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Six Funny Wisconsin T-Shirt Designs and Where You Can Find Even More

Most of us who live or come from Wisconsin have a lot of state pride. Perhaps the only state with as much swagger as Wisconsin would be Texas. And those Texans are pretty crazy! Wisconsinites also have an extra sharp sense of humor (bonus points if you got the cheese pun there). WhooNEW found some […]

5 Rockin’ Independent Record Stores in Northeast Wisconsin

Don’t call it a comeback. Though the music industry isn’t the titan it once was, a resurgence in the popularity of vinyl has breathed new life into independent record stores. Vinyl sales have jumped dramatically from their 2008 levels going from 1.9 million units to 4.6 million units. Meanwhile, 2012 saw vinyl sales grow for the […]

MANdles: Wisconsin-Made Candles For Men

Not many men will go out of their way to buy a scented candle for themselves. And giving a guy a candle for a gift is almost like giving him a bouquet of flowers. That is until now… Thanks to Eco Candle Company in Appleton, women can get their manly man a candle he’ll feel […]

6 Delicious Root Beers That are Made in Wisconsin

Sweet, frothy and refreshing – there’s nothing quite like a frosty mug of root beer. It’s the grandaddy of all carbonated beverages and its sassafras flavor is uniquely American. The first guy to market root beer to the masses almost called it “root tea” instead. Thankfully, Charles Hires realized that his potential customers – Pennsylvania […]

Highlights from the First Downtown Appleton Farm Market 2013

Grab your satchel, comfortable walking shoes, and love for all things local. It’s time for the Downtown Appleton Farm Market! Though the market’s first day opened under high humidity and no sun, that didn’t stop people from flocking to the stalls. Armed with pen and paper (and not much cash, curses!) I hit the streets […]

5 Perfect Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Get in Green Bay & Appleton

Since we live such busy lives, shopping for a gift at the last minute is just the way it goes sometimes… But – even at the last minute – it’s hard for us to just settle on a gift card. Because that hardly shows any creativity or sentimental value, right? So, here’s the perfect solution… […]

Good News Water Looks to Fight Hunger and Homelessness in Northeast Wisconsin

There’s a refreshing new way to support worthy local causes. You’ll be able to find it on area grocery store shelves starting in May. Good News Water is a social fundraising idea conceived by entrepreneur Mike Kaczmarek. He calls it “water with a purpose,” and says it’s a simple way for you to make a […]

Stop Poisoning Yourself – Try Handmade Natural Body Care From Heal My Sole of Appleton

Since I started learning about the crazy toxic chemicals that most body care products contain, I’ve been avoiding conventional buys as much as possible. These days, if products have ingredients ending in Ethyl, Methyl, Glycol or any others on the nasty list, I can’t even bring myself to buy it. Thankfully, there are people and businesses […]

MAD HAUS of Resale – A Fusion of Fashion and Art

Think twice before shelling out $100 for a pair of jeans or a dress at the mall. MAD HAUS of Resale is an exciting new Green Bay area business that can save you some money by offering you reasonably priced clothes – and artwork – in a beautiful and friendly environment. MAD HAUS owner Allison […]