What If Zombies Took Over Titletown? [Infographic]


What would it be like if the zombie virus spread throughout Green Bay?

Imagine fighting for your life in a broken down frozen tundra. You are constantly a victim to brain-hungry, hostile zombies.

If you were in one of the few isolated groups of survivors – how would you handle the outbreak? No more phones. No more internet. No shopping. No fast food. Where would you find safety and shelter?

Green Bay isn’t huge – but there are still some good places to hide out if we ever have a zombie apocalypse. And thankfully, living in Wisconsin does have its benefits.

Here are a few of our zombie apocalyptic visions to help put things into perspective for you. What are your visions or ideas?


It’s pretty unlikely that a zombie apocalypse would actually ever happen, but the CDC still wants us to be prepared for it!

They say we may need the “emergency-preparedness techniques” someday.

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Featured image credit: Matthew Hogan


  1. So I’m working on dressing a mannequin for our new exhibit with my colleague and we’re joking around, and we both agreed that we wouldn’t die for maritime history (don’t ask me how that came up, I’m not sure). I said I would die for Packers history, though. He asked me in what scenario could that occur and I couldn’t think of anything (except getting tackled by Clay Matthews, which wouldn’t really be a hardship). As we’re cleaning up, I sat down at my computer and voila!–here’s this post. And there’s your scenario. I’d defend the Packer Hall of Fame to the death against zombies.

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