The Real Reason We Call It Chicken Booyah in Wisconsin

Chicken Booyah – that hearty concoction of scrumptious broth, tender veggies and shredded chicken has been a Wisconsin favorite for more than a century. But have you ever wondered how booyah got its name? Where the recipe came from? Or why it’s such a popular dish, especially in Northeast Wisconsin? I started looking into it, […]

Zak’s Wisconsin Grown Zucchini Bread [Recipe]

One of my favorite parts of summer is shopping for produce at the farmers market. This summer, my wife and I have been trying to do most, if not all, of our weekly shopping at the Saturday Farmers Market in downtown Green Bay. List free and with our weekly grocery budget in hand, we’ve managed […]

WhooNEW’s Guide to Making Green Slime [Video]

CAUTION: If you make this beverage, your husband will mock you.  Your parents will think you are crazy.  And your dog will turn away in disgust. Make it anyway.

Make a Scrumptious Caesar Salad for the Holiday

It’s not often you’ll find people licking the bottom of their salad bowl. But I guarantee this recipe for Caesar salad dressing will rarely leave you with leftovers. This is a salad that my mom has been making as long as I can remember. It became such a popular side-dish at extended family gatherings, she […]