22 Wisconsin Bands Playing Original Music in Green Bay and the Fox Cities [Videos]

Wisconsn Bands Original Music

If you’re like me – when it comes to discovering new music – you rely on a few friends who know where to find the good stuff.

When we decided to put together this list of local bands who write and perform their own material, it was much the same. I turned to a friend of a friend who is at the center of the live music scene in Green Bay.

Tom Johnson books shows for the Lyric Room – a performance venue located inside Keggers on Broadway in Green Bay. Prior to that, Tom was often booking shows at The Crunchy Frog.

He helped us fill up this list with an eclectic mix of local musicians playing everything from punk rock to bluegrass.

Also…this article is in no way meant to belittle or offend the talented local musicians playing in cover bands. They are the ones giving people what they want, which is familiar songs that let us all sing along.

But how do you know what you really want if you haven’t heard it yet?

It takes a lot of guts to create your own original music and play it in front of an unruly bar crowd. For that reason – we wanted to bring special attention to those types of bands – because they deserve it.  Buy their albums, go to their shows and show some support. You never know who could turn into the next big thing, but no band can do that without fans.

Keep in mind – the performers mentioned in this article are listed in no particular order or rank. We just like numbering things here at WhooNEW.

1. Cool Waters Band

Cool Waters Band

The story of The Cool Waters Band is a classic rock and roll tale.

A basement jam session in 1993 with brothers Greg and Dan Waters along with their friend Mike Cool turned into a musical journey that’s now lasted more than two decades.

That journey includes being based in Colorado for a time before returning to the area and building a loyal following. They split ways in 2007, but remained on good terms, occasionally playing reunion shows for a fan base that has always been eager to get more Cool Waters.

Now they are back together again “permanently,” according to their website.

Members of Cool Waters Band worked on other projects for a number of years. Drummer Matt Gieseke played with Boxkar while frontman Greg Waters formed Greg Waters and the Broadstreet Boogie.

The Cool Waters style is often described as an eclectic mix of roots rock. A Warner Brother’s rep once explained their music as “…Maroon 5 meets The Black Crowes meets Train meets Tesla. ”

The band is working on new original music and plans to start putting together a new album sometime this year.

Watch Cool Waters Band Perform at Appleton’s Rock Garden Studio

2. The Muddy Udders

Muddy UddersGreen Bay based band, The Muddy Udders, calls their style of music “toe-slapping grease rock.” They say that could be anything from punk to rockabilly to blues and maybe even a little metal.

Basically – this trio plays rock and roll. Tom Johnson told me they absolutely had to be on this list.

Matty Day, Augie Barnhart and Roelke Thunderbolt got their start in 2006 and make regular appearances at Green Bay rock venues like the Crunchy Frog and White Dog Black Cat Cafe. They also take their show around the Midwest.

Matty composes most of the original songs, and they’ve recorded three albums so far. The band also likes to change up their roles – switching instruments on albums and during performances.

The Muddy Udders have a lot of Wisconsin dates on their summer tour – so keep an eye out for them if you’re up for a good show.

Watch the Muddy Udders Perform at Frets and Friends in Green Bay

3. The Traveling Suitcase

Traveling SuitcaseThe Traveling Suitcase has generated plenty of buzz and much-deserved attention over the last year.

This Oshkosh-based trio was one of our favorites and a standout at the first-ever Mile of Music Festival in Appleton. They recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign allowing them to complete a new album.

Brandon Domer (bass and keys), Bill Grasley (guitar) and Nicole Rae (drums and vocals) play tight-knit rock that is something like what you might imagine Janis Joplin and The Black Keys would sound like together.

(Read more in WhooNEW’s article with the band).

Along with that distinctive sound comes passionate, high-energy performances led by Rae who drums and sings at the same time.

The Traveling Suitcase once had quite a few other members – but they’ve since boiled things down to the basics – a move that has helped the band focus according to Nicole Rae.

“In the beginning we were speed dating each other,” she explains. “Now we are in a healthy, committed threesome relationship.”

