11 Bars & Restaurants Where You Can Get a Classic Northeast Wisconsin Fish Fry

Fish-Fry at Wendt's on the Lake

Nothing says Wisconsin like the Friday Night Fish Fry!

Perch, blue gill, walleye, cod, and haddock are most common and traditionally come with rye bread, onion, coleslaw, some sort of potato, tarter sauce and a lemon wedge.

The Fish Fry is another classic Wisconsin tradition deeply rooted in our state’s heritage that can be traced back to medieval Roman catholic times.

During Lent, many Christians ditch the meat for 40 days before Easter to honor Jesus’ death and resurrection. More than a million people celebrate Lent in Wisconsin, and luckily the Badger State is the land of 15,000 lakes, making fish a perfect alternative to “dirty warm-blooded” animal meat.

Fish Fries really caught on during the Prohibition. Since booze was banned, taverns cleverly marketed them as a quick and inexpensive way to feed your whole family. Now, they’re ingrained in our Wisconsin culture, and have become a popular year-round tradition for everyone.

You’ll find more than 1,000 bars and restaurant serving Fish Fries on Friday nights. But here are 11 places we’ve heard have the best in the area. If you don’t see your favorite on the list – add it in the comments!

1. Maricques – Green Bay

Image Courtesy of Brandyoldfashion.com

Image Courtesy of Brandyoldfashion.com

Maricques is an old-school bar that’s been on the Northeast side of Green Bay since 1934.

Although the bar’s location and atmosphere are nothing to write home about, it just happens to be the place people say serve the best Fish Fry on Earth. With Spotted Cow on tap!

Maricques is owned by a commercial fishing family who serve their own catch of the day.

You’ll get a mound of fish piled high on a paper plate. No silverware. They’re not about the frills. You get a thick slice of onion with buttered rye and two sides of homemade tarter. No slaw. No lemon. Just down to business with the good stuff.

Maricques offers Blue Gill, Pike, Whitefish, Catfish, Shrimp, smelt if it’s in season and freshwater Perch. I’m sure all the fish is delicious, but people can’t stop raving about this perch.

It’s so good – there’s even bones in it. You can order it without bones too, but they’ll tell you the bone-in is better. If you’re a first timer, your waitress will teach you how to master the art of deboning. Both versions are delicately cooked, lightly breaded and moist.

If you want a real taste of a classic Wisconsin Fish Fry with a couple of brews – try Maricques. They’re dishing out Fish Fry on Wednesdays and Fridays and bowls of chicken Booyah on Saturdays.

FYI… word of mouth has packed this place every Friday night – but I hear they make a strong Brandy Old Fashioned to help keep you company while you wait.

2. Farr’s Grove – Green Bay

Image courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Image courtesy of Scott E. Tripadvisor

Another classic Wisconsin tavern where you’ll find a great fish fry served up on paper plates. You might call it a “dive bar” with a school lunch cafeteria feel. So, don’t expect fine dining – expect good fish.

They have freshwater perch, which fans say has just the right amount of breading, walleye, shrimp, cod and even frog legs!

You’ll find tons of great reviews on Farr’s Grove. Some diehard perch lovers are completely dedicated and will go nowhere else but Farr’s. It’s a family-run business cookin’ homemade comfort food – Wisconsin fish fry style. I’ve heard the vinegar-based slaw and made-from-scratch potato salad are both excellent.

Farr’s is on Shawano Avenue in Green Bay and has been around for many years. The regulars are hooked. Take caution – you could easily become one too.

3. Late’s Diner – Manitowoc

lates cheese curds - Manitowooc

Killer Cheese Curds at Late’s, Manitowoc
Image Source

Here’s a cozy down-home cafe, with vintage ‘5os charm.

Plenty of people in Manitowoc swear by Late’s diner for Friday fish fry. And people really dig their lake perch sandwich too.

The coleslaw and German potato salad are also a must try. But from what I gathered – the malts and cheese curds alone are definitely worth the commute. The curds are lightly breaded, squeaky and fresh. People make special out-of-town trips just for these curds!

Plus, I hear the malts are to die for.

If you’re close enough – they do deliver. But if you dine in and the weather’s right, take a walk across the street to Red Arrow park. It has an awesome view of Lake Michigan, a beach walkway and a real WWII cannon the kids can play on.

4. Mark’s East Side – Appleton

Mark’s East Side is a popular German-style Supper Club on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton. It’s been family-owned since 1967.

