Can You Love the Packers Too Much? Web Series “The Dates of Laura” Takes a Hilarious Look

Too Much Clay Matthews

Music. Movies. Sports. Disagreements on any of these three topics could easily become deal-breakers in a dating relationship.

The search for your soul mate is never easy – but it can be pretty funny. Actress Catherine Urbanek explores the comedic pitfalls of looking for love in her original web trilogy The Dates of Laura.

The finale in the series will hit home for many Green Bay Packers fans. Too Much Clay Matthews shows us what happens when what would seem to be a fantastic date goes haywire as NFL loyalties are revealed.

The Dates of Laura – which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube – follows a young, single woman on three different dates.

In the final episode, Laura meets Hank. The two seem to be hitting it off, perhaps even falling in love, but that all changes when talk turns to sports.

Laura is a die-hard Brewers and Packers fan with a big crush on Clay Matthews. Hank loves the Chicago Bears so much  he’s had the team logo tattooed across his chest. They attempt to overcome their feelings of disgust – but it just doesn’t seem to work.

Watch the clip below to see what happens as Laura and Hank try to ignore each others’ football passions as they get passionate with each other.

Watch a Clip from Too Much Clay Matthews

I’m a huge Packers fan. But honestly, I also would have a hard time concentrating during a make-out session if Clay Matthews’ face was everywhere I looked!

The Mind Behind The Dates of Laura

Catherine Urbanek cheers for the Packers, rocks out to Led Zeppelin and seems pretty comfortable cursing. Sounds like a typical Wisconsin woman to us, right?

However, just like the title character in her web trilogy, Catherine did not grow up in Wisconsin. She developed an appreciation for the state and especially the Green Bay Packers thanks to her Wisconsinite father.

“My dad was born in Milwaukee and we used to spend summers there because we enjoyed the city and the state of Wisconsin so much,” Catherine explains. “Visits to Gilles Frozen Custard and Jack Pandl’s Whitefish Bay Inn, and road trips to Kohler and Door County were all mandatory.”

She’s watched Brett Favre play at Lambeau Field and became an official Packers owner when her mom gave her team stock for Christmas a couple years ago.

Another part of Laura that reflects Urbanek’s actual life is the fact that she’s a big fan of Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. Catherine especially enjoyed the Clay Matthews Fathead commercials that have #52 playing a handyman who suggests giant wall stickers for home repairs.

Catherine even bought some Packers Fatheads to help create the bedroom scene in Too Much Clay Matthews.

“I was excited when I got to decorate the set for this last short film. I already had the t-shirt, but I kept the pictures, the fathead and the pillowcase from the shoot,” she says.

Watch The Clay Matthews Fathead Video

Catherine says she’s dated non-Packers fans before and it hasn’t always worked out.

“I was in a relationship briefly with a Chiefs fan and when they beat the Packers, he sent me a text message to gloat. I was livid. We didn’t last long.”

However, she also has a friend who cheers for NFC North rivals, the Detroit Lions. The two trade smack-talk regularly and can even watch a football game together without ruining the friendship. If you watch until the end of Too Much Clay Matthews, you’ll see that there still may be hope for romance between Hank and Laura.

Catherine started The Dates of Laura as a short film based on a real argument she had with a friend. They both appreciated Elton John’ music, but disagreed on the merits of a My Morning Jacket cover of “Rocket Man.” She got such a positive response to the video she chose to take her idea further.

“I decided to turn the concept into a trilogy, kind of a three-act play seen on film instead of a staged performance,” she says. “I wrote the second short about a conflict over a movie, specifically Good Will Hunting. Finally, since men and women alike can be extremely passionate about football and team loyalties, football seemed like a logical subject matter for the final installment.”

One of Urbanek’s college professors thinks there’s more to The Dates of Laura than awkward dating moments alone. Dr. Michael Chemers of UC Santa Cruz called the series “a surprisingly deep meditation on the nature of human attraction,” which also comes with “snappy dialogue, hilarious scenes, awesome plot-twists, and hot young people making out.” Sounds like a winner.


Catherine Urbanek in “The Dates of Laura”

Catherine Urbanek attended Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

She’s also studied improvisation at the legendary Groundlings Theater, which has produced comedy powerhouses like Phil Hartman, Will Ferrel, Kathy Griffin and Kristen Wiig – just for starters.

It’s obvious that Urbanek has some “comedy chops” herself. We wouldn’t be surprised if someday soon we’ll be adding her to our list of Celebrity Packers Fans.

Look for her in other past and upcoming projects. That includes another web series called Welcome Home, Loser – about jobless college grads forced to move in with their parents. She’s also a producer on the series, which should be released before the end of the year. The show completed a successful Kickstarter campaign over the summer.

She co-starred in a comedy web series called Princess Business about a struggling standup comic and an actress who start their own children’s entertainment service as Disney princesses. You can even spot her in feature film roles like the comedy Lucky Stiff with Jason Alexander and A Little Game with Olympia Dukakis and F. Murray Abraham.

Urbanek is passionate about both filmmaking as well as theater, and plans to write and produce more of her own material – even if it’s all just for the fun of it.

“I love making people laugh, so when I hear that people enjoy my work or find it funny, that’s the best reward and that kind of response makes it all extremely fulfilling.”

Connect with Catherine Urbanek Online:

Watch Catherine Urbanek in Welcome Home, Loser

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