Buy Real Art, Make Real Art at The ARTgarage

For almost ten years, The ARTgarage in Green Bay has been a place where artists and art lovers go to be inspired. If you’ve never stepped foot inside the 100 year-old former cannery turned art gallery and studio, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out about all the things that happen there.

Kids Battle Ogres, Learn Math, and More with SparkNET’s Educational Apps

Recently, my parents made the decision to move all the way across the country in order to fulfill their dream of living near the ocean. While I am beyond happy for them, the move meant that a lot of keepsakes that they were holding onto for me and my brother now live in my basement.

Get Out and Zen Out: Outdoor Summer Yoga Options in Northeast Wisconsin

Ahh, summertime – the perfect time for visits to the local pool, cookouts, flip-flops, camping trips … and yoga. Yoga? You may think of yoga as a group of snobbish, new-age, chanting women and bearded men who judge you if you can’t hold a perfect headstand for 5 minutes or more. Well hold onto your […]