The owner, Mark Dougherty, started as a dishwasher and busboy, and was cooking by age 15. That was when his parent’s Bill and Jan owned the place and it was called Chef Bill’s.

But after Mark graduated from UW Oshkosh, he took over, remodeled and called it Mark’s East Side.

Mark’s claims to have the Valley’s best clam chowder and has won multiple Golden Fork Awards for Best Fish Fry. On Friday Night you can get fresh lake perch, all you can eat Icelandic batter-fried haddock or broiled Atlantic silver salmon.

They also have a tempting seafood platter that comes with perch, shrimp, scallops and fried haddock. They serve a baked french onion soup that looks delicious, and fans say it’s the best they’ve ever had. There’s also been a bit of buzz about their sauerkraut balls and perfectly mixed drinks.

5. Barn Tavern – Lena

The barnDon’t go to The Barn expecting glitz or fancy decor. You will get simple country cooking with a small town atmosphere.

People describe The Barn Tavern as friendly, affordable and basic. It’s actually an old red barn that’s been converted into a tavern. And yes, it really was used for dairy cows!

Their Fish Fry is on Wednesdays and Fridays. People say they’ll go out of their way just for this fish. It’s quality.

You can choose from cod, perch, poorman’s lobster, shrimp and walleye. Everything comes with coleslaw, bread and cheese, tartar sauce and a choice of fries or homemade potato salad.

If you feel like dining out where there’s a great sunset and rural views to enjoy a classic Wisconsin fish fry – go “sit and drink where the cows used to stink.”

6. Wendt’s on the Lake – Van Dyne

Wendt's on the Lake, Van DyneHere’s another highly recommended place to get your perch fix. A small and cozy casual restaurant on Lake Winnebago.

Wendt’s on the Lake is a third generation family-run business in the town of Van Dyne. The Wendt family converted a building that used to be an icehouse in the 1900s, into a fish fry destination in 1962.

Now after five decades, the family has built a national reputation for the best-tasting lake perch and have won more than 20 awards (since 2001) for best fish fry in Oshkosh and Fond du Lac.

I hear they’re famous for their tarter sauce too! The great part is, Wendt’s serves perch everyday they’re open. Not just on Fridays. It’s also lightly breaded and hand-dipped the same way for more than 50 years.

If you go on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday – you might have to try a combo platter so you can try the famous batter fried lobster that so many people love – along with the perch. They also offer smelt, shrimp, pike and cod. And Sprecher Root Beer on tap!

FYI – It’s cash or check only – no credit or debit – so go prepared!

7. The Settlement – Green Bay


Image Courtesy of Brandyoldfashioned.com

Here’s yet another Green Bay bar with a proper Friday Night fish fry. It’s off of WI-57 near Wequiock Falls.

Like many others on our list, it’s nothing fancy schmancy. But the drinks are strong, the perch is light and crispy and the haddock melts in your mouth.

Some picky-eaters say the breading is a bit thick – but other people prefer it that way.

Green Bay customers say The Settlement ranks right up there with Maricques. I’ve also heard many good things about their friendly, speedy service and good prices on everything.

Plus the portions are huge! People really enjoy their signature fries and baby red potatoes. The cheese curds are great, and their Bloody just might be the best in Green Bay!

The Settlement is packed on Fridays, but worth the wait. When you order your drinks, make sure to get a number from the bartender right away so they know you’re ready to order. They only take cash or check too – so be prepared – or else you can use their ATM.

8. Kropp’s Supper Club – Green Bay

Kropps Lake PerchKropp’s Supper Club in Green Bay’s Mill Center is a local landmark.

It started as a hotel and tavern for local loggers when it was built in 1904. And since 1947, it’s been a historic family-run bar and restaurant with a homey, old-world atmosphere.

The establishment has also been featured in Ron Faiola’s book and documentary – Wisconsin Supper Clubs: An Old Fashioned Experience.

Wisconsinites love Kropp’s. The fish fry here is legendary – one of the best perch joints in town – which might explain why it is a bit pricier than other places. You can get your perch with bones or without.

Kropp’s is so good, most of the waitresses have been there for 50 years or more! They are also known for their onion rings, hash-browns, clam chowder and chicken. But – the walleye, shrimp, cod, frog legs, lobster and steak are supposedly delicious too. They have limited hours – open only Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – but they do take reservations. And credit cards!

9. The Shoreline Restaurant – Ellison Bay

shoreline Ellison Bay

Here’s a great fish fry with an amazing atmosphere for a great Door County experience. Open from late April to mid November – they serve lightly seasoned pan-fried perch and fresh whitefish on Friday with beer-battered french fries, creamy homemade coleslaw and rye bread.

