and then start looking!

1. A Tough & Sexy Biker

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We all know Wisconsin is home of the Harley. Harley Davidson was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903 and is the world’s largest and most famous manufacturer of motorcycles.

But a Harley is more than just a motorcycle to a lot of people. It’s a way of life. And some women dig it.

In Wisconsin, we’ve got plenty of strong, bearded HOG riders in black leather chaps and Harley jackets. That, or sexy men in shades looking all hot on their Chopper. I swear that engine revving sound makes some women’s teeth sweat.

If that’s your style, these bad ass bikers are all over Wisconsin and you might just find one to take a ride with at the Midwest’s largest free bike rally in Milwaukee during the summer.

2. An Outdoors Man Who Can Provide

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There were 615,872 huntsmen in the field this past 2013 deer season – according to the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR). We’re lucky to have men up here that know how to hunt. They get up at the break of dawn in search of some fresh venison they can share with their family. They brave the cold temps for hours in hopes of scoring a big buck.

If they aren’t bringing you home a Whitetail, they’re probably out catching your Thanksgiving turkey or reeling in some fresh lake water perch to grill up. MMM – perch.

If you need a man who can provide, who has determination and good aim, you can probably find him up north.

He’ll be able to put food on the table, protect you and even save your life if we ever have a Zombie Apocalypse in Wisconsin!

3. A Handsome Down Home Country Man

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Ladies… there are plenty of manly country men in Wisconsin. These Wisconsin guys know how to milk cows, raise chickens, and grow big gardens in your backyard.

Plus, farmer tans are sexy, right?!

Thankfully Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland, so finding a handsome farmer is quite possible. The USDA’s stats tell us our region has 36% of all U.S. farms and we’re second to the south for most farms. And according to Wikipedia, Wisconsin has more country music festivals than any other state.

If you were born to live the country lifestyle where things go at a slower pace, you might just meet that down-home country man of your dreams somewhere in Wisconsin.

4. An Adventurous Cheesehead

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If you are a social butterfly who likes to party, we have Wisconsin men who know how to show you a good time.

It’s obvious we like to have fun here in Wisconsin! The Beer Institute’s state consumption rankings for 2012 placed Wisconsin 5th highest in the nation for beer consumption with the average Wisconsinite drinking 26.2 gallons of beer in 2012.

In Business Insider’s MAPS Poll, Wisconsin ranked high for drunkest and best sports fans. It’s true- and that means we’ve got men who know how to be loyal to and passionate about the things they love. Now all you have to do is make sure your guy loves you just as much as his favorite team!

If you’re an outgoing diehard Packer’s or Brewer’s fan, and love those Badgers or even the Bucks, you’ll find plenty of men who will gladly jump up and down with you in the middle of the living room when your team scores big. Who knows, he’s probably the type of guy that would ask you to marry him at the game – maybe even on the big screen!

5. A Well Endowed Wisconsinite

well-and-dowd Wisconsinite

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I promise I stumbled across this info by accident. But when I did, I gotta say – it’s too fantastic not to share it with you!

An article in TIME’s Newsfeed tells us about a study conducted by Condomania, the company that claims to be the first condom store in America. The study aimed to find out “which state is the biggest“. You’re catching my drift, right?

They looked at the amount of higher than average condom size sales in each state to determine their data. Then they listed all 50 states by penis size. And guess what? Wisconsin ranked #13!

Although this study was totally unscientific, it’s still awesome knowing that many of our Wisconsin men just might be packing in the underpants region. Yet another reason Wisconsin is a prime spot to find your man.

 6. A Good ‘Ol Dairyland Dad

My "Dairyland Dad" Husband

My “Dairyland Dad” Man

There are ample opportunities to meet a guy here in the Badger state that will make an amazing family man. And since our state is well known for having some of the warmest and friendliest people around, this makes a lot of good sense.

A true Dairyland Dad grew up in Wisconsin and will have no problem raising a family here too. He’s a God-fearing man like 81% of people in Wisconsin (Wikipedia). So church and Sunday brunch before the Packer game could certainly become part of your weekend ritual.

Believe me, this Wisconsin man type has a lot to offer – I know because I married one. He’ll wake up early to brew the morning coffee, build you a fire in your living room and grill up a delicious meal that’s fresh on the table when you get home.

He makes the perfect daddy who loves taking his family on adventures. You might spend the day exploring Door County or taking on some awesome sledding hills in winter. Besides all that, this guy even does dishes and laundry and other chores around the house. And, he’ll sometimes even remember to put the toilet seat down.

7. A Witty Sconnie Hipster

Sconnie hipster

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Some people might not think this type of man exists in Wisconsin because they think we don’t have a lot of culture or diversity. But that’s just not true. There are a ton of urban bohemian style men around here!

Think about it for a minute… Milwaukee hosts the “Worlds Largest Music Festival” every year and has an Art Museum with over 35,000 works of art. Madison’s Monona Terrace, designed by Wisconsin native Frank Lloyd Wright, has 600 events each year. Madison and Milwaukee are probably two of the most hipster-like cities in our state.

Have you ever been on State Street in Madison? Everywhere you look, you see guys wearing tight jeans, vintage t-shirts and old-school sneakers.

If you want a man who thinks independently, is edgy and probably has a liberal arts degree – you should be able to find him in Wisconsin. If you aren’t near State Street, just hang out at the farmer’s market or a local coffeehouse downtown Green Bay or Appleton!

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Do any of these men sound good to you? Have you already found a Wisconsin man but he doesn’t fit these types? Tell us about it! If these seven men don’t fit your style, make a comment to add to the list!

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  2. Hipsters don’t count as men!

  3. I want a #5. I gotta get back and find me a nice WI boy. Because the other places I’ve lived sure don’t have anyone I want.

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