Kids Battle Ogres, Learn Math, and More with SparkNET’s Educational Apps

Recently, my parents made the decision to move all the way across the country in order to fulfill their dream of living near the ocean. While I am beyond happy for them, the move meant that a lot of keepsakes that they were holding onto for me and my brother now live in my basement.

Six Great Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches in Northeast Wisconsin [Slideshow]

Isn’t fall a lovely season? I think it’s my favorite. I love the crisp days, sweaters and scarves, golden light, and changing leaves. And I love getting the chance to pick my own apples and pumpkins. There’s nothing quite like heading to a farm or orchard on a cool fall day and selecting the prettiest […]

Mercury-Free & Eco-friendly Family Dentist in Green Bay

After one family weekend in Door County where I went all out on the brownies, cookies, candy, and ice cream, I was forced by my throbbing toothache to find a dentist. The last dentist that filled a cavity left a space just big enough that every time I chewed gum it got stuck! At least […]