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15 Northeast Wisconsin Breweries Making Great Craft Beer

Wisconsin and beer have quite the history together. From the German immigrants who came with all-malt lagers, to the giants of brewing that gave Milwaukee the nickname Brew City – making beer and drinking beer is part of the Wisconsin culture. We even named our pro-baseball team after the tradition. But what about Wisconsin’s craft […]

5 Cocktails to Help You Get Through the Wisconsin Winter

Wisconsin winters are long, bitter  – and needless to say – colder than a witch’s you-know-what. Those of us who call the state home have learned to live with the winter season, even though not all of us love this time of year. But we also have a few tricks up our sleeves that help […]

Seven Ways to Celebrate the Start of Summer in Northeast Wisconsin

June 21 marks the first official day of summer, and all of us over at WhooNEW are so excited, we’re jumping for joy.  Literally. Summer can traditionally take a long time to arrive in Wisconsin, and this year was no exception. After all the snow and rain (and more snow and rain), I’m starting to […]

Hinterland’s White Cap, On Tap and in a Six-Pack

If you’re looking for six good reasons to drink a frosty brew, look no further than the beer cooler at your neighborhood grocery store.  There you’ll find Hinterland’s latest creation, White Cap.  It’s the first time since the 1990s the Green Bay brewery is offering a six-pack.

Phat Headz, Green Bay’s Rock Haven

To those who say rock ‘n’ roll is dead, I offer Phat Headz, where both local and national bands are proving that rock is very much alive. This Green Bay music haven is hidden in a nondescript tavern at 420 N. Clay Street. While the exterior may not look like much, once you open the […]

Sister Bay Bowl, a Strike Above the Rest [Slideshow]

Door County is one of Northeast Wisconsin’s premiere vacation destinations.  With its small town charm and rich traditions, the peninsula attracts visitors from Green Bay and the Fox Cities, as well as from south of the border in Illinois. Sister Bay, with a population of just under 900, is one of those little map dots […]

The Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2013 in Green Bay and Appleton

When St. Paddy’s Day falls on a weekend, the celebration always gets a little bit bigger and better. You can get that green domestic beer just about anywhere you go. But if that’s all you care about, then you might as well celebrate your Irish heritage by eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. If you’re […]