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Don’t ever say it’s boring living in Green Bay and the Fox Cites. That’s simply not true – and WhooNEW is here to prove it!

We’ve all been in that familiar situation. It’s the start of the weekend, and you don’t know what to do. So you eat at the same old overcrowded chain restaurant and pick up another terrible movie from the Redbox.

Not anymore. WhooNEW is here to change the way you think about your hometown. We want to help you discover the best of Northeast Wisconsin!

WhooNEW Will Show You What to Explore…

Our team of writers, photographers, designers and videographers are digging up all sorts of amazing stories about the people, places and events you might be missing out on.

Our goal is to help promote locally-owned business, support homegrown artists/entertainers and share advice on living life here in Green Bay, the Fox Valley and beyond.

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