Watch the Music Video “King Elliot” from The Traveling Suitcase

4. Fun w/Atoms

Fun W AtomsMany people don’t realize it, but Green Bay was once a haven for indie music – especially alternative rock and punk rock bands as well as their fans.

At the center of all that was the band Fun w/Atoms. They were known as the “unofficial house band” at a bar called Lefty’s – which was a place that all sorts of soon-to-be famous bands played – including the Violent Femmes and Soul Asylum.

The members of Fun w/Atoms – Rick Smith (guitar), Dan Collins (bass) and Curt Lefevre (drums) are still playing and still making albums together. Their latest, Smart, came out in 2010.

Record producer Butch Vig – who also worked with Nirvana and Garbage, produced the band’s critically-acclaimed debut album Main Street – which was released in 1985.

In 2013, Fun w/Atoms played a Lefty’s reunion show at Phat Headz in Green Bay. Read more in a WhooNEW article about the history of the music scene in Green Bay.

Watch Fun w/Atoms Perform at Phat Headz in Green Bay

5. Rev. Norb and the Onions

Rev Norb Onions

While Fun w/Atoms played what you could call indie pop rock, another Green Bay band that emerged shortly after took advantage of the growing punk scene.

That was Boris the Sprinkler, led by zany frontman Rev. Norb (Norb Rozek).  The irreverent punk rockers were known for wearing outlandish outfits and poking fun at anything and everything.

To call Rev. Norb wild and crazy would be an understatement. I dug up a YouTube video that shows him on the 90s daytime talk show Jenny Jones, in which he meets a secret crush. It is hilariously awkward.

Today when the scepter-wielding Rev. Norb plays a gig, he gets back-up from Manitowoc band The Onions.

In addition to entertaining on stage. Rev. Norb has written for music mags like Maximum Rock and Roll, and even put together a line-by-line analysis of Boris the Sprinkler’s music in 2013 – The Annotated Boris: Deconstructing the Lyrical Majesty of Boris the Sprinkler. Find the book on Amazon.com.

Watch an Official Rev. Norb and the Onions Music Video

6. Jetty Boys

Jetty BoysFrom one generation of punk rock to another…but this time the band hails from Sheboygan.

Bandmates Drew Fredrichsen and Eric Mahnke were part of another group called Leg Hounds, which broke up. They found themselves a drummer in Jon “Bunnz” Mickelson and have been performing together since 2007.

During that time they’ve played hundreds of shows and released three albums. Their latest is Let ‘Er Rip, which was released last summer. You can listen to that entire album on their Bandcamp Page.

The Jetty Boys have a familiar punk sound that one online music critic described this way when reviewing the band’s sophomore album – Sheboygan:

“This album is exactly what Green Day should be doing now, instead of sucking. This is all the catchy alt-pop-punkness that Green Day use to be back when they were great.”

Other articles around the web also say the Jetty Boys are an underrated, veteran pop-punk group.

Watch Jetty Boys Perform Live

7. Shaker and the Egg

shaker and the egg

Shaker and the Egg arrived on the local live music scene around 2010, and quickly became one of the most popular bands in the Green Bay area.

They’re known for their unique mix of swing and funk that puts crowds in a good mood and makes it pretty hard not to dance.

Lead guitarist Tony Warpinski founded the band and put together a talented group that includes lead singer Pat Schorr, saxophonist Seth Jorgensen, Andrew Klaus on drums, Erik Sikich on bass and Alex Drossart on keyboards.

In addition to original songs from their self-titled debut album, Shaker and the Egg also plays covers that you may not normally hear. That includes songs like Zoot Suit Riot, Jump Jive and Wail and Mack the Knife – which you’d expect from a band like this. But they also put their own spin on Michael Jackson and Metallica.

Watch a Music Video from Shaker and the Egg

8. Boxkar


Long-time Fox Valley favorite Boxkar recently went through some lineup changes – going from a five-piece alternative rock group to a trio.