But the full menu is extensive and offers many other options.

People love the whitefish at The Shoreline. But, the one thing they can’t stop talking about is the amazing sunset and beautiful view of the bay over the peninsula. The whitefish chowder is also highly recommended. Some say it’s the best in the Door, while others say it’s the best in the Midwest.

Excellent reviews boast about the high quality fish, service and atmosphere at The Shoreline. It makes a great date night destination or family vacation spot.

They do take reservations for 10 or more. Otherwise, expect a wait. Many times there’s a line out the door 30 minutes before the doors open. But the back patio makes a perfect spot to sit, relax and enjoy an ice cold beer.

10. Sister Bay Bowl – Sister Bay

sister bay bowl fried perchA classic Wisconsin up north supper club with a little old fashioned fun.

Some people say Sister Bay Bowl has the best fish fry in Door County. Others say they’ve had better. But you’ll never know if it’s the best you’ve had until you try it.

Plus, this place is not just famous for fish fry, it’s a unique historic experience.

The supper club started out as a hotel in 1917 and was converted to a supper club and retro 6-lane bowling alley in the ’60s. Now it’s a third generation family-owned business.

For Friday night fish fry, choose from lightly battered lake perch, shrimp, or walleye. Or, order whitefish, scallops or other options off their full menu. The fish fry will come with a fresh loaf of warm white and rye bread, potato salad or fries, coleslaw and relish.

Large portions. Kid-friendly. Casual… Enjoy a game of bowling while you toss back a few. I’ve read they mix a stellar Bloody Mary and Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet.

11. The Redwood Inn

Image Courtesy of Brandoldfashioned.com

Image Courtesy of Brandoldfashioned.com

Have you ever been to a fish fry where you can get two baked potatoes!? If not, you have to try The Redwood Inn in Green Bay –  family-owned since 1964.

They serve about 500 pounds of perch every week!

This year, owners Pat and Bob Smits are celebrating their restaurant’s 50th anniversary. And all of the delicious food is prepared by Bob himself (who is still cooking at age 71) and his son John.

  • Check out this article featuring The Redwood from the Green Bay Press Gazette.

The Redwood Inn’s serving sizes are huge and the prices are fair.  And if you’re a tarter sauce lover, who is always asking for more, you won’t have to ask The Redwood. They have squeeze bottles filled with their homemade tarter on the table!

Plus, their Bloody Marys and Brandy Old Fashioneds get a 5-star rating from many loyal customers. The old fashioned mix is made from scratch. You’ll definitely have a chance to try one because this is another very popular Friday fish fry and you will probably have to wait.

But some people say even a 2-hour wait at Redwood Inn is worth it. If you’re too hungry to wait on Friday night, they serve their fish fry on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays too.

Packer pride is a Redwood Inn bonus. You’ll get to see some awesome Packer player memorabilia, uniforms, part of a goal post, murals, pictures, gear – you name it!

FYI – They are at 3361 Main Street in Green Bay and only accept cash or check.

There are so many more great suggestions for where you can get a traditional Wisconsin fish fry. Thanks for all your ideas on Facebook.

We have a few others listed here, but if your regular go to place is “the best” and hasn’t been mentioned – please leave a comment and let the world know!

  • River Street Pier, Howard – Fresh fish served Wednesdays & Fridays. Super small hole in the wall dining. Excellent clam chowder, homemade potato chips, and onion rings. Pours good cheap drinks.
  • Lake Aire Supper Club, Clintonville – People love their all you can eat salad bar which has great variety. Recently remodeled with a beautiful small lake view and amazing sunsets. Great drinks and service.
  • The Lake Park Tavern Bar & Pub, Menasha – Friday Fish Fry is second to none. Stuffed shrimp, baked haddock and seafood chowder are boasted about. Great drinks. Good service.
  • Wolff’s River Inn Supper Club, Elcho – Best Fish Fry and steaks in the Northwoods! And great family-friendly service.

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  1. Black Bear Bar & Campground in Holcombe. Battered or Broiled. Best fish fry in at least 2 counties!

  2. Van Abels in Hollandtown has the best perch I’ve ever eaten

  3. Shayla D. says

    Out of town club is Amazing!

  4. North Country Inn in Dunbar is phenomenal!

  5. Katy Blazek says

    Blue Spruce in Lena!!!! Best haddock! And their potatoe nuggets are amazing!!!

