10 Reasons To Be Glad You Live In Wisconsin


Ask any Wisconsinite to give you one reason they’re proud to live in Wisconsin and you’ll most likely hear that we’ve got the best football fans in the NFL – not to mention the only community-owned professional sports team.

You’ll probably also hear about Summerfest – the world’s largest music festival. Or that we’re the “Water Park Capital of The World” – thanks to Wisconsin Dells.

Our Wisconsin Fish Fry, beer brats and other famous food traditions are also great reasons to love this state! But, there are even more reasons we can all be glad we live in Wisconsin. Here are 10 of the big ones…

If you can think of another one – leave us a comment!

1. Wisconsinites Don’t Have To Pay Tolls


People say Wisconsin has a decent highway system that makes travel easy and breezy – most of the time. But the best thing about it is you don’t have to pay a toll to use it. Not so when you cross the border into Illinois!

My lack of experience with tollways is probably the reason I’ve dropped my coins trying to make a basket or accidentally took the IPASS lane without a pass!

2. Wisconsinites Can Almost Always Find a Parking Spot

A No Parking Sign In New York

A No Parking Sign In New York

I’ve been to quite a few different cities in Wisconsin and it easy enough to find a place to park no matter where you are – without having to pay a fortune!

In other big cities drivers aren’t quite as lucky. Even owning a car can be a major pain in the you know what. Luckily for Wisconsinites, we still have those bigger cities but we don’t have to book a parking spot online, or download an app to help us find and save money on one.

3. Wisconsinites Can Buy Beer & Wine at Grocery Stores & Gas Stations


It makes sense that you can find beer and wine for purchase at almost any grocery and convenience store in Wisconsin. Beer and the Badger State go together like cheese and sausage.

Plus, USA Today claims Milwaukee, also known as Brew City, is one of the top 10 best beer cities in the world. Wisconsin has at least 112 breweries, and many of them are original craft breweries!

The sale of alcohol is different in every state. You won’t find beer or wine at grocery stores in Alaska, Delaware, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania or Wyoming.

Our friends across the Mississippi River come across the border to Wisconsin on Sunday if they need beer. It’s illegal to sell any kind of alcohol in Minnesota on Sundays. And that’s not all…

Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado and Kansas grocery and convenience stores do not sell wine and they only sell beer that is 3.2% alcohol. In Tennessee, New York, Mississippi, Kentucky and Connecticut you’ll find beer, but you won’t find wine.

Did you know? The village of Ephraim in Door County is the only dry municipality in the state of Wisconsin.

4. Wisconsinites Get To Experience All Four Seasons


Sure, some of us have a love-hate relationship with winter in Wisconsin. We love snowmen, cold weather sports and having a white Christmas. But the bitter cold and dark days just seem to last forever.

The good thing is, we get the other half of the year to appreciate three other seasons that much more!

5. Wisconsinites Don’t Get Bitten By Sharks


In all reality, Wisconsinites don’t have to worry about being attacked by dangerous ocean creatures like sharks and jellyfish. We’re also not threatened by things like crocodiles or alligators. It sounds silly, sure. But, you can go sailing on the Great Lakes and the scariest thing you’ll encounter is a giant musky.

Instead – we get to enjoy fresh water lakes and beaches during summer, with fish we can swim with and catch for dinner. And it’s much easier swallowing some lake weeds than a giant mouthful of saltwater!

I will admit, however, that Wisconsin does have its fair share of strange monsters.

6. Wisconsinites Don’t Worry About Hurricanes


The other good thing about living far from an ocean is not having to worry about hurricanes.

We may get a tornado from time to time, but Wisconsinites aren’t too stressed about life-threatening natural disasters.

Our snowstorms and icy roads can be scary, but we’ve pretty much got that down pat!

7. Wisconsinites Are Surrounded By Organic Farms & Markets


Wisconsin is second for number of organic farms in the United States – after California. And these farms supply goods to many local restaurants, so we’re probably reaping the benefits of organic food more than we think!

Plus, we have many Farmer’s Markets throughout our state. The largest one in the United States is the Dane County Farmers’ Market in Madison.

8. Wisconsinites Live Near 15,000 Lakes & 84,000 River Miles

This is why Goodman Park rocks! (WhooNEW/Zak Bruss)

(Image Courtesy of Zak Bruss)

Anyone who loves the outdoors, exploring nature, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, or just hanging out on the beach can appreciate all Wisconsin has to offer.

Our state is home to 66 state parks with everything from waterfalls and beaches to scenic trails and abundant wildlife.

9. Wisconsinites Get the Squeakiest Authentic Curds

cheese curds renardsIt pays to live near so many cheese factories! Especially when the squeakiest cheese curds are the ones that are eaten 12-24 hours after they’re made.

It’s nice living in a place where the cheese is high class. Even the Wisconsin state law says our cheese “must be highly pleasing.”

10. Wisconsinites Live Near Door County – The Cape Cod Of The Midwest

View of Lake Michiga

Door County is a favorite vacation spot. It is pure awesomeness. As a Wisconsinite, we reap the benefits of being so close!

We get to eat at original restaurants, shop at unique stores, relax in nature and explore the outdoors. Our family has made lots of happy memories in Door County – just like many other Wisconsinites. It’s a Wisconsin gem we can be proud of.

Can you think of more reasons to be glad you live in Wisconsin that we might even take for granted? Leave us a comment below and tell us why you love living here!

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  1. You just made me even more homesick than before with this article. Maryland has none of this! (Well, I don’t have to worry about the sharks, and I can buy alcohol in grocery stores if I cared to. But I don’t.) I wanna go home!

  2. Gary Werner says

    Those fresh water lakes are the best thing ever. I hope when you say “fish fry” that you are talking about decent sized Yellow Perch. Because when I was a kid there, we were all worried that lake perch (Lake Michigan) were soon to become a thing of the past. How’s it going with them now?

  3. lolson232014 says

    Is Ephraim is not a county and Door County where it is located is not dry. Ephraim may be the only dry village in the state?

  4. Too bad we’ve lost our progressive cred to the tea party republicans running the state. I am now embarrassed to say I’m a Wisconsin native.

    • You bet, we are going to be rid of them, when they sink their own boat, off the Washington Island canal. Maybe they will ask the guys from Indiana, to!

  5. Ummm, you voted in Scott Walker. I’ll pass.

  6. lol! Number 5 was so funny. I didn’t know Wisconsin was so beautiful. I’ll have to check it out in the summer.

    Thanks, Ashely!


  7. Pat Eggert says

    Wonderful list. It is so easy to be depressed about our state’s politics, and this made me smile.

  8. Now that Hwy 41 will become I41 from Illinois to Green Bay, maybe they could make that a tollway…but only charge people from Illinois (both ways).

  9. pattie meyer says

    I grew up in sooner. I love Wisconsin. Big Packer fan. Can’t take the bitter cold anymore. But it’s always nice 2 go bk and have lots of visits, bbq ans a wood tick every now and then. Dint miss the ticks…. Now I worry about Rattle snakes…

  10. Although you do get free mosquito rides in the summer ’cause the skeeters are so big, they carry you away! In all humor, I LOVE Wisconsin!

  11. I’m with Lynne at the top of these comments. I really miss it. Wisconsinites have their own slang & their rate-of-speed speaking lol! You can never get anything done in some states when you go to the grocery because everyone talks to you & they ………. take ……. forever ….. to ………get …… each ……. word ……out/not to mention the drawl that I can still not understand! But I’m old now so I can’t come back until I can afford a home with a heated garage & an oil heater for the car! Also, Walker would have to be gone 🙂

  12. Wisconsins rednecks

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