Frontman Chris Szebeni plays drums standing while singing – at least for the time being. Former drummer Matt Gieseke returned to play with Cool Waters Band.

Boxkar has enjoyed some serious success over the years. They’ve jammed with the Goo Goo Dolls and recoreded at their studio. They’ve represented Hard Rock Cafe Chicago in a contest involving 12,000 bands – and placed 5th overall. Boxkar even performed at President George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2004.

Boxkar has released three albums so far, the latest is called Can You Hear Me. They also recently released a new single called “I’m Over You,” which you can hear on their website.

Watch an Unplugged Performance from Boxkar at Rock Garden Studios

9. The Sleepwalkers

the sleepwalkersThe Sleepwalkers are a Milwaukee based band, but they got started in Green Bay/Oshkosh and are frequent performers in the Fox Valley area.

They have a certain 90’s rock style sound that’s tough define – even for the band’s founder Ian Olvera. It can be twangy country-like rock, or happy pop rock. But one things for sure – these guys have fun making music.

Besides Olvera on guitar and vocals, The Sleepwalkers also include drummer Ryan Gracyalny, Connor Lamue on bass and guitar player Ryan McCrary.

Their second album, Lost My Mind in Stereo, came out in April and they’ll be touring to support its release this summer. Olvera told OnMilwaukee.com moving to the Brew City has made hitting the road a little easier…

“Milwaukee makes sense as a hub for us in the upper Midwest while still having quick access to other parts of the country.”

But this band still has a lot of connections to the area, and you shouldn’t have a hard time catching them up here in our neck of the woods. Although it’s not official, I’d assume that would include a return to Mile of Music in 2014.

Watch an Official Music Video from The Sleepwalkers

10. Rob Anthony

Rob AnthonyNot a band – but an solo act in this case – Rob Anthony has plenty of fans in the Fox Valley. That’s especially true amongst the ladies, despite the fact he’s grown a big bushy beard.

The Appleton singer-songwriter has released five albums so far, of which the latest was Is This the Plan. Currently, he is

Rob Anthony’s style of music is often described as Americana, and he has won multiple WAMI awards (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) and Songwriters of Wisconsin International awards. His hometown of Appleton even gave him an Honorary Milestone Achievement award.

Anthony’s original songs are heartfelt and passionate – but he’s not without a sense of humor. Here’s how he explains “why he does what he does.”

“I’m an artist and because I get to touch people. (not that way perverts) When I’m performing I try to reach into the soul, grab the struggles of the inner man, and weave it into a solid personal connection.”

 Watch Rob Anthony Perform in Studio

11. Christopher Gold

Christopher GoldAnother bearded singer-songwriter living in Appleton is Christopher Gold. He’s originally from Kentucky and is the son of a bluegrass musician.

Gold plays acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and harmonica when it’s just him and the microphone.

He’s released three albums of original songs including Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin, Old Haunts, and Good and Gone.

While Gold proudly plays the music of his heritage – you’ll also find him playing heavier stuff. He fronts a blues-punk band called Dirty Rotten So So’s which you can also find playing our the area.

The musician lends his talents to other bands as well – he lists The Wandering Sons, RedHawks, Holly & Plastic “and just about anybody else who asks.”

Watch Christopher Gold Perform Live at Harmony Cafe in Appleton

12. Misleader


Christopher Gold picks up electric guitar when he plays with local heavy metal rockers Misleader. Formerly known as Kings Without Queens, this group has been busy reinventing itself – but has already made some waves in the local live music scene.

The hardcore band features front man Brett Larsen with Andy Larsen on guitar, Frank Kashdan on drums and Austin Esquibel on bass. Their Facebook page describes the music of Misleader as hard-hitting beats with vicious vocals.

Since these guys are still newcomers, and they’ve recently renamed and regrouped, there’s not a lot out there from Misleader just yet. But they have released a four-track album which is available on their Bandcamp page.

Watch Misleader Play at Rock and Roll Land in Green Bay

13. Sly Joe and the Smooth Operators

Sly Joe and the Smooth OperatorsIf funky, happy, soulful music is more your thing – then Sly Joe of Oshkosh is your guy.

