See Dozens of Amazing Shots from the 2014 Mile of Music Festival in Appleton

Mile of Music photo slideshows

If you drove down College Avenue in downtown Appleton during the second Mile of Music, you heard original songs pouring out of buildings and encountered musicians around every street corner.

But the music we heard at Mile of Music was only part of the festival. An extremely important part – to be sure – but there was also a lot to see. Eclectic performers from all over the country came to Appleton to put on exciting shows. They did not disappoint.

We sent local photographer Josh Himes to spend a couple of days snapping shots of the bands. He does not disappoint either…

Check out some of the many incredible images Josh captured. You can view even more of his work at from Mile of Music when you check out the galleries at

Josh is a freelance portrait and event photographer who would love to work with bands in the area. So get in touch with him!

Caroline Smith at Houdini Plaza

Minnesota sweetheart Caroline Smith returned to Mile of Music and helped kick off the festival on a sunny Thursday evening.

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Mile of Music Tom Petty Tribute

Day One at Mile of Music also featured a special tribute to legendary musician Tom Petty. A collection of performers took the stage inside the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel for a VIP show that included Cory Chisel, Adriel Denae, Greg Waters of the Cool Waters Band, singer-songwriter Christopher Gold, members of The Traveling Suitcase and many more.

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The Record Company – Mile of Music Opening Night

Kicking off the festival in front of a massive Thursday night crowd was LA-based blues-rock band The Record Company. This group includes frontman Chris Vos – who grew up in Wisconsin.

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Mile of Music Pop-Up Performances

In addition to scheduled shows, Mile of Music was also full of surprises. Pop-up performances happened when bands or solo performers start playing improptu concerts in the streets and inside unexpected venues.

Josh Himes caught Mike Maimone of the Chicago band Mutts inside the Radisson. He also ran into Farewell Milwaukee playing for folks outside the hotel.

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BBGun on Anduzzi in Appleton’s Patio

Many Appleton bars and restaurants played host to bands all weekend long. Here are some photos of the band BBGun playing on the Anduzzi’s patio.

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Folk Metal Band Boom Forest – Radisson Courtyard

Mile of Music was full of unique musical groups. Many of them – like Boom Forest of Nashville – mash up different styles to create their own sound.

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Stükenberg Onstage at X-TRA 920

The passion of these performers was very evident. They love their music and they love playing it for people. Josh did an excellent job capturing the emotions on the faces of the musicians. Check out some of the expression on the guys from Stükenberg of Austin, Texas.

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GGOOLLDD Performs at Chadwick’s

Mile of Music was very family-friendly during the daytime hours – especially the all ages shows. But it was a different story when the sun went down. That’s when things got a little bit wilder.

GGOOLLDD‘s Saturday night show at Chadwick’s in Appleton is just one example.

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All images appear courtesy of Josh Himes and


  1. Nancy Menn says

    I thoroughly enjoyed MOM this year. Amazingly talented musicians at every venue we attended. Thank you, Cory Chisel and all the others who made this fabulous time possible.

  2. DONNA & TOSH says

    WE had a blast at Mile 2!!! It was so great to go see so many different styles of music!! You get to expand your musical tastes!!! Check out singers/bands you may never have thought you would like or be into!! It was also an emotional experience for me, IT WAS WONDERFULLY AMAZING!!! We met some wonderful people in the crowd, and spoke to many musicians!! THANK YOU TO CORY CHISEL AND OTHERS WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO MILE 3!!!!!!

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