10 Ways You Know It’s Finally Spring in Wisconsin


Many Wisconsinites would agree – Spring is the season that seems shortest, but it is a sweet sign that the dark days or winter are finally over!

At last, we get to shove our boots and coats in the closet and dig out our shorts and flip flops!

Don’t get me wrong, winter can be underrated. You’ll find thousands of folks from Wisconsin that start to crave snow and Packer football almost as much as we crave summer when spring rolls around.

Winter is just one of those seasons that a lot of us have a love-hate relationship with. You’ll know what I mean when you read WhooNEW’s reasons we hate winter but also look forward to winter in Wisconsin.

Spring, on the other hand has us feeling refreshed and excited for warmer weather! Here are 10 signs it’s finally spring in Wisconsin.

1. Tulips Peeking Through The Snow


Tulips are one of the first signs of spring in Wisconsin. We plant them in the fall just so we can see them blossom in the spring.

Tulips are just as anxious for spring as the rest of us. They push up through the frost and keep blooming during those awful April snowstorms.

It doesn’t matter if the snow hasn’t melted, when we see tulips poking through – we’re convinced we’ve got longer days, warmer temps and lots of summer fun coming our way!

2. You See The Last Of The Christmas Lights Come Down

taking-down-lightsWe aren’t calling Wisconsin a state full of slackers. But some of us will wait until March or April to take down our outside holiday decor – with good reasons.

Nobody wants to take down Christmas lights when it’s zero degrees outside!

Last year, I had a really hard time getting the lights down because they were frozen to the gutters. I poured buckets of hot water on the ice just so I could dig the stubborn things out!

Of course, it’s one thing to leave your holiday lights up until spring – it’s another to leave them on every night.

3. Hay Fever Is  Back, But You’re Okay With It


The sneezing, the wheezing, the itchy watery eyes – you feel horrible – but you’re still happy.

And why? It’s because spring has finally arrived and pollen fills the air. Dealing with allergies doesn’t seem completely terrible when you actually get to enjoy the outdoors.

Every cloud of springtime allergens has its silver lining. Allergy sufferers living in Wisconsin are more than glad to deal with a few symptoms when it’s also a sign that Old Man Winter has finally left us alone for awhile.

4. You Hear Harley Riders Out Revving Their Engines

harley rider in springtime

Some people are absolutely in love with the sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. For me, it’s a sign of spring!

There’s something about hearing that sound of a motorcycle engine revving that brightens your mood.

As soon as the wind is bearable, hog riders love to hit the road and ride with the wind. Want some great ideas for where to take your bike on a cruise? Check out this article from Unison Credit Union on 10 Wisconsin Motorcycle Rides.

5. It’s Only 50 Degrees But Your Windows Are Open


As soon as we Wisconsinites get a 45 or 50 degree day, we open the windows to let some fresh air into our houses!

That’s especially true after we’ve been cooped up for a good four months at least.

It’s time to let a winter’s worth of stale farts, morning breath and cold and flu germs out the window.

Woohoo – it’s spring! (This goes for car windows too)

6. You Spot Your First Robin

American Robin

A lot of us think of spring as soon as we spot that first robin hopping along the ground hunting for worms. Probably because it’s a migratory bird that lives in Wisconsin starting in the spring through the fall.

The sound of birds singing is a classic sing of springtime in Wisconsin.

Did you know the Robin is Wisconsin’s state bird? Read more about that in our article on 20 State Symbols of Wisconsin.

7. You’re Wearing Shorts & Sandals in the Melting Snow


To a Wisconsinite, even 40 degrees feels like heaven after you’ve survived a Wisconsin winter. When the temperature is right, it doesn’t matter if the last of the snow hasn’t quite melted!

We’re so happy to get rid of all the extra layers we’ve had to put on and keep track of all this time.

When the weather is promising, we’re jumping for joy at the fact that we can finally dip into our easy summer wardrobes again.

For even more Wisconsin wardrobe malfunctions – check out our article on other funky fashion statements made in our state.

8. Mud Puddles and Dirty Paw Prints

Dog with muddy paws in spring

Every spring, I feel like I run into the same muddy paw prints dilemma. The dog comes busting in the house all excited that it’s nice outside, only to track in a bunch of muddy wet prints all over the carpet!

Speaking of dogs and mud, spring is also a good reminder, as the snow melts away, that it’s finally time to pick up all those frozen dog turds in the yard.

9. You Can Smell People Grilling Again

backyard grilling in wisconsin

I’ll admit, my husband doesn’t let the grueling winter stop him from grilling up a good meal.

But it’s a lot more fun grilling in the daylight when it’s warm outside, than in the dark with chattering teeth and frostbit fingers.

Those first grilled hamburgers and beer brats that you can eat outside is a good sign spring is here. And you start to smell that grilling aroma filling the outside air.

10. You Notice People’s Moods Are Lifted


At last, summertime is coming and we can put another long, cold winter behind us.  We’ve got what they call spring fever.

Wikipedia says spring fever brings “…An increase in energy, vitality and particularly sexual appetite, often particularly strong in those suffering from seasonal affective disorder and thus experiencing lows during the winter months.”

More energy and vitality I can agree with, but sexual appetite? This I did not know!

But overall, people do seem happier – there’s no denying that.

What else reminds you that spring has sprung in Wisconsin? Leave us a comment below and tell us what signs of spring should have made the list.

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