This band’s music has been featured on prime-time network television, including shows like Parenthood and Friday Night Lights on NBC.

Other main members of the band include Mike Underwood, Dave Jerabek, Ross Catterton and Robin Cardell. But there is also a host of what the band calls “extended family” including horn players, back-up singers and other talented musicians.

The group, which calls its sound “soul with a funky stroll,” just released a new album entitled Miles and Miles to Go.

Sly Joe immersed himself in music from a young age, but says he started to take songwriting seriously after being in a car crash that took a friend’s life and landed him in the hospital. On his website, Sly Joe explains why he chooses to focus on the positive in his music.

“Music is what feelings sound like, and I tend to write a lot about love and happiness… I think it’s helpful to bring more joy into this world, and I do that with my songs.”

Watch an Official Music Video from Sly Joe and the Smooth Operators

14. The Redleg Rebellion

The Redleg Rebellion

To say this band is unique might be a bit of an understatement…

When you’ve got band members with names like Pistol Whip, El Baracho and Black Organa, and you’ve got musicians rocking out on banjo, upright bass, mandolin – and yes washboard – you know you’re in for an interesting show. The rest of the band includes Backpack Jack, The Wanderer, Sheriff Raw Dogg and The Hoodoo Hellfire.

From “the gutters of Appleton” comes The Redleg Rebellion – an act you have to see almost as much as you have to hear. They dress up in old-timey clothes when they take on their personas. The band’s Facebook page describes the music they play as a mix of genres like rockabilly, punk, blues and metal. What they call it is “Murder Gospel.”

So when you go to see one of their shows – expect something a little bit twisted – but also a lot of good foot-stomping fun.

Watch The Redleg Rebellion Perform Live

15. Dead Horses

Courtesy: Chris Lotten

Courtesy: Chris Lotten Photography

Dead Horses is an Oshkosh-based foursome playing folk and bluegrass music – or as they call it – Folkgrass.

The group consists of Peter Raboin on guitar and Sarah Voswinkel on guitar and vocals, Tim McIlree on mandolin and fiddle as well as bass player Dan Wolff. While Sarah is the main voice, the guys also chime in to create four-part harmonies.

You may have heard Dead Horses featured on  Wisconsin Public Radio’s Simply Folk where their debut album, Back to Life, has received significant airplay.

Look for Dead Horses just about anywhere in the area – they say they’re open to anything from church picnics to nudist festivals.

Watch an Official Music Video from Dead Horses

16. Dead Modern Villains

Dead Modern Villians

Courtesy: Che Correa

Dead Modern Villians plays what they call heavy grooves and dirty blues. One online reviewer described the trio’s sound as “blue collar rock.”

This Green Bay band has released two albums so far as well as a live album, recorded at The Elbo Room in Chicago.

Jamsphere magazine said the bands debut album, 2011’s Wisconsin Blues, is “Minimalist in instrumental variety, but delivers considerably complex arrangements within hard-assed, guitar driven tunes.”

Dead Modern Villians features the vocals and guitar playing of Keith Bouche and David Arendt on bass. Drummer Cody Borley replaced Mitch Rudolph in 2013.

The band’s second full-length album Phantasmagoria is now available.

Watch an Official Music Video from Dead Modern Villians

17. Red Light Saints

Red Light Saints

Courtesy: Dave Jackson

Not to be confused with the Canadian band of the same name – Red Light Saints quickly made a name for themselves in the Midwest hard rock scene.

The Green Bay band has played with the likes of Buck Cherry and Sick Puppies. Plus, they’ve recently been touring with’80s glam metal band, Faster Pussycat.

Red Light Saints released their first five-song album, The Legend of Jasper Pipestone in 2012. It has received positive reviews including from NationalRockReview.com.

The band consists of lead singer Travis Schinke, Ben Kuroski and  Lane Bashaw on guitar, Andy Nader on bass, and Luke Heckel on drums, percussion and vocals.

