The 3 Winning Business Ideas from Green Bay’s First Startup Weekend

Forget Silicon Valley. The next big tech company could very well come out of  Northeast Wisconsin. I had the opportunity to attend presentations at the end of the first-ever Startup Weekend in Green Bay, and was blown away by the ideas. These people were able to pitch a concept for a new business and produce […]

20 Big Name Brands That Started in Wisconsin

Here at WhooNEW – we’re all about local, small businesses and the value they add to our community. But let’s not forget that every business starts small – and there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. There are quite a few household names that got their start in Wisconsin. You’ll recognize all of the companies on […]

Why You Should Stop Wasting Time and Bring Your Business Ideas to Startup Weekend in Green Bay

Many brilliant minds have come out of Wisconsin. Orson Welles revolutionized the entertainment world. Frank Lloyd Wright changed the way we think about architecture. And even today, Marisa Mayer is making waves in the technology industry. You might be yet another Wisconsinite with an innovative idea. But you’ll never know what you can do unless […]

12 Unique Small Businesses You Can Discover at the New Leaf Winter Farmer’s Market in Green Bay

Thanks to New Leaf Market along with the help of their sponsors, we now have an impressive Winter Farmer’s Market in Green Bay that’s very worth your time on Saturday morning – even for the kids! One of the best parts of visiting the New Leaf Winter Farmer’s Market is discovering new local businesses and […]