Saint Hubert’s Shrine in Marinette County: A Wisconsin Hunting Tradition

Whether you’re a hunter or not, in Wisconsin when the temperature starts to drop and the leaves start to change color people start thinking camouflage, blaze orange and deer. The Second Week of Deer Camp and Da Turdy Point Buck can be heard playing on the radio.  Hunters start to gear up and hunters’ widows plan […]

7 Father’s Day Ideas That are Local…and Awesome

Does your dad deserve some serious appreciation this Father’s Day? Wisconsin dads really are in a league of their own – and that’s a story for another day. They’re the ones who are often right there next to us as we go through rights of passage growing up. Maybe your dad gave you your first […]

17 of The World’s Largest Things to See in Wisconsin

Have you ever heard people complain that Wisconsin is a boring state, with nothing fun to see or do? Well… that’s a bunch of bologna! Wisconsin’s got Summerfest, the world’s largest music fest and Noah’s Ark, the nation’s largest water theme park. We’ve also got the largest cranberry fest and brat fest. But our state […]