Watch Red Light Saints Unplugged at Rock Garden Studios

18. Harvey Brown

Harvey Brown

Harvey Brown is a newer Green Bay band that mixes rock and rap to create their signature sound. They call it Hip Rock Rap & Roll.

Since starting to perform in 2012, the high-energy group has become a favorite at venues like the Lyric Room and the Crunchy Frog. It’s easy to see why…

Harvey Brown’s lyrics often have local references that let local fans share inside jokes with the band.

They released Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town in the summer of 2013 and they’re working on recording new originals.

Watch a Live Harvey Brown Performance at Green Bay’s Crunchy Frog

19. Eric Lives Here

Eric Lives Here

Eric Lives Here originally began in 2006 with a different lineup and a somewhat different sound. The original members were attending St. Norbert College in De Pere at the time.

They split ways in 2009 after releasing one album, Misplaced Mistakes.

In 2011, front man Mike Thiel – who also covers the local entertainment scene for the Appleton Post-Crescent – reformed the band with new musicians.

The current version of Eric Lives Here has a crowd-pleasing pop-rock sound that helped them quickly build a new fan base. On New Year’s Eve 2013 – they played a bitterly cold show at Menasha’s FirstEve celebration.

Their debut album The Night is Young has received airplay on several local radio stations.  Plus, they got comedian TJ Miller to star in one of their music videos. Most of the new album was recorded in Los Angeles with Mike Thiel’s friend/producer playing guitar and bass while Thiel laid down the drum parts.

Watch an Official Music Video from Eric Lives Here

20. The Ditchrunners


The Ditchrunners hail from Stevens Point – but you’ll often find them playing their outlaw country music on the eastern side of the state.

This isn’t Garth Brooks or Toby Keith country music – it’s more like Johnny Cash on acid. Although the Ditchrunners are probably best compared to someone like Hank Williams III. It’s bad-ass country mixed with a healthy dose of rock and a pinch of bluegrass. They call it “Honky Tonkin’ Gypsy Guttergrass.”

Main members of the band include lead singer Buckshot Bredlau with Alex Dalnodar (guitar), Bob Weigandt (mandolin and guitar), Jayson Minor (bass), Brian Van Wychen (drums) – plus a large group of contributing members.

Even though they use mostly acoustic instruments, The Ditchrunners play live shows with a definite edge. They’ve released a number of albums including Yankee Yell, Runnin’ from the Law and Rips from the Ditch.

Watch a Live Performance from The Ditchrunners

21. Copper Box

Copper BoxThis wouldn’t be a post about Wisconsin music without at least one band featuring an accordion. But this ain’t your grandma’s polka band. Copper Box isn’t really a polka band at all.

However, they have cemented themselves as one of the most entertaining live bands in the area.  While you might hear a polka tune or two at a Copper Box show, they also play zydeco, bluegrass and roots rock music.

Danny Jerabek fronts the band with his accordion, but might also pick up the sousaphone (aka tuba) or play keyboards. Danny’s wife Michelle Jerabek also sings and plays saxophone, guitar, flute and the occasional washboard.

With all that versatility, it’s no surprise that Danny and Michelle grew up in families of musicians. They would sometimes cross paths as youngsters, because Danny’s father would occasionally play in a band with Michelle’s grandfather.

You’ll also find Kevin Junemann on bass and ukelele along with drummer Jason Van Ryzin. The band gets its name from Danny’s accordion – which is sometimes called a “squeeze box.”

The latest album from Copper Box is called After the Rain and was released last summer.

Watch Copper Box Perform at Waterfest in Oshkosh

22. Hillary Reynolds Band

Hillary Reynolds Band

While we can’t technically call this a “Wisconsin band,” the group’s namesake is originally from Appleton. Plus, the Hillary Reynolds Band performs in Northeast Wisconsin frequently – including the Meyer Theatre in Green Bay and at EAA’s Airventure.

Hillary grew up in a family that encouraged the pursuit music, including a father with his own band. Eventually, she went off to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. That’s where she met the rest of the band.

