Meet the WhooNEW Team

Ashley SteinbrinckAshley Steinbrinck

In addition to writing for WhoNEW, Ashley is our graphic designer and created our mascot – Scoots, the WhooNEW Owl.

Before launching a career in design and marketing, Ashley worked as a server in several local restaurants, was a rock star dental supply sales representative and a director of sales for a Fairfield Inn.

She is a mama to a pair of rambunctious little boys, so she’ll have great advice for other parents living in Northeast Wisconsin. Ashley is also passionate about health and nutrition and tries her best to keep her family eating well. She learns a lot about natural health from her job as a graphic design/marketing Specialist at a natural health store.

When she’s not working on a new marketing strategy or pushing someone in a swing, Ashley loves catching some stand-up comedy at one of the local clubs. Her favorite places to grab a bite to eat are Koko’s Sushi Bar and Cafe Espresso. That’s if she can find a sitter.

Contact Ashley if you’ve got an idea for a story she should write! Email:

Kasey ProfileKasey Steinbrinck

Kasey was home-schooled and developed his highly conversational writing skills thanks to a daily journal he had to keep.

Kasey was a serial entrepreneur as a kid with countless lemonade stands, a detective agency and neighborhood carnival operator on his resume. He also sold rocks out of a suitcase door-to-door.

He loves Wisconsin summers when he’s able to fire up the grill, take the family to Door County and try to grow vegetables in his backyard garden.

A storyteller at heart, Kasey has created content for local television, radio, print and online publications. He is proud to be born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin. Nothing would make Kasey happier than seeing small businesses in our community thrive and local artists and performers realize their dreams.

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biopic1Grace Savides

Grace has loved writing since age five when she made “The Little Bunny” on green construction paper. (Sadly, her production values have not improved.)

With a BA from the University of Iowa, Grace double majored in English and Journalism. She also minored in Theater Arts and had to read Aristotle’s The Poetics twice.

In all, Grace has around three years of professional writing experience and has written for publications like the FOX CITIES Magazine and The Daily Iowan−the independent newspaper for the University of Iowa.

Unlike her more married staff members, Grace enjoys the benefits of single life. You know, playing video games in her PJs and watching lots and lots of Supernatural on Netflix.

A novelist and playwright at heart, her dearest hope is to be the next J.K. Rowling. She also loves eating sushi at Appleton’s Katsuya and hanging out at the Fox River House and Dr Jekyll’s.

If you’ve got a story idea for Grace, email her at: