10 Reasons Why Aaron Rodgers Should Host Saturday Night Live

Aaron Rodgers hosts SNL

We know Aaron Rodgers can perform on the football field. But how good would he be at performing in the most famous live show in television history?

He can lead the Green Bay Packers in a comeback victory with less than a minute to play in the 4th quarter. But can he change costumes and get into character over the span of a commercial break?

Plenty of other sports figures have stepped on to the stage of Saturday Night Live’s Studio 8H. Why shouldn’t this future hall of fame quarterback have his shot?

We couldn’t think of any reason why not. But here are 10 reasons why Rodgers would be an all-star host of SNL.

1. Aaron Rodgers Has a Good Sense of Humor

Rodgers seems to be a pretty funny guy. You’ll catch a glimpse of his sense of humor in post-game press conferences and media interviews when he occasionally let’s a slightly sarcastic quip fly.

Perhaps the best indication of Aaron Rodgers’ lighter side is his fondness for photobombing.

Since the 2006 season, the quarterback has been posing behind the game’s team captains. In a feature from NFL films, the Packers’ team photographer says he thought Rodgers – still the backup at the time – was ending up in the photos on accident. But Rodgers was purposefully popping up behind his stone-faced teammates, and now it’s become a tradition.

From Gatorade goggles to Smoking Jay Cutler impressions – you can see some of the best Rodgers photobombs at Packers.com.

This goes to show that even at the beginning of a big game, Rodgers is cool enough to goof off just a little bit. Anything for a laugh, right?

2. His Girlfriend, Olivia Munn, is Funny Too

Olivia_MunnIn fact, she’s not just funny. Olivia Munn is downright hilarious. Oh, and extremely beautiful too.

If you created some sort of algorithm ranking female celebrities based on hilariousness and gorgeousness – Munn would be on the short list.

In 2006, just as Aaron was beginning his photobombing career, Olivia Munn landed a job as co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show. This role involved plenty of comedy sketches.

Today her list of credits on IMDB includes everything from Annoying Orange and Robot Chicken to New Girl and an upcoming comedy starring Johnny Depp. She’s also done horror movies and drama Most notably, Munn plays the role of Sloan Sabbith on Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom.

Even Robert Downey Jr. (who is a former SNL cast member) was impressed by her improvisation skills in Iron Man 2.

The point here is that Olivia could probably give Aaron a few pointers. Plus, she’d also make for a memorable cameo or two.

The only drawback for Rodgers is that Olivia Munn has the potential to steal the show.

Watch Olivia Munn in Clips from Attack of the Show

3. Aaron Rodgers Has Already Worked with SNL Alumni

Besides having a famously funny girlfriend, Rodgers was already been lucky enough to work with some comedy legends in his commercial acting career.

Of course, we’re talking about those popular State Farm Insurance commercials in which the Packers quarterback appears alongside some famous Saturday Night Live characters.

First it was the SNL Bears fans (aka Bill Swerski’s Superfans) played by George Wendt as Bob Swerski and Robert Smigel as Carl Wollarski. Smigel is a legendary Saturday Night Live writer who created the ’90s animated segment TV Funhouse and also voices Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for Conan O’Brien.

Then Aaron Rodgers got “pumped up” after undergoing some training with Hanz and Franz – Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon’s classic characters.

So we know Rodgers has made connections with SNL insiders. Maybe they even gave him a few pointers.

Watch Some of the SNL/State Farm Commericals with Rodgers

4. He Respects the Way Saturday Night Live Works

Here’s something you may not realize…

Apparently, Aaron Rodgers was already asked to be on Saturday Night Live, and he turned the offer down. But don’t lose heart! It’s not because he doesn’t want to. I think it’s actually because he wants to do it right.

When NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning was scheduled to host SNL back in 2012, Rodgers was on a San Diego sports talk radio show and said:

“I have been invited. I want to do it right and the commitment that it takes, in my opinion to do it the right way, was just too much for me this off-season. I will be doing that in the future and look forward to the opportunity. NBC has been great to me and I’ll look forward to getting on there…It’s a lot of rehearsal and I’d like to do it right — spend a week out there, spend time with the writers and the actors and put on a good show.”

So here is what Aaron means when he says he wants to “do it right.”

Some people come on SNL and tick off the cast, the writers, the producers – everyone. That’s because they waltz in with a big entourage, act like divas and d-bags and expect special treatment.


Lorne Michaels, SNL Exec Producer

People like Steven Seagal have been banned from SNL for acting like jerks. Bill Hader once called Justin Bieber the worst host ever. Even comedic icon Milton Berle managed to rub folks the wrong way.

When you host Saturday Night Live – you’re working in the trenches. You’ve got less than a week to throw a show together, and you’re expected to pull your weight no matter how big of a star you are.

Good SNL hosts put in the long hours, pitch ideas and work shoulder-to-shoulder with the writing staff.

Rodgers was showing respect for the process of putting on this show. Hopefully, Executive Producer Lorne Michaels realizes that and extends another invitation.

5. Aaron Rodgers Knows How to R-E-L-A-X

If you’re going to host Saturday Night Live, you need to stay calm under pressure.