They’ve released two albums since forming in 2009 – First Loves and Since September.

As you might expect with a quintet of  talented Berklee alums, music critics tend to rave about Hillary Reynolds Band and their “transcendent” folk/Americana style. Despite the success – you can expect more visits to Northeast Wisconsin from HRB.

On the band’s blog, Hillary even indicated the long road-trip from Boston to Appleton doesn’t even phase them.

“First off, we’ve come to realize that the 20 hour drive seems rather ‘normal’, especially with four drivers. How twisted is that?!”

You can now find HRB’s music streaming on Pandora.

Watch an Official Music Video from Hillary Reynolds Band

Who Did We Miss?

Please don’t be offended if your favorite area band wasn’t on this list. We didn’t intentionally exclude anyone.

Instead -tell us about the local music-makers creating the songs you love. Leave a comment below and tell us who we should all know about and where we can find their music.

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    What a wonderful, eye-opening article. I had no idea there was this much talent in N.E. WI!

  2. Joe Arena says

    Haunted Heads (oshkosh), Leading the Blind (Appleton) and the Midwestern Charm- just to mention a couple

  3. There are several death/black metal bands in the area which, while not everyone’s cup of tea musically, deserve credit for persevering and playing excellent original music and delivering great shows. Screaming Entombment is one such band that needs to be recognized.

  4. VIctoria Vox and Purgatory Hill are two that may belong on this list

  5. The hook up! Fox valley area can hear music at reverbnation 🙂

  6. Don’t forget original rockabilly music by the Kevin Fayte Rock’n’Roll Trio out of Oshkosh/Fond du Lac!

  7. The Electra Color is a dance rock band from Appleton that has a very fresh sound. Makes you wanna get up and dance or do whatever you do. They are a four piece group. You can see them around the valley, and they have one CD out called “Fighting with Herself”. They are set to start recording the next album soon.

  8. What about WIFEE and the HUZz BAND!?! 10 piece retro soul band with full horns and original music!! wifeeandthehuzzband.com

  9. purgatory hill!! One of the best original bands ever!!

  10. Geoff Landon is a regular at the watering hole in Green Bay. He also has a full country band that plays all over Wisconsin, originals and covers. See him at country USA in June!

  11. Thanks for all the suggestions so far everyone! Looks like we’ll probably have to do a follow up in the near future. If your band or the band you mention has a website (or FB page) – feel free to leave a link in the comments so we (and other readers) can find you.

  12. Kyle Megna and the Monsoons definitely need to be on this list.

  13. Jeanne Endejan says

    Midnight Epidemic an amazing original band from Fond du Lac like them on Facebook working on next cd

  14. RedHawks from Appleton



  15. John the Savage is a really good Wisconsin band that no one sounds like. The Corpse Maggots and Paul Dobbs and the Poon Pirates are also good ones.

  16. Len Nelson says

    Annex, Kyle Megna and the Monsoons, The Lately. All shiuld be included.

  17. Otis Day says

    Verona Grove!

  18. Ryan Mahoney says

    Well done, yes you are gonna miss a few that deserve credit.

  19. Red Light Saints is a Killer band! I love seeing them play.

  20. tom otte says

    Oh my gosh….can’t believe you missed The Guilty Wanted. Kinda like Josh Calhoun & the Eclectics too.

  21. the onions are not just a norb backing band, since you couldnt be bothered to mention me anywhere in the 4 paragraphs about norb, i will toot my own horn: norb has been a member of the onions for almost two years now, we have 2 singles currently available and new album in production. songs are co written by norb and bradx, a manitowoc local with 20+ years activity in the local scene with bands such as last sons of krypton and the tantrums, brad has over 20 vinyl records, albums and singles, of original music, to his credit!

    • You cant mention Rev Norb and the Onions without giving Onions founder Brad Daugs his due!! Brad co writes with Norb and also does most if not all of the musical arrangements and song structure!! No doubt Rev Norb is a punk icon but the onions are “no mere back up band”

    • Brad – so sorry you felt slighted. I totally would have written more about you and The Onions – if I could have found info like that anywhere online. So thanks for sharing. Maybe think about making a website for your band and telling your story there.