  6. StephSchmidt says

    CRIVELLOS, Oconto,Not only can you get you classic fish fry, you can also get, Salmon, Grouper, Coconut Shrimp , Seafood Alfredoand much more.

  7. Vicky Jisa says

    Blue Spruce in Spruce Wisconsin 🙂 but hands down the Holiday Inn in Kelly Lake u can’t beat the taste or he price 🙂

  8. Mid Vallee Golf Course in De Pere has a great fish fry!

  9. Pine Acres Golf Course in Abrams of course!

  10. Lisa MacDonald says

    Northern Grill & Pizza has an awesome fish fry! Homemade bread and baked beans top the awesome fish!

  11. Many of these places are great! Also, you have to go to The Riverside in Oconto!

  12. We always love the Baileys Harbor Cornerstone right in the heart of town! Pan fried or deep fried and they offer Walleye, Perch or a combo of both!

  13. Obviously you folks haven’t tried the Redwood in Green Bay..It’s the best you can find and you’ll never eat it all..Great place

    • Hi Bev, Thanks for bringing that one up!

      I actually have been to the the Redwood! It was tasty, but I remember it being really crowded too. Of course, that’s a sign it’s popular, right? And that’s the deal at many of these fantastic places. We’ve actually added them to the list! Check it out ; )

    • Carol Zettlemoyer says

      I grew up in De Pere and left there in ’76. Every time I come back to the area, this is the #1 place I go for fish. I absolutely love their food. I will be coming back in June ’15 and cannot wait to go there for Friday fish fry and I will go as much as I can while in the area. I cannot say enough about this bar/restaurant! Absolutely my favorite place to go.

  14. Frank Barnes says

    Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille hands down the best, light breading with classic supper club seasoning

  15. Pam Thomson says

    You missed another fantastic fish fry…be it perch, haddock, scallops or shrimp…it’s the best! JUST STOP IN is six miles? south of DePere on hwy. 57.

  16. Luigi’s “all you can eat Walleye” is awesome and priced right. North of Green Bay off S on 41.

  17. I love Brown Cty golf course-Safari Inn for Friday night Fish Fries.
    . There’s a great salad buffet too and all you can eat walleye.

  18. Gib’s on the lake offers a high quality Friday fish fry

  19. Algoma pizza bowl ..in algoma..they offer a pretty good fish fry on Friday.also check out the salmon chowder …amazing!

  20. Any of the restaurants on Washington Island – http://www.washingtonisland.com

  21. Mink River Basin in Ellison Bay. Only place I know you can get all you can eat walleye, northern pike or perch.
    Not sure how Shorline got a mention as they are even open for lent.

    • Hi Stacey. You’re right, The Shoreline is only seasonal – but it’s highly recommended and people love their fish fry even after lent. But thanks for another great place to go in Ellison Bay!

  22. Eddie Whipp’s on highway 29 east of Bellevue, great perch/year round fish fry and to die for deep fried homemade cheese curds!

  23. WhyLees in Roseire. The perch is fantastic!!

  24. You missed Van Abels in Hollandtown!

  25. Highland Howies!


  27. I love Gipper’s on University Ave. in Green Bay!!

  28. Degreefs Ends Here in Wayside

  29. John goral says

    Rookies bar and girll in denmark!! Steak and lobster plate!! And fresh perch every Friday:)

  30. Wertel’s Tap in Green Bay!!

  31. The Albertville Tavern…great fish fry…one of the best in the Chippewa Valley. They also have amazing prime rib, and steaks.

  32. Lorelei in Green Bay is second to none for perch, blue gill and German potato salad.

  33. Lindsey T. says

    My fiancé and I LOVE Susie’s Home Cooking for a Friday night fish fry in Lomira! So good and you get a ton of food for your money.

  34. jane Christenson says

    Mark’s East Side does have awesome food and not just on Fridays:)

    The VFW in Appleton has a good fish fry also along with Mer and Jackies Five Corners!!

  35. Anyone know of a place in Madison area? As for the Fox Valley add Van Abels of Hollandtown.

  36. Cindy seubert says

    Suzy’s Steak & Seafood, Portage WI – best Fish Fry!!!,

  37. Laurie P. says

    Wolff’s River Inn Supper Club, Elcho WI – The best Steaks and Walleye I have ever had!!!!! it is a awesome choice for dinner and drinks,never miss a chance to go when I am back in Northern Wisconsin ask for Darcy as your server!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

  38. Suster’s in Denmark is missing?

  39. Henry J., I discovered The Old Fashioned in Madison (on the square) about a year ago, and they served some of the best perch I’ve ever eaten. Lots of other great WI classics, too, including deep fried cheese curds, and old fashioneds–of course. The Orpheum used to do Friday fish, but I’m not sure they’re still in business.

