Discover the NEW Zoo Adventure Park – An Adrenaline Rush That’s Close to Home


If you think there’s no adventure to be had in Northeast Wisconsin – you obviously haven’t heard about the area’s newest attraction.

The NEW Zoo in Suamico is opening an exciting park in the nearby Reforestation Camp that’s the perfect spot for outdoor lovers and thrill-seekers of all kinds!

The rustic NEW Zoo Adventure Park will feature three outdoor challenges including a 40-foot rock climbing tower, an aerial adventure ropes course and dual-racing zip lines!

You can do all three challenges in about two hours – or pick and choose your adventure.

NEW Zoo and Adventure Park Director, Neil Anderson says, “I have tried the zip line, and it is an adrenaline rush.”

It’s been about two years since Anderson had the idea to add the park. He’s anxious to finally open it up to visitors.

“We are excited to expose our Zoo visitors to the new Adventure Park – as well as the hikers, bikers, skiers and horseback riders of the Reforestation Camp.” Anderson says. “Grand opening is at 2:30 pm on May 7th, with a special guest to open the park…wish I could tell you…”

I wonder who it will be?! Leave a comment if you have a good idea.

The park is Eco-friendly. It was designed to have minimal impact on the environment with respect to mother nature.

Anderson describes the project as “more outdoor adventure-like, than amusement park look and feel.” He also says, “A challenge, zip or adventure course concept is a natural fit for the Reforestation Camp – and the Zoo.”

Here’s a sneak peak at the three challenges you can experience…

Dual Racing Zip Lines

Zip lining is fun. But – racing your friends on dual zip lines through a beautiful forest is even better – especially when you win.

The zip lines are 1,000 feet long and can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The experience begins with a 50-foot climb to the top of the historic fire and civil defense tower.

The zip line adventure is exhilarating, but it also lets you experience a little piece of Northeast Wisconsin history along the way.

“The zip line tower was built in 1955 and will be 60 years old next year,” Anderson said. On your way up, you’ll even get a glimpse from the past. “Very interesting graphics are going up!” Anderson says. The pictures will illustrate and educate people on the history of the tower.

There’s actually a pretty neat story behind the history of the reforestation camp and fire tower. From 1952 to 1975, the zoo was home to white-tailed deer, timber wolves, black bears and Brown County prison inmates.

When a huge fire struck in 1948, it destroyed 80 acres of forestland in the area. That’s when the county made plans to improve all 1640 acres and reforest the land. A year later, a prison camp started and the Reforestation Camp was born.

Brown County inmates worked all day planting trees. Every spring, they would plant thousands of seedlings. And now – almost 60 years later – we get to zip line across the forestland and play among the trees – thanks to all that hard work.

When the fire tower was built in 1955, the inmates, boy scouts and the superintendent of the camp took turns at the top watching for fires. The tower also doubled as a way to observe and report aircraft in the area. That same year, the U.S. Air Force Air Defense Command gave out 28 awards to plane spotters from Suamico.

The Aerial Adventure Ropes Course


The Aerial Adventure Ropes Course has three levels. Even your six year old can try to conquer level one, or the lower level. The rest of the park is meant for anyone ages 8 to 80 who weighs less than 275 pounds. Don’t worry, the park has a state-of-the-art safety system in place.

The three-level aerial ropes course has 16 different  challenges!

The NEW Zoo Adventure Park does a nice job of laying it out. Take a look…

  • Level 1: Wobble Bridge, Tension Traverse, Taco Net, Multi-vine Traverse
  • Level 2:  Zig-Zag bridge, Spider Web, V-bridge, Catwalk, Multi-vine Traverse, Floating Islands
  • Level 3:  Swinging Logs, Heebie Geebie, Moon Loops, Cargo Net, High Wobble Bridge, Bosun Chairs

The ropes course alone will make for a fun one hour workout for you, and an amazing confidence-building experience for your kids! If you’re hungry afterwards, you could walk over to the NEW Zoo for a snack while you pay a visit to the animals.

The 40-Foot Rock Climbing Tower


Just when you were wishing for bigger rock-climbing walls around here… BAM!  Adventure Park hits us with a three-sided, 40 foot climbing tower.

This challenge also has three different levels of difficulty and is very safe to climb.  Before each climbing adventure, you’ll get a quick orientation on the ground.

To my knowledge, you can choose to climb the tower once, or climb all day long!

This may not be all that the N.E.W Zoo Adventure Park will offer. It sounds like Anderson might have even more fun up his sleeves.

“Future plans are being discussed with a possible Eco-canopy tour of the forest, and maybe over part of the zoo.” He told me. “A new ‘Base Camp’ building is also planned for team building opportunities. It will have an Everest look and feel.”

Besides family fun, the Adventure Park sounds like a great place for businesses to take employees.

I’m excited to spend a fun family day outdoors at the NEW Zoo Adventure Park.

I’ll just have to wait a few more years for my boys to get old enough. But until then – I’ll challenge my husband to a dual zip lining race.

Butterflies in my stomach!

Click Here for NEW Zoo Adventure Park Hours & Pricing.

What Adventure Park challenge do you think you would try? Who do you think will open the park on Grand Opening day?

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