Female Favre Fans Face Off in New Comedy Short

4 the love of the game comedy short still

One of Hollywood’s biggest Packers fans is back with a new video that spoofs on the intense football rivalries of the NFC North.

Catherine Urbanek first showed us what it’s like when a Green Bay Packers fan tries to date a Chicago Bears fan in Too Much Clay Matthews – part of her web series The Dates of Laura.

At least in that case, both of the parties involved shared a passion for football.

But this time, in 4 the Love of the Game, a pair of couples have a chance meeting that leads to some tense and awkward moments.

If you’re thinking of the stereotypical situation, it’s often the woman in a relationship who doesn’t share the same passion for football as her significant other.

Of course, that’s certainly not always the case, which is why 4 the Love of the Game flips that notion on its head.

But this online comedy short is also about what happens when two people with differing opinions on the legendary yet divisive Brett Favre come face to face.

Catherine Urbanek plays a die-hard Packer-Backer and John Bobeck (who went to high school in the Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield and is also a real-life Packers fan) plays her boyfriend. The two are celebrating their anniversary when they meet another couple at the bar.

The two guys seem to have plenty in common. The girls….not so much.

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Urbanek served as director and co-producer of this short film, and it was written by Jonathan Beech. Actors Kim Hidalgo and Andy Fischer-Price played the other couple.

The ending with the NY Jets Favre fan was perfect! I loved how she’s also on her phone – a subtle reference to Favre’s texting scandal with that team.

Urbanek describes this project as a “Brett Favre fan film.” It hits on some common arguments that tend to come up whenever the quarterback is the topic of conversation.

Of course, we recently found out who Brett Favre really loves…

It’s us, the Packers fans.

He recently did some candid interviews with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in which he opened up about life after football – including how he wants to remembered. No surprise, Favre wants to go down in history as a Green Bay Packer. He even says he considered it “an honor” to get booed by fans when he came back to Lambeau Field as a Minnesota Viking.

Favre Talks About Being Remembered as a Packer

For more Packers fun from Catherine Urbanek – check out our article about Too Much Clay Matthews.

You can also see more of her videos on Funny or Die, subscribe to her YouTube Channel and check out her official website.

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