  40. Black Bear Bar in Holcombe, WI awesome fish fry, walleye is so delicious it melts in your mouth. The jumbo shrimp is exactly that JUMBO and very reasonable priced.

  41. PLEASE REPLY TO ME IF YOU HAVE INFO… Gonna be in MANITOWOC on September 5th. NEED a fabulous bar setting fish fry that includes perch and haddock. Thinking of trying FAT SEAGULL. Anyone been there and is it the WI fish fry that I’m looking for?? Traveling from Florida and do NOT want to be disappointed in my only Friday night in WI. Open to other Manitowoc suggestions… do not want to go out of town… thanks, in advance, for any replies!!! We may even place the order for pick up and bring back to the hotel…

  42. Klaus Lake Bar and Grill has the best perch and deep-fried cod anywhere!!! Awesome!!! We drive up there from Green Bay to have fish every Friday night…they’re between Gillett and Suring on Highway 32. You’ll never be disappointed!!!

  43. Burkels One Block Over and Sideline Sports Bar on West side of GB near Lambeau. Awesome perch!

  44. The Dockside in Oconto is second to none, You must try their Outdoor Wood Fired Low Country Shrimp Boil, Nothing compares to it

  45. Blanck’s Lake Aire Supper Club between Fond du Lac and Oshkosh on Hwy 45. They serve beer battered perch, pike, and haddock everyday. You can add their homemade soup and salad to your meal also! They also are located on the waters of Lake Winnebago and have a beautiful view.

  46. Headliners in Neenah has awesome fish

  47. What? No mention of Saz’s in Milwaukee? Best fish fry on a
    Friday night.

  48. There are three places I think of when I want a fish fry;
    1. Hofa Park Tavern, Hofa Park has a great, affordable Friday Night Fish Fry, containing perch, choice of potato, salad, served with rye bread.
    2.Launching Pad, Shawano affordable Friday Night Fish Fry, containing large amount of fish, choice of potato with coleslaw and rye bread
    3. Lighthouse, Shawano Fish Fry, another good and affordable Friday Night Fish Fry. Contains perch, coleslaw, rye bread, potato salad or french fries.

  49. I could do 50-70 places in NE Wis, and never touch your list of 11 (not saying they are not good) – just saying, to say there are 11 in NE Wis is completely ridiculous. But it is one way to drive responses – to Not list Gobbler’s Knob in Stockbridge, The Lox Club in Combined Locks, Hotel Seymour (Seymour), Aldo’s on Velp (Green Bay) or Hillcrest Lodge (Townsend) shows how little research you really did for this list.

    • Thanks for the pretentious comment, Brad G.

      We asked our fans on Facebook to give us their favorites and based this list on that. Why don’t you go jump in a lake – then go start your own website, buddy.

    • Wow, Brad G – you must really love your fish fry. Sounds like you’ve been around and know your stuff. I guess we all make assumptions, right? Just like you assumed I did little research on this list – I’m going to assume you’re obese with way too much money to spend on fried food. Thanks for being an ass.

  50. The Peninsula Pub in Door County is fantastic! Way better than the Cornerstone

  51. Beverly Porter says

    Jeff’s on Rugby in Oshkosh.

  52. Kathy Lieburn says

    I’ve eaten fish at several of the Green Bay establishments listed (what does that say about my waistline right?) and I’d have a tough time picking a favorite. No one’s mentioned Wouter’s Front Bar on hwy B in Suamico… they have delicious Friday fish!

  53. Vernon Hills Golf Club in Peshtigo WI, can’t beat their walleye with a stick! Seasonal.

  54. The American Legion Club in Wrightstown has a really good fish fry!

  55. Leap Inn in “downtown” Freedom. Cheesy hash brown offered as a side. Super fast service.

  56. Kasey & Ashley Steinbrinck loved the replies. 🙂

    The Rite Place on Bellevue street and Allouez Ave is pretty good. I enjoy some other suggestions as the Redwood Inn also frequently.

    I think Maricques has somewhat slipped in quality over the years sad to say.

