Local Comedians Get Ready to Roast Santa Claus

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There are some good things about being on Santa’s “Naughty List.” The biggest being – that you really have nothing to lose.

That’s why a group of stand-up comics from Northeast Wisconsin are getting together for a Roast of Santa Claus at the Green Room Lounge in De Pere.

From Dean Martin’s Friar’s Club roasts to Comedy Central’s specials, some of the biggest names in Hollywood have been roasted by the sharpest wits in the history of comedy. Now the biggest man at the North Pole (although he doesn’t have much competition) will get roasted by some of the funniest people north of Milwaukee.

The Thursday night event will take the place of the Green Room’s regularly-scheduled Laugh Box Stand-Up Comedy Show.

It’s being organized by comedian Krains Butter. Eight other comics will join him on the dais (the platform where the roasters sit). They include: Joshua Jackson, Josh Rueden, Tracy Schroeder, John Egan, Tucker Diedrich, Elijah Holbrook, Tyler Sitar and Greg Willet.

All of them are itching to take a few jabs at Old Saint Nick.

WhooNEW was unable to reach Santa Claus for any comment about the upcoming roast before deadline. However, Mr. Butter was willing to answer some of our questions.

Q&A with Krains Butter on The Roast of Santa Claus

WhooNEW: Roasting Santa Claus is definitely an interesting idea. But how do you poke fun at a guy who is so beloved and good? The weight thing is obvious, but how do you make jokes about Santa beyond that?

Krains Butter: Study someone long enough and you are sure to find flaws. Some of the comedians on the dais are super smart and won’t go for the obvious jokes. You’d be amazed at what they come up with.

WN: This is a busy time of year for Santa Claus. How did you manage to get him to come to the Green Room Lounge for this roast?

KB: Truth be known, Santa has a bit of a drinking problem and the Green Room has newly feature cocktails this month. The dude is stressed out, so when we offered a night away from the nagging Mrs Claus and free drinks he signed right up.

WN: Are you or any of the other comics involved concerned with repercussions, like the possibility of not getting what you want for Christmas?

KB: I am not concerned about the repercussions. Every year I ask Santa for six pack abs and he fails to deliver. I’m gonna lay into him like I lay into double cheeseburgers with bacon and 4 types of cheeses and extra mayo and a side of deep fried french fries….and…wait where were we? Oh yeah we were talking about my svelte body that I deserve.

No, I have no fear of repercussions, but what I do have a fear of is the price of the cholesterol medication I’ll be on soon.

As for the other comedians I know Elijah Holbrook is concerned. Elijah will probably be pretty tame on the old man. Elijah is creeped about Santa and that one song where they say He Knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you are awake. Elijah doesn’t like the idea of some bearded guy knowing his sleeping habits. Elijah has to take handfuls of Melatonin just to get some rest during the holiday season.

WN: You’ve got a bunch of talented comedians making cracks about Santa, have you ever thought about including other famous characters connected to Christmas? Rudolph, the elves, Mrs. Claus maybe even baby Jesus?

KB: Actually, Rudolph is on the dais this year. He has indicated to the press that whole Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer song is pure mularky, and he is going to air his grievances that night. He wants the truth to be known.

Last year we had the Easter Bunny make an appearance as well as the Star of Ed Gein the Musical, Dan Davies, on the mic. You never know who will show up.

WN: Will Santa get the chance to respond to all the insults?

KB: Santa gets his shot just like everyone else.

Event Details:

  • What: Roast of Santa Claus
  • Where: Green Room Lounge, De Pere
  • When: Thursday, December 11th at 8pm
  • Tickets: Admission is $5 at the door (Adults only)
  • More Info: Visit GreenRoomOnline.com

Stick around after the roast for the Green Room Lounge’s weekly Lip Sync Battle Royale.

Also, we should mention that this is not an all-ages show. Some content may be inappropriate for kids, so get a sitter.

More about Krains Butter and the Local Comedy Scene


Comedian Krains Butter

This is actually the second year in a row Krains Butter has organized a Roast of Santa, so apparently Mr. Claus is a gluten for punishment as well as Christmas cookies.

Krains says he’s putting together the event again because he’s a bit of a gluten too.

“I’m always looking for new outlets for comedy and it was winter time and wanted to book some type of show. I am not sure if you know this, but comedians are narcissistic and want to be on stage all the time and chase the laughs,” he explains. “So here was the opportunity to pitch a different type of show that a venue owner would like to try. I liked the idea of writing different types of jokes instead of my standard fare, so the roast just seemed like the natural thing to do.”

If you’re wondering about his stage name, it’s probably best explained in person. Long story short, it grew out of a nickname Krains had when he was the lead singer of band – “Crane Gutter.”

“Krains Butter” was partly inspired by that and partly a tribute to Wisconsin.

“When I moved to Wisconsin 10 years or so I changed it to Krains Butter to celebrate the Germans round here (Krains) and Butter to celebrate the dairy state,” he says.

Krains caught the comedy bug after a friend suggested he give stand-up a shot.

“I had never thought to do that before and politely declined. Well, we went bar hopping and and after the third bar he had convinced me to give it a go. I did semi-well the first time I performed at the comedy open mic and was hooked.”

Just as fellow local comic John Egan has told us, Krains Butter’s biggest wish for the comedy scene in Northeast Wisconsin is that more venues would consider hosting open mics for up-and-coming performers.

“Practice makes perfect,” Krains says. “We are desperate for more open mics as we need the stage time to hone our craft. Comedian Greg Willett is so dedicated that he will drive to Wausau on Tuesday nights to do 5 minutes of practice because there are not any open mics around here on that night.”

You can catch Krains Butter performing at Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton at shows on January 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Comedian Rob Little will be the headliner at Skyline that night.

Watch a clip of Krain’s comedy below. Find more at Rooftop Comedy.

Krains Butter Performs at Skyline in Appleton

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