      In the end my friend – shouldn’t you just be grateful that I linked to a place where people can buy your group’s music? Again – please forgive me for bruising your ego. I’ve already forgiven you for being a whiner.

      PS – I checked GoDaddy and theonionsarenotrevnorbsbackupband.com is available!!!

  22. Whiskey Ditch & The Presidents are my fav local GB bands! 🙂

  23. Thanks for the ink! The most grievous omissions include HOLLY & THE NICE LIONS, BEACH PATROL, and TIM SCHWEIGER & THE MIDDLEMEN, all artists with multiple releases on various labels. Other notable omissions include PERFUME, IDFK, the SCRAP HEAP KINGS and the DIXXX. Also, just so you can calibrate your stopwatch effectively, i should point out that BORIS THE SPRINKLER came out a full ten years after FUN W/ATOMS…Atoms’ first show was Fall ’82, and ours was Fall ’92. Thanks again!

  24. “O Wretched Man” is a metal band from Oshkosh/Fox Valley that plays locally. There are also 20+ metal bands in the area as well that did not get a mention either, some of which have a big following. Metal dominates the fox cities and surrounding areas.

  25. Newport Jam, madison area. Check them out on Facebook. Great sound.

  26. Dirty deuce out of door county

  27. Beyond Fate, Dafinie, Evoked

  28. Check out The Electra Color. All original, local band. https://m.facebook.com/theelectracolor?_rdr

  29. David Janke says

    Lil’ Davy Max – Livin’ Drivin’ & Playin’ The Blues
    Oshkosh Blue Note Records

    A review of Lil’ Davy’s CD by Mick Rainsford of “Blues in Britain” states:

    Lil’ Davy Max plays vintage Chicago blues the way they should be played, steeped in the Windy City tradition replete with guitar, harp and piano melding as one in the ensemble style that was a feature of the town’s blues in the 50s and 60s. Max plays all of the instruments on this set, members of his band sitting in on only four tracks, demonstrating his virtuosity on guitar, harp and piano, and if that is not enough, he is also blessed with a tough blues voice that is ideally suited to his chosen genre, whilst also writing all of the tracks on this set.

    Max opens with “You Got Me Walkin’ On All Three Legs”, a classic Chi-Town shuffle replete with rolling
    piano and some wonderful harp; his harp again well to the fore, laying down the infectious riff that drives
    “Think Before You Jump”, a “Wang-Wang Doodle styled Wolf blues permeated with tantalizing
    Sumlinesque guitar. There is a dark “Hoochie Coochie” feel, fed by a pulsing bass line, to “If You Had To
    Live My Life (You’d Be In Your Grave By Now)”, Max’s dramatic vocals mirrored by his harp and piano,
    the Muddy feel extended to the intense “Little Girl”, a churning harp fired shuffle replete with brooding

    There are shades of Piazza and William Clarke evident in the menacing “victim Of Passion”; George Smith
    comes to mind on the moody “Tell Me Why”; Gary Shaw’s slide guitar and Max’s moaned vocals invest
    “The Sweetest Little Apple” with a strong “Red Rooster” feel; whilst it is Guitar Slim who comes to mind
    on the melancholy “Christmas In The Jailhouse”, Max’s wailing harp and the nod towards Wolf’s rendition
    of “Sitting On Top Of The World” adding the Windy city feel that permeates all of Max’s blues. (Available at CD Baby)


    Lil’ Davy Max plays in the Valley and beyond. Tonight May 16th, Lil’ Davy Max can be heard at The Chandelier Club in Appleton.

  30. Yup, as JB and MC mentioned above, you totally missed out on all of the great Heavy Metal the Fox Valley has to offer.

  31. real person says

    no tenement. this list is invalid.

  32. Scarlet Curve from Stevens Point WI
    original alternative sounds like the CURE or Pumpkins

  33. Although they haven’t played the Fox Valley yet, Scarlet Curve from Stevens Point is quickly making a name for themselves.