  57. Has to be Darboy Club in Darboy!

  58. Dennis Peterson says

    Silver Rail Bar n resturany in Abrhams right off hwy 141 n hwy D it is known for their all u can eat Perch for only 6.99! It is a very friendly place n they also have full menu! Perch is awesome!!

  59. Bob and Laura’s in Pound, Wisconsin

  60. VAN ABELS HOLLANDTOWN. BEST FISH, SEAFOOD AND STEAK…. I have been to quite a few supper clubs. Been eating at VA’s since I was a kid…now in my 50’s.
    The fish is real at Van Abel’s. There were several so called supper clubs I’ve been to that I order for example scallops and they are all uniform size like a chicken nugget. Umm that is formed fish.. Then the fish that isn’t really what it’s listed as. For example walleye is zander and people don’t even know it. The shrimp at VA’s are large and whole not opened and butterflied to make them look bigger. It can get very busy there so they do offer the Friday menu on different nights….Oh it’s the best broasted chicken ever.

  61. Does anyone know of a great fish fry in the Milwaukee area? Thanks!

    • MJ Stevens, off hwy 41, near Slnger. A little drive north but so worth it. I’d give my right arm for their batter recipe!

  62. The Bluff on Bay Settlement Rd. Green Bay

  63. Club 32 in Gillett, is GREAT!!! One of the best fish frys around!!

  64. The Four Way Bar & Restaurant in Suamico. Perch, walleye, blue gill, salmon, frog legs, haddock…available everyday & includes salad bar ! Has been a Suamico favorite for over 35 years

  65. Moes Corner in Rio Creek Wisconsin. Awesome fish and awesome prices!!

  66. Anduzzi’s Sports Club in Green Bay and Howard, Wisconsin has great perch too. 🙂

  67. Tanners Tap and Grill
    Omro, Wi
    Excellent fish including, perch, blue gill, baked or deep fried haddock, walleye, shrimp scampi or tempura. All dinners come with a choice of homemade soup, a salad or homemade coleslaw, on top of that a potato! Fries, wedges, homemade potato salad, homemade German potato salad, American fries, baked or twice baked potatoes! If you aren’t a fish eater, there are plenty of options (sandwiches, homemade pizzas, sandwiches and appetizers).

  68. Diane Smits says

    Sportsman’s Bar and Grill in Navarino has the best perch and walleye!!!

  69. Red Cabin at Green Acres in Fond du Lac/Dotyville! !!

  70. Nothing good here in Florida. How I miss Wisconsin fish fries!!

  71. Drop Lates in Manitowoc and replace with the Green Street Tavern. Right around da corner

  72. wertel’s tap- east side Green Bay. The best perch! Not too much breading but not fishy. Perfection!

  73. Rookies Bar and Grill Denmark Wi

  74. Debbie Gevaert says

    Everyone missed North Chase Bar and Grill in Suamico. All of their fish is excellent! You can even get garlic mashed potatoes. The wait is never very long either. Drinks are good also!!! They are very friendly too.

  75. Jamie Amar says

    Omg this is awesome! Been a fan of Bloody Marys for a long time. You should try that one called LAVA (www.lavabmm.com). It’s the best bloody mary mix, I think, since it tastes really good, not to mention, it uses whole non-gmo San Marzano tomatoes and is gluten free. =)

  76. Best hands down is The Goal Post in Bellevue. Try it you’ll like it.

  77. The Barn in Lena is closed.

  78. Gail Rueckl says

    For Seasons in Arbor Vitae had a wonderful fish fry and the atmosphere is cozy!!

  79. Larry Murphy says

    The Airport Restaurant in Shawano.

    • Larry J. Murphy says

      Went there again now for the 4th year in a row now and continue to be very pleased with the the place, environment,, the fish plates and service. Seems that we’re not the only ones. always really busy on a Friday night during the summer, and probably would assume the three seasons as well. Will continue to return on our annual return home vacation. From Howard and have always been great fan of Farr’s grove, but just too far to run back from the lake house near Keshena in Menominee County.

  80. Casey Larsen says

    Valmy Happy Hour Great perch plate, they’re a small place with delicious food. they also have other fish plates as well and choice of potatoes and you chose pan fried or deep fried.

  81. I grew up in Oconomowoc. My Foster Parents, Their two Sons, and I used to go to a Friday Night Fish Fry close to Brookfield Square (the shopping mall) but I don’t remember what it was called BUT I KNOW IT TASTED SO GOOD! I am still trying to Research that place.

  82. Dale Hamblin says

    Going to Marshfield, then to Black Creek for Polka, which place close should we try, all sound great! Dale

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