Meet the Insanely Creative Ryan Lowe – A Comedian With Lots of Ways to Make You Laugh


They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat – and the old saying is true of comedy in addition to cat-skinning.

Some comics deliver one-liners and make wisecracks. Others tell long stories about their lives before delivering a punchline. Improv troupes work together, but most stand-ups work alone. Some comedians use props, while some need only a microphone and stool.

Milwaukee’s Ryan Lowe doesn’t put his comedy in a box. He’s always looking for new ways to make people laugh.

You can see him at the Vroom Vroom Comedy Room in De Pere Saturday, January 3rd.

An Idle Mind Becomes a Comedy Playground

Ryan Lowe started writing down some of the ideas swirling around in his head about a decade ago and has been part of the Milwaukee comedy scene for more than eight years.

He hints at the fact that his mundane day job was a blessing in disguise. One that pushed him to do something interesting.

“It’s hard to say why I got into it,” he says. “It’s something I’d always wanted to do. I was fortunate enough to have had a really boring job that caused me to daydream all day. I thought up shows and sketches and jokes.”

Lowe’s wandering mind has stumbled on funny ideas both big and small. If you catch him in a comedy club, you’re bound to hear one-liners like this one from a performance available on Ryan Lowe’s YouTube channel.

“Here’s a little about me. I like to go around poking people with safety pins…just to shake up their faith in everything.”

You might also catch him making his own kind of “balloon animals.” A round balloon becomes a “falcon” as the air comes squealing out the pinched end.

One of Lowe’s bigger, recent ideas was retelling one of the most well-known novels in American literary history…with puppets.

“I used to write radio adaptations of classic novels I found interesting, mostly just for practice as a comedy writer,” Lowe explains. “A few years ago, I reread the script for Moby Dick and decided it wasn’t half bad. So, rather than let it rot, I figured I’d record it.”

Lowe thought an animated version of his Moby Dick script would be more entertaining. But in his words, he “didn’t want it to look like crap.” Muppet-style puppetry was his solution.

“I had already made one puppet that I use in my act. How hard could it be to make 35 more?”

After enlisting the help of other Milwaukee area comedians as his actors/performers, Lowe produced a feature-length film with foam characters acting out Herman Melville’s masterpiece with edgy, off-the-wall, yet family-friendly humor interspersed throughout.

The film debuted in Milwaukee area movie theaters in 2013 and is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD from Amazon.

Lowe says the project received a positive response, but the best confirmation came from observing certain audience members as they watched his film.

“When it ran in the theaters, I sat behind a family with a few small children to gauge their reaction. The kids stood in the aisle the whole time, staring at the screen, so I was pretty happy about that. They’re tough critics. They don’t lie.”

Watch a Trailer for Ryan Lowe’s Moby Dick

No Man is a Creative Island

Photo Courtesy J. Hillman Photography

Photo Courtesy J. Hillman Photography

While there is plenty of camaraderie among comedians, it can also be lonely work.

A lot of what comes with being a so-called “creative type” takes place inside the mind. But Ryan Lowe realizes that collaboration is another important part of the creative process.

In addition to his solo show, Lowe performs with fellow comedians Stacy Pawlowski and Greg Bach in a sketch comedy show called Dynamo Kickstand.

One of his most-recent projects is an online sketch comedy podcast that’s a throwback to old-time radio variety shows. Lone Wolf Comedy Radio Theater involves dozens of comedians from the Milwaukee area. It includes everything from comedic commercials to spoofs of melodramatic soap operas.

Lowe has earned the respect of many other comedians – particularly for his originality and creativity.

Stand-up comic and blogger Rev. Ron Swanson praised Lowe’s comic style in a review of Moby Dick.

“Lowe really is one of those original voices in a world that still has people making jokes about having a four hour erection and airline food.”

Northeast Wisconsin comedian, Krains Butter, calls Lowe one his favorite comedians, describing Lowe’s work as “fresh air in comedy” and adding “He is greatness.”

It’s obvious that Lowe sees comedy as more than just another way for people to spend free-time on the weekend. He thinks it serves a higher purpose.

“Comedy is how I make sense of the world, and I think this is the same for many, if not most of us. We have the gift of being able to laugh, which I do not believe to be without purpose.”

“Laughing helps us process and understand life and the world around us. More importantly, it is one of the wonderful things that makes life worth living, in the first place. So if I can contribute to this in any way, I’m happy to do so.”

Even when he’s not on stage or producing new online comedy content, Ryan Lowe still tries to bring smiles to faces. An article from explains how he works as a paraprofessional for special needs high school students in Milwaukee.

Out With the Old – In With the New

Vroom-Vroom-posterPeople in Northeast Wisconsin have the chance to see Ryan Lowe perform in the area when he makes a stop at the Vroom Vroom Comedy Room on the east-side of downtown De Pere this Saturday, January 3rd. The venue is located inside George St. Connection.

It may be your last opportunity to see Lowe perform this material. That’s because he’ll soon be retiring his current act and starting over. He calls it “both refreshing and terrifying.”

“Comedians at the top have to do it all the time. Bill Burr just did a special that was amazing. People have been raving about it. And now, it’ll have to go so he will have enough fresh material for the next special.”

“I’m not a big star so retiring my material is kind of meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Mostly, I’m trying to keep it fresh and challenge myself. Also, I don’t think it’s fair to keep torturing people with my same old jokes.”

“Torturing” probably isn’t the right word, unless you laugh so hard it hurts.

He hopes his new material will be “more relatable and meaningful.” But one thing is for sure. Whatever Ryan Lowe comes up with next will be outside the norms of traditional comedy.

“While the new act is in development, I’ll be releasing a series of shows in 2015 that should widen the scope of what people would expect from a comedy show. More importantly, there are going to be more puppets. Lots more puppets.”

Event Details:

  • What: Comedy performance from Ryan Lowe
  • Where: Vroom Vroom Comedy Room inside George St. Connection
  • When: Saturday, January 3rd 8:42 pm
  • Admission: $5 at the door

Find out more about Ryan Lowe when you check out his website for Lone Wolf Comedy.

Milwaukee area WhooNEW readers can catch Ryan Lowe performing with the sketch comedy group Dynamo Kickstand at the Underground Collaborative on Friday, January 23rd.

Watch a Video Clip of Ryan Lowe’s Stand-Up

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