  34. I think Ifdakar deserves some recognition too.

  35. No Sugar Stems? What a farce.

  36. Born under Sirius. Oshkosh WI.

  37. Jake Overby says

    There’s a lot of great bands on here. I think newcomer’s Ronnie Jay and The Standards deserve a mention. Good old fashioned rock and roll with a punk rock twist. They’ve been playing around at such places as Crunchy Frog, The Lyric Room at Keggers and Phat Headz. They’ve opened for touring acts Reno Divorce, Guttermouth, Koffin Kats, and more to come. They’ll also be at Steel Bridge SongFest in Sturgeon Bay this year along with Muddy Udders, Red Leg Rebellion and Dead Modern Villians. They’ve been in the studio working on getting an album together and it’s coming along nicely. There is a demo available on ReverbNation at http://www.reverbnation.com/ronniejayandthestandards and you can also check them out at http://www.facebook.com/ronniejayandthestandards.

  38. Check out Mathew Haeffel. He’s from Milwaukee but plays in N.E.W. quite a bit. http://www.haeffel.com

  39. Shameless Plug…My name is Kurt Gunn http://www.kurtgunn.com. I’ve been doing original music in the area for well over 15 years. Used to play in an original band called Commonplace, and also founded and organized ‘Wisconsin Songwriters Revival’ that ran for over a year (a lot of the guys on this list played in it). I have a new band called ‘Painters’ Light’ which will be launching on May 30th at Jimmy Seas. Painters’ Light is an all original band that will be playing all over this summer, including Savour Green Bay (opening for Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons), and Artstreet. http://www.facebook.com/painterslight for more info. I’m also in the process of putting the finishing touches on my second solo album, recorded and produced by Paul Hanna, due out this summer. Come and check us out.

    Nice article, there are a ton of great original artists out there. Looks like you should have gone Top 50!


  40. Kurt Gunn!

  41. Mackenzie says

    Greg waters was our band for our wedding. So beyond lucky we found them….they are incredible. Thanks to them….people still talk about our wedding and the awesome band.

  42. zigrock1 says

    There is a lot of hard rock/mainstream bands in WI that are out there tearing it up all over WI. Most have CDs releases in the past year. Zero Minus One and Ultrea to name a few and the list goes on and on

  43. Derrick VanDeraa says

    Beach Patrol

  44. Fahrenheit 420!

  45. Check out SunRaEyeS!! Neenah Band. Look them up on Facebook. They play at Canovas Bar Downtown Neenah every other Sunday. They also play at The Source Public House in Menasha on Valentine’s Day. Completely original and unique music.

  46. unholypassion84 says

    THE CORPSE MAGGOTS: Green Bay (Punk/Horror/Thrash)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecorpsemaggots
    Bandcamp: thecorpsemaggots.bandcamp.com

    LION SLICER: Green Bay (Hardcore Punk/Rock)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lion.Slicer

    WARTORN: Appleton (Crust/Hardcore Punk)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wartorn/272404432793464

    CHOOSE YOUR POISON: Appleton (Thrash Metal)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Choose-Your-Poison/119632551435943
    Bandcamp: http://chooseyourpoison.bandcamp.com/

    RATSAK: Appleton (Hardcore Punk)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ratsakwi
    Bandcamp: http://ratsak.bandcamp.com/

    BURNING SONS: Milwaukee (Hardcore Punk/Metal)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burning-Sons/103145806431578?fref=nf
    Bandcamp: http://burningsons.bandcamp.com/

  47. The Dave Steffen Band. Been around for quit some time. A blues / Rock band. Has at least 7 or 8 original CD’s. Dave is an incredible guitarist and band members are from N/E Wisconsin and are awesome. They frequent the Fox Cities and Green Bay throughout the year. Definately worth checking out live. I don’t believe Dave has any professional videos on the internet. Davesteffenband.com I think

  48. Dirty Johnny says

    Your all Trash.

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