Experience the Magic of the Medieval Era at the County of Brown Renaissance Faire


It’s almost time to round up your family and some friends for an unforgettable experience that will take you back to the 16th century.

This weekend, September 13th and 14th, you’ll have the chance to travel back in time and discover the magic of the Medieval and Renaissance eras at Brown County’s very own Renaissance Faire.

But it’s not-so-much about getting a history lesson. It’s more about having a good time. There’s family-friendly fun during the day, and what organizers like to call “medieval mischief” at night.

This will be the fourth year Patty Hendrickson, co-owner of the Mustard Seed Cafe in Bellevue, has put together this exciting event.

She loves that it is family-friendly by day, but also promises some fun for grown ups when the sun goes down.  That’s especially true in the company of the very popular musical comedy act put on by the Musical Blades. The group’s performances are described as piratically sensible, funny and electrifying! And perhaps a bit naughty, too…

fairyThe County of Brown Renaissance Faire will have a variety of awesome medieval games and lots of festival food like sausages, doughnuts, butterfly fries and pickles on a stick!

But the favorite food item at this event is always the huge turkey legs! They’re the perfect thing to munch on as you wander the fairgrounds. Chef Ken of the Mustard Seed is responsible for making the turkey legs – so you know they’ll be delicious.

For beverages –  there will be plenty of hot cider, beer, wine and mead – which is a Renaissance era-inspired beer that has a hint of honey flavor.

The Ren Faire will bring the historic past and magical fantasies to life – especially if you get into the act and dress up too! But – whether you come as a Lord, Lady, Pheasant or dressed in your everyday clothes – you can expect to have a total blast.

You’ll see all kinds of amazing entertainment, traveling musicians, live music and a variety of local handmade arts and crafts gathered beneath the big shade trees at the Brown County Fair Grounds in De Pere.

Spend the day being fascinated by fire dancers and fire throwers, jugglers, belly dancers, NWTC pottery artisans, and get entertained by knights, fairies, wizards and whimsical characters of all sorts!

Kids of all ages will make lasting memories at this festival. They’d probably get a kick out of dressing up as a princess, a fairy, Robin Hood, a knight or in some other creative costume. But dressed up or not, they’ll love the all the medieval games, engaging activities, amazing acts and other fun things to see.

snakePlus, they’ll get to make bubble wands, get their faces painted, make swords and head wreaths – all included with admission.

The scavenger hunt is always a favorite – and it’s free too.

Patty told me it’s so much fun, adults want to do it too! When young participants have collected all of their treasures from around the wooded grounds, the boys will get knighted by the king and the girls will get to be made a Fair Lady of the Queen’s court.

Your young knights and little maidens will even have a chance to hold authentic weapons from centuries ago, do some kite flying, and learn about fencing as they duel with a knight!

Load them up with fun games, a bit of fantasy and some fantastic food and they’ll happily go to bed dreaming of fairies and doughnuts.

The Musical Blades – The Country’s Premier Comedy Music Act

But when the clock strikes 7 pm, and all the tired little lasses and laddies have gone home with the sitter, prepare yourselves to be entertained by one of the most talented, hilarious and…naughty pirate-themed singing acts. Huzzah!

Call over the nearest tavern wench and throw back another mug of mead. Argg! As the blades say, “Get your pirate on!”

Join in the fun Saturday night as the grounds are transformed into a medieval inn for grown ups. This saucy crew of swashbuckling pirates will take you into a world of 17th century piracy with witty dialogue and original music over ales and grog.

The Musical Blades began 14 years ago as a simple sword-fighting stage act, and after a decade of performances at countless festivals and clubs in 11 states across the county, they’ve evolved into nationally-recognized act.

The mug-banging pub chant-alongs, rowdy traditional folk-rock tunes and mushy sea shanties of the seven fearless misfit rogues have thrilled audiences wherever they go.

The band will be releasing their 9th studio album, Pieces of Eight and Treasures of Old, on September 19th, which is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Here’s the first single from the new CD – Byker Hill.

Talk about good family fun doubled with an awesome party in the park. Journalist, Neil Steinberg, once described what he thought you can get from a unique Renaissance Faire experience like this – in an article in the Chicago Sun-Times. He wrote,

“If theme parks, with their pasteboard main streets, reek of a bland, safe, homogenized, whitebread America, the Renaissance Faire is at the other end of the social spectrum, a whiff of the occult, a flash of danger and a hint of the erotic. Here, they let you throw axes. Here are more beer and bosoms than you’ll find in all of Disney World.”

Here’s a recap of the County of Brown Renaissance Faire coming up next weekend! Print it out and save the date. And don’t forget to Like the County of Brown Renaissance Faire on Facebook to show your support. The Faire is a lot of fun, but also makes for a great way to learn and experience the authentic medieval times.


County of Brown Renaissance Faire Details


Brown County Fair Grounds | Fort Howard Drive | West De Pere, WI

Event Hours:

  • Saturday, September 13th 10am – 11pm
  • Sunday, Septermber 14th 10am-4:30pm

Cost of admission:

  • Adults $10 | Kids ages 3-12 $5
  • Parking – $2

We’ll see you there!



  1. How fun! I went to the Door County Ren faire a few years ago. I think it must have been around 4th of July. It was a good time. Anyone know if they continued with that? This sounds like a fun little thing. I’m a huge fan of Renaissance faires and I’ve been to them all over the country. I’m assuming this is nothing like Bristol or Minneapolis, but I’m sure it’s a nice way to pass the day. And no, you definitely don’t get a history lesson there. But it’s even more fun if you go in costume!

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