That’s one thing Packers fans know Rodgers can do. Even when games go awry, this guy usually seems to keep a level head. His quarterback rating is so high because he rarely throws interceptions. Rodgers thinks before he acts and does it quickly.

He improvises if he has to, but he keeps his wits about him. On the other hand, Rodgers predecessor Mr. Brett Favre, really liked to wing it. Favre probably would have been better on Whose Line is it Anyway?

Rodgers uses his leadership skills to keep the rest of the team focused as well. So he could help keep everyone at SNL cool when things get crazy.

As a matter of fact, he’s even stepped  in to calm down anxious football fans. In 2014, after a couple of tough losses early in the season, Aaron went on the radio with a special message for Packer Nation. It became the now-famous “RELAX” soundbite.

6. Rodgers Has Some Decent Acting Skills

Aaron Rodgers already has his own IMDB page. Of course, there’s only one credit. That would be from his guest appearance in the final season of NBC’s The Office.

But you’ve got to admit…Aaron acted the hell out of that crap!

He played himself – so not too much of a stretch. But as a reality TV judge – see now we’re building a character with multiple dimensions. You could really tell that Rodgers wasn’t phoning this one in – even if he only had a couple of lines.

We can see more of his acting versatility in his commercial work. Comedically – we know he can play both the straight man and the clown – which is important for Saturday Night Live.

In the State Farm commercials, he plays it straight while everyone else gets the laughs, but he can also be the goofy guy doing photobombs. Only comedy geniuses like Steve Martin can play both sides of the comedic coin. Rodgers just might have the touch.

And he can play touching too. Have you seen those Prevea commercials? Heartfelt concern for your health is oozing out of Aaron’s eyeballs!

Watch Part of Rodgers’ Appearance on The Office

7. Rodgers Has Some Musical Talent Too

The best opening monologues on Saturday Night Live are the big musical numbers. This usually doesn’t happen for athletes – unless it’s a joke – like the time Patriots QB Tom Brady tried singing.

But Rodgers has publicly stated that he enjoys playing music and is a big fan of country in particular. He even got on the Resch Center stage and joined country music star Brad Paisley in 2011. (See the video)

What I’m getting at is that – if Rodgers ever hosts – the producers at SNL should consider letting him play his acoustic guitar in the opening monologue.

In the video below, Aaron says he took guitar lesson at Heid Music and gets really deep about the impact of music in his life. Apparently, he’s even written his own songs. You can almost see the woman interviewing him falling in love in the process.

Watch Aaron Rodgers Talk About Music…and Looooove

8. Rodgers Knows How to Pull Off Different Looks


Courtesy: Adam Ross via Flickr

Funny – check. Acting abilities – check. Musical skills – check. But how about the ability to transform into different characters?

All-too-often, athletes who host SNL end up playing themselves, or versions of themselves, in a lot of sketches. If Rodgers really wants to be remembered, he’s going to have to play an unforgettable character.

We know that Aaron can change his appearance with facial hair. Each year, especially during the pre-season and for Movember, he pulls off different looks.

We’ve seen the ’70s porn star, the cop, the civil war colonel and many other versions of mustaches, beards and sideburns. For now, we can only imagine what kind of character Rodgers would play on SNL.

9. Because of Green Bay Packers Fans Like You

packer fan

Courtesy Ken Fager

This just might be the best reason of all to have Aaron Rodgers host Saturday Night Live. Packers fans would go friggen crazy!

There was actually a Facebook Fan Page set up a few years ago with the aim of getting Rodgers to host SNL, but it has since been abandoned.

And let’s remember – Packers fans are not limited to Green Bay or Wisconsin. There is a Packers bar in practically every major city in the nation. I’ve been to them in places like Tulsa, Oklahoma and Los Angeles. Florida is filled with retired Packers fans.

Packer-Backers who used to live in Wisconsin, but moved away are what we call “Long Distance Lovers” in our post about 1o Types of Packers Fans. Everywhere you go, you will meet people who cheer for the Green and Gold, or at least people who have Rodgers on their fantasy football team. There are even a bunch of celebrity Packers fans.

What I’m trying to say is that a Rodgers-hosted Saturday Night Live would be a television ratings behemoth. So they better plan to have him on during May sweeps.

Plus, stereotypical Packers fans are super-easy to make fun of. We’re fat, loud and stupid drunk (which is most football fans) – but we also have funny Wisconsin accents. We are pretty much sketch comedy gold.

10. He Can’t Be Any Worse than Other Athletes Who’ve Hosted

Truth be told…professional sports figures don’t have the best track record on Saturday Night Live.

That includes most quarterbacks. Tom Brady can throw the football, but he has about as much on-camera presence as cold spaghetti noodles. Eli Manning was even worse. His big brother Peyton did alright, but he already looks sorta funny, so he had an advantage.

Lots of other athletes hosted SNL and failed to bring the funny. Charles Barkley bumbled through the show. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is considered one of the worst hosts, as is Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. Even the always-hilarious Bob Uecker’s SNL performance fell flat.

However, I hear O.J. Simpson killed when he hosted. (Hey-oooo!)

The bottom line is this…

Lorne Michaels, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So get Aaron Rodgers to host Saturday Night Live! And Rodgers…you better say “yes” this time!

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Featured Image Credit – Chad Davis via Creative Commons

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