10 Funky Fashions You Will See in Wisconsin

10-Funky-Fashions You're Sure to See in Wisconsin

Wisconsin certainly is not a state full of fashionistas. But we definitely do have our own distinct style.

Some people make fun of us. But guess what? We are who we are – and we’re also okay with laughing at ourselves.

If you’re a Wisconsinite, you’ll probably admit to seeing or even wearing at least one of these 10 funky fashions.

1. Long Johns


Image Courtesy of LintmMachine via Flickr.com

Many many years before the Snuggie came into existence – there were long johns.

Sometimes they are a necessity in Wisconsin. Other times long johns (or long underwear) are simply a comfy fashion statement for folks in the Northwoods. They’re like tighty-whities that give your whole body a hug.

If you like sexy undies, what could be sexier than undergarments that cover almost everything. So much mystery.  So much to uncover.

2. Winter Shorts

winter-shorts only in Wisconsin

Image Courtesy of Kevinomara via Flickr.com

When you live in Wisconsin – you learn that cold temperatures are relative.

40 degree weather after a week of 60s will feel freezing cold. But 20 degrees after a week below zero – that’s shorts weather my friend. It is not uncommon to see Wisconsinites bearing their bare legs when there’s still snow on the ground.

Whether it’s a tough guy in cargo shorts, or college girls heading for a workout at the gym, we aren’t keeping our shorts in storage for the 9 months a year when the rest of the world would whine about the cold.

3. The Mullet


Image Courtesy of Doovie via Flickr.com

Business up front – party in the back. Wisconsin loves the mullet.

Some say Wisconsinites are still stuck in the 80s.

But just give them a little credit, famous rock stars like David Bowie and Paul McCartney wore this hair-do back in the 70s. But my personal favorite is Uncle Jesse from Full House – TGIF! He was always a hottie – even with a crop top.

Other Wisconsinites cringe when they see a mullet. I’ve even heard some salons refuse to give people this type of haircut. But I’m willing to bet some of you have a dated picture of yourself sporting this funky fashion statement.

4. The Beer Belly


Image Courtesy of Mikelewis via Flickr.com

OMG. Right? This guy must have drank the world’s largest six pack in La Crosse! His beer belly grew so big, his bellybutton needed to be sewn up – did you see that?

What can we say – beer is popular around here. And we Wisconsinites drink a lot of it. There are plenty of men around the state who are proud to show it off. It’s like true Wisconsin manhood – or something.

Yeah, we know our microbrews are loaded with calories, but they are way too good to pass up. Just don’t let it get out of hand like this guy did.

5. Salt Stained UGGs


Image Courtesy of Chfi.com

Look familiar?

It’s inevitable… If you live in the Badger State, you know what it’s like to have these annoying white salt stains. And not just on your fashionable pair of boots either. Chances are you have a nice streak decorating the side of your pants or lining the edges of your jacket.

It makes sense though. Wisconsin winters mean snow. And there’s a ton of it. Our state spends millions on salt to keep the roads safer to drive. And for the 2013 winter, that meant 2.9 million gallons of salt brine.

But guess what? We’ve now come up with the perfect alternative to using too much road salt… Cheese. If you don’t believe me, look it up!

Turns out cheese brine helps the salt stick. This bright idea started in Polk County, WI in 2008. This year more than a dozen counties are coating the streets in cheese.

6. The Flannel


Image Courtesy of Melodygates via Flickr.com

I have to admit. I like the flannel – I think they make a guy look sexy. Who’s with me?

It’s a cozy, warm and trendy style around here. But there’s also something about the flannel that screams LUMBERJACK — in a good way.

Even the women of Wisconsin are making flannel a fashion statement. And it looks good on us too! Heck, they look good on everyone.

7. Blaze Orange


Image Courtesy of Tyler_r via Flickr.com

It’s not just for hunting safety.

In Wisconsin blaze orange is almost as common as the Green and Gold inside Lambeau field.

And there are many ways to accessorize with blaze orange. Note our model above. He is sporting a lovely orange fanny pack, along with a blaze orange hat complete with Elmer Fudd ear-flaps.

But it gets better than that. I’ve even seen blaze orange tuxedos and baby clothes too.

I suppose they are saying “Orange is the new black.”

8. Sexy Camo


Image Courtesy of Valerieb via Flickr.com

Most people wear camo to blend in. But sometimes – it helps you stand out.

Camouflage is a fashion trend in Wisconsin. I don’t mean a bunch of rednecks walking around in it either. Although it definitely serves its purpose during hunting season, our state is filled with people wearing it outside of the woods.

While camo is popular with the men, there are also plenty of women who’ve adopted this style. Camo queens are sporting their sexy camo dresses and lingerie. Women even go to prom and get married camo-style!

9. Harley Tattoo


Image Courtesy of Capitanpalmira via Flickr.com

Wisconsin pride and Harley pride tend to go hand-in-hand.

Not many companies have people putting their logos on their bodies – permanently. But Harley-Davidson tattoos (and apparel) are all over the place in the Badger State.

Of course, Milwaukee is the birthplace and home of Harley-Davidson. That being said – you could also call Wisconsin an epicenter of biker fashions.

As soon as the weather warms up in Northeast Wisconsin, you are sure to see Harley riders going for a cruise through neighborhoods and down the highways. And it’s not just the burly biker dudes. People of all types love the roar of the engine with the wind at their back.

They love it so much – that the Harley-Davidson logo doesn’t only stand for the company – it stands for freedom.

10. The Cheese Bra


Image Courtesy of Packertime.com

Green Bay Packers fans are die hard. We like to represent. Yeah, we’re decked out in green and gold year round, and many of us own at least one cheesehead.

But we’ve stepped our cheese-wear up a notch. No one ever said cheese can’t be sexy. That’s why our loyal women fans are dressed in foam cheese bras! How’s that for a funky fashion statement?

Can you relate to any of these Wisconsin styles? Is there some sort of popular trend we missed? Let us know!

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  1. you can’t forget about “zubaz”…. the baggy pants with tapered legs and elastic waistband that are usually made in a printed fabric (think Packer logos, zebra prints in different color combos, etc.)…. that generally look good on nobody, but lots of people like to wear them for some unknown reason around here….

  2. Stormy Kromer!

  3. Hypercolor clothing was huge back in the early 90’s. It was a great combination of style and science.

    • Oh my god, hypercolor! I had forgotten about that. I always wanted a hypercolor t-shirt, but mom never got me one. *sigh* Though that was more of a nationwide 80s fad than a WI thing.

  4. Here I thought I’d cover most of these categories, but I’ve only worn a couple of them as is, and others are variations. Winter shorts and flannel–definitely. (Sometimes at the same time!) Long-johns–not the one piece, but separates. You can’t live in WI and not own a pair of long undies. And Uggs are just hideous, but all my shoes and boots are salt stained. And I don’t have a cheese bra, just a regular ol’ cheesehead. Maybe when I lose weight, I’ll sport a cheese bra.

  5. Raidergrode says

    Seeing these pictures makes me think I haven’t missed much since moving to California 40 years ago..

  6. Snowmobile jackets….

